Share Your Game Development Stories!
Many of us here have been involved in some aspect of game development—planning, programming, art, music, level design, writing, translation, playtesting, promotion, etc. Whether our projects have been released or canceled, popular or unpopular, we probably have some worthwhile stories to tell. I'd love to hear about your game development experiences (particularly with Mega Man fangames, but any games will do). Insightful stories, funny anecdotes, unreleased audiovisual work with explanations attached...whatever you feel like sharing.

I'll start by sharing the first installment in my developer diary blog post series for OH JOES! (A Proto Man Adventure) (verbosity alert):
No matter where you go, there you are.

So I was working on my first Mega Man fangame, Mega Man: Singularity(link here:, in WreckingPrograms' Mega Engine. Things were going well with the stages, but I could not for the life of me get the bosses to work. The Pharaoh Man one worked, but none of the others I implemented, including Cut Man and Snake Man, dropped down properly. They'd just get stuck in the ceiling before finally dropping down and freezing the game. I tried everything I could in the code itself for weeks before reluctantly letting it sit there buggy while I polished the stages. And finally, one day in December, I cracked it.

What was the problem, you ask? My placement of the boss control object.

It needed to be lower in order for it to recognize the boss object.

I put all of them one block above the boss gate, and they all worked perfectly.

So there's my game development story.
I've developed many Mega Man engines over the years, and sadly was never satisfied with either one of them. Sad
They were either discontinued, or just on held indefinitely because of running into issues with the script. The other reasons is because when I develop them in Clickteam Fusion, most software updates seems to cause an issue with my Mega Man engine for whatever reason that I had no control over. Though I still prefer Clickteam Fusion as my main software engine to create a Mega Man game.

I developed, and re-coded at least 2 NES style Mega Man Engines, and a spin off mni game featuring Rush Jet that was inspired by an old mobile Mega Man game Rush Marine. I have developed an advanced Colorized GameBoy Mega Man Engine, which all of these have been incomplete.
My last development was when I had started on a heavily graphical 2D MegaMan Legends with a friend, but that went no where fast. The game engine exists, but I just hit a snag in development, and my friend who wanted it to happen just ended up stopping developing it for whatever reason (prob fear that capcom would put up a COD, I guess).

I am hoping someday I can pick up, or restart on a Mega Man engine that I am actually satisfied with, and turn it into a fan game that is worth playing. I have many ideas, but actually programming them is very hard work. Even if new Mega Man game engines exist for Game Maker, I still refuse to use Game Maker. I wish to develop a completed one for Clickteam Fusion someday. >_<
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Wanna go for a ride?
Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 submissions had finished and we were putting in our last changes before the game was compiled and sent to the judges. Everyone was reverting stuff and just trying to get the game playable as fast as possible to get the EXE to the judges as fast as possible. I was in the middle of rewriting the Quick Laser code so that it could be stopped by Yoku Blocks. A rewrite that I had got kinda mostly working while I was making my submission for the contest, and had incorporated that functionality into my submission. The problem was it freaked out if you put the laser directly against walls, and I hadn't been able to figure it out yet.

So they're about to push out the judge EXE to the judges and the Quick Lasers in my stage would be broken without the fix. I said to wait, and put the rewrite as it's own object that was specifically used just for my stage and left the original Quick Laser code alone, and then nudged the laser spawner objects in my stage a pixel away from the walls so they wouldn't freak out. So I do that, and the EXE gets pushed out to the judges and stuff.

But then.

Quote:ERROR in
action number 1
of  Step Event
for object objQuickLaser_Entity1037:

Error in code at line 12:
          list = collisionRectangleList(bbox_left, bbox_top, bbox_right, bbox_bottom, solids[i], false, false);
at position 86: Unknown variable solids

I didn't test the object due to my rushing, just thinking that it would work since it was a very simple, straightforward procedure (never do this). I found the error after the EXE was sent to the judges. They facepalmed. But I fixed the error real quick, and they sent the EXE to the judges again. They were like "it's okay it happens" and all was well.


I tested it after and it turns out I HAD LEFT A SHOW_MESSAGE CALL THAT I USED TO DEBUG AND FIX THAT ERROR! So when you go into a room with the laser object it would spawn a message window and freeze the game, and every time you closed the window the game only ticks one frame and then another one shows up. Basically it made it impossible to have proper game inputs register, soft locking the game.

At this point somebody had renamed the dev chat's name to "entity-fails-at-life".

Well I removed the show_message calls, and since the game was delayed already some people asked me to do some more quick fixes while I was at it, and the judge EXE went out for real this time. But the entire chat was just laughing their asses off at how stupid the situation was.

And that's the story of how I single-handedly delayed MaGMML2 judging.
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...
This reply actually took me days to write so it's gonna be a long one here.

My very first experience with game development started back in 2008-2009 back when i found Game Maker 6, and it was a program known to make games using Drag & Drop actions (other than using GML to actually make good games). Let's say my experience seemed fun at all when i registered a YoYo Games (Sandbox) account and i had played a plenty of crappy games (mostly crappy Mario fangames because I was a big mario fan back then), mostly i was into pretty simple platformers made using Mark Overmars' shitty platformer tutorial. Beyond that, i made lots of "games", many of them that make no sense at all (if you want, i'll share a collection of (not all) these old games, but they're all in .gmk format).

After 2009, I used Game Maker for years and made some more games (one last game i've tried to make was called "A Penguin's Adventure" which was a very lame platformer featuring a MS Paint penguin going through 18 GODDAMN WORLDS, and uses the SMB3 assets for some reason) until after Game Maker 8's release. I was slowly going away with using this program once i was interested on radel999/HTFMegaman's Happy Tree Friends Adventures, a fangame series that mashed up Happy Tree Friends with various old Konami classic games (radel999 was a big fan of old Konami games) which then made me get into using Multimedia Fusion 2 (now Fusion 2.5) due to its visual scripting GUI that didn't use a programming language for eventing. Due to it's very simple programming features, I used Fusion 2.5 for like three (or four) years (and GameMaker became my rival).

So far, with Fusion 2.5, over time, i only managed to get several games out of the hood, but none of them are quality. Most of these games are horizontal SHMUP games, starting from NASUBI (based off some shovelware iOS game i don't remember), Player 1 Quest (a lame platforming fangame that used a character from a MFGG inside joke fangame), Klickodius Galaxies (another terrible SHMUP with a very crappy weapon progression system + has no game over as it stops the game after you lose all lives), then there were other games done with that but i had so many unfinished projects using Fusion 2.5, and about 90% of these games' qualities are brutally crap as my first MMF2 games. The last game I ever published was Space Karter: Foregone Warriors (which you can find it in my GameJolt profile), and it’s yet another SHMUP, but not much worse than my old SHMUPS but it’s still horrid due to insane enemy movements and crappy bullet patterns, not that the save system I implemented is also broken.

In midst of using Fusion 2.5, i used different engines like the RPG Maker series, starting with RPG Maker XP, which however, i never fully used it, and with the classic VX. With RPG Maker VX, i spent few years using this engine for fun and my very first game was a very linear one where the first boss was a grim reaper whom you fight when you simply interacted with a door, while other bosses are the Dr. Mario Virus and the last boss was Giygas from EarthBound (back then i had a very likeable interest of EarthBound despite not playing the game, and at ths day i still haven't played it), in a very crappy way to enact the boss's original transcript.

After using VX and numerous attempts to make a tons of projects including a RPG about very small spaceships travelling in lands, a RPG starring a Roblox noob, etc., none of these projects came to light, but once VX Ace came out, it has become my best RPG Maker engine of all time, even to this day. I still made a bunch of stuff with VX Ace and i was more creative with it... but like what happened with VX, none of these projects were completed and were cancelled, but unlike how i did games back in VX, few of my projects in VX Ace are still on my hard drive (few projects i can show are SiER [a RPG game featuring some group of members from a dissolved forum community], an OFF action RPG fangame taking place after the events of OFF, a Five Nights at F***boys fangame and a SammyClassicSonicFan fangame that had a very absurd game length planned, and that’s the only project ever made that currently has a large portion of the game done, while the bigger portion isn’t).

Another game engine i got into is ZDoom, where i only did a joke .wad based on the very crude UAC Military Nightmare (it was infamous for its very mature content and contained Skulltag's creator treating him as a sexual antagonist), and like its original inspiration, it used random stuff and a confusing story involving a random person called Valletta (actually named after Malta's capital city) who gets in contact with a "spriit" after awakening from a nightmare and must defeat the dark side who is taking over the world. The .wad file resulted in an insane difficulty and i only had been playtesting this while resurrecting non-stop with the console, thus resulting the game being unbeatable without cheats.

Back onto Fusion 2.5, when the FNAF fangame craze started for a while, my last moments using it was when i made a useless prototype of a Super Mario Kart using a Mode 7 rendering extension, then i tried replicating a Castlevania engine using the Platform Movement Object extension. With it, i was planning an Angry German Kid game that went with the Castlevania platforming style... but you know, that didn't happen, too. Thus follows a crisis that would lead me to stop using Fusion 2.5 as soon i never felt making games again.

In 2016, i went in to finally start reusing Game Maker and trying to learn GML by making a very simple program, but that practice i did wasn't much until one day, when Mega Engine came out, i was tempted to make a extraordinary return to GameMaker after years on hating this engine, so i have further proven that i've managed to get into programming, but i could only use GML out of all the programming languages because it is used within GameMaker's GUI. Other programming languages, including C++, is still hard for me to learn. Furthermore, after messing around with Mega Engine, i started working on a Darius engine and then a vertical SHMUP engine, that however, not both of these are done, but the vertical SHMUP engine was going to be used for a Raiden Fighters-based fangame, and it was actually better than how I worked on Fusion 2.5.

Sometimes i rarely tend to use Fusion 2.5 only for specific projects, but GameMaker: Studio will actually remain my true main game development engine, even if it's harder to use than Fusion 2.5. Currently, I still have the usual habit of switching too many projects and canning many of them, but at the time I wrote this, I’ve been working on a Mega Man joke fangame.

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