Yet Another Sprite Thread
Okay, I'm just going to start off with my last post in the old forum.

Boss door for my game. Palette subject to change as well as the animation. I'll put up a .gif loop later since apparently Animagic doesn't like me anymore.

EDIT: The animation is heavily inspired by the circuit-light effects in the Z/ZX games(as if it wasn't already totally obvious).

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Edit of X1's Dr. Light to give him his X4-6 pose, and scratch Wily in the same hologram style.
The distortions work like X's Ghost/Elf form during the end scene of Z3.
[Image: 33ogrqv.png]
didnt Dr wily have bigger hair?
(12-05-2012, 06:04 PM)TraceyTheMetal Wrote: didnt Dr wily have bigger hair?

He got a hair cut.
It's not easy replicating Wily's hair shape in this size. That the moustache turned out as good as it did is a damn miracle.
Hooray for a ghost town of a thread. C'mon, guys, pick up the pace.MM - Sigh

Fixed Wily's hair and changed his flicker animation.
[Image: hsvn6w.png]
Also, .gifs of he and Light.
[Image: 2lt09xi.gif] [Image: bgw9hl.gif]
Aaaaaand an X3esque edit of Zero into Omega's intro stance.
[Image: egzpc1.jpg]
Aaaaaand the .gif to go with it.
[Image: x3b7mf.gif]
Aaaaaand the animation for the boss door I promised. Tweaked the glow animations.
[Image: 2pzd63s.gif]

EDIT: Noticed that a lot of people view this thread, but only a few actually give me feedback; while the other sprite threads get plenty of it. Just a wee bit irritating.
Dont worry, that happens to me too, and I actually want to show people my mega man (8 bit/snes) based sprites but nobody looks at them

Anyways I like the boss shutter, it's pretty unique compared to the other official ones
I was waiting for the door animation gif before commenting on it. It was a little hard to tell what was changing between the static frames. Now that I've seen it animate, it's amazingly smooth and well done. But I'm not entirely sure it give the effect you want. A lot of the glowing lights blend with the metal around it, turning the glowing lines of energy in to an equally neat looking slow energy wave type effect. And the green lights are really subtle. Still, the whole thing is amazing as is. I'd keep the current version saved somewhere if you decide it needs any fixing. It's that good.

Dr. Light and Zero are fine as far as I can tell, but I have two issues with Wily. One, his shoulders seem off. Just the way they connect with his torso seems a little tacked on. Maybe lower and square them some?
His hair is the other issue. Sorry about this, but it just looks like its tacked on behind his head, rather than appearing from the sides near the back of his head. If his head wasn't so small, I'd say turning the border between his hair and baldness into a slight curve, but his eyes might be too close to pull that off. You might not need a hard outline there though, so there's something to try.
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(Working on fixing up Wily. Will post results when complete)

Just for shiggles, I did some more work on an old Dracula sprite of mine. Mostly fixing his head and face(which used to be stupid tiny) and tweaking his frames to flow better.

SotN-esque, Belmont's Revenge design, fear the orbs of doom. Gifs of he and the orb, to show movement flow.
[Image: 35n8qjm.png]

[Image: 3325qg2.gif] [Image: imqzbb.gif]
I'm digging the sprites you've made, that Boss door is amazing. The one I'm most impressed with though is that Count Dracula. His arm seems a bit too long, but that's good because it adds to the creepiness. I'm wondering though, are Dracula and Wily purely from scratch or are they edits? Either way, that Dracula is amazing, and that Dr. Wily really needs some work on the hair and face.

As far as the technical aspects, the shading looks great on all the sprites, seeming to properly emulate the appropriate style. The glow/energy effects are very impressive, the lights on the boss door flowing very smoothly, and Dracula's balls also appear very spherical, yet capture that nice chaotic nature of destructive energy.

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see more. Smile
Both are scratch.

And yes, Dracula's balls are VERY spherical and VERY chaotic(or so Lisa tells me).
An enemy I'll put in my game. Just a simple edit of the ice guy from X3, but the real biggie is the Metal-Slug-inspired explosion.
EDIT-I have to attach it, because apparently Tinypic turns png files into jpgs. Fuck that.

And a gif of the explosion, because it's SO FUCKING AWESOME.
[Image: 2ihnm2p.gif]

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Wily's done. Now with ear!
[Image: 21dlpud.png]
Also, Skeleton Leader. 16 colors exactly, will probably edit and cut two or three down. Not sure yet. First sprite I've done by going over a scanned drawing. Gotta do that more often.
[Image: wvycrm.png]
Wow, all that feedback on Wily before and now nothing? idontgetit

Anyway, upwards Flame Slash for Zero. Will most likely implement into my game-AFTER I add something else to it. As it stands now, it's essentially the same weapon from X4, and we don't want a recurring weapon(because there haven't been ANY of those, Capcom :| ). Maybe one of you all can help me figure out what to add to it. I dunno.

Gif, and the sheet is attached. I'll be doing it this way from now on, because I don't trust Tinypic with my static sheets anymore after it turned that Omega Zero sheet into a .jpeg.

[Image: fjes2e.gif]

But to be honest, I'm really proud of myself on this one. It turned out really nice and flows very smoothly-the actual in-game lift looks far better than the .gif, but getting a high-quality .gif from a moving game isn't easy and I'm not going to try it, lol.

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Perhaps a downward stab with lightning element? Just a suggestion for the next attack.
No, he's got that one, in X5, I think. I COULD always add something to a lightningball spread upon ground contact like Spark Mandrill or something.
This is some seriously impressive work, Lamda. Your ability to create and animate such detailed, smoothly flowing sprites is outstanding. The only critiques I really have to offer are that Dr. Wily still doesn't quite appear to be in the SNES X-X3 style. I'm not entirely sure what it is, since my knowledge of the style's finer points is admittedly limited, but something about the way you've shaded him seems out of place. His mustache and hair also seems rather cluttered... I understand that his hair must be a difficult form to illustrate, but it looks like you were trying to cram in too much detail. Also, this might just be me, and I'm fairly sure this is how it appears in the games, as well, but the way you shaped his brow and forehead seems really awkward to me - it seems like his skull almost caves in at eye level.

The only other thing I could even see that I thought could be improved was the motion your Dracula makes when he raises his cloak (Which, to me, seems to make him look more as though he's giving someone offscreen the middle finger). I was going to suggest having him simply raise his arm, and stretch it outward, but you've already included those frames, it's just that the GIF doesn't use them until later.
I'd say add something that will fire some flames forward, or maybe like a flame wave or something. But that might be pushing it close to phoenix fire from X6

Maybe you should make something explode, or make a little flame enemy that will then attach itself to the enemy and explode.
That's what I was thinking, Squee.
A Flaming dive sword attack after the uppercut which causes a explosion of fire

Something like this
[Image: helm-breaker-lv2.jpg]
[Image: introandvictorypose_zps4a787a94.gif][Image: y2UAeAf.png]

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