The Prototype and Weapon Game
Freedom Man, he's based on 'MURICA, refuses to pay the government anything, because he is independent and believes in FREEDOM.

(22-04-2018, 03:11 AM)Entity1037 Wrote: Gun Man, based on the legendary art of I have a fucking gun.
Illuminati Man, based on the Illuminati, they've come to establish a new world order by killing 90% of the world's population with the help of their secret lizard brethren.
Programming a thing, ba da baa, programming a thing, ba da baa...
Conspiracy Man, based on a conspirator, his weapon is the Reveal Laser, that confirms the existance of Illuminati Man.
Phoenix Man, Based on a lawyer, his weapon is the OBJECTION! Bubble, He OBJECTS to everything wrong, and always wins a case.
How ironic I am for being called "The Tracker" when I'm not used to famitracker.
Judge Man, weapon being Judge Gavel to overrule all those objections!

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