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Howdy howdy! I'm Gomer! Big Mega Man fan (like that's any surprise here)! I produce let's plays, podcasts, and I sometimes tinker around with Game Maker! MM - 1up

Ummmm... I suck at making introductions. ^^; I guess if you're curious to check out my stuff, I'll leave a couple of links here. ^^;

My Site
My YouTube channel
Nice to meetcha' Gomer! Good choice in getting Lesbian talk on your podcast network. I like Diamanda Hagan a good bit. Granted, I only follow her sporadically but I do like the stuff on Lesbian Talk.

Do you follow Nash's What the Fuck is Wrong with You? Ya should look into getting that on your site. Gotta make the RDArmy bigger.
Spreading the blue disease...
Hagan's a treat! ^_^ Here's a fun fact: Lesbian Talk came to fruition because of a one-off gag in an episode of my own podcast, Thespian Talk. =) Also, if you've seen Hagan's "A MAGFest Audience Reacts to Chirpy" video, that's me and my girlfriend front and center. =)

I do follow Nash's show, actually. =) Been following that for... over five years now! O_O Time flies! I'm not sure if he'd be willing to hop on my site, though, since he's doing pretty well with the Channel Awesome audience. I'm not sure I could add much more. ^^;

Fun fact: if you watch his weekly live stream, he'll sometimes show stuff from at least two other members of my site: Miss Nightmare and The Isle of Rangoon! =D
Hello there! I am new to this site, even though I've been here as a guest a couple of times. Nice to meet you all! I am a Super Robot Wars sprite artist and a big fan of classic Megaman games. I hope I can find some help with my project here as well!
hello everyone :>
Huh. I guess I never made an introduction post. Well I am MrTrippleAAA, known in very few sites as just plain "TrippleAAA". I am a retro gamer (Who plays namely Mega Man and Sonic), as well as a beginner programmer (and also a person :p)

I originally signed up here because, well I like Mega Man and also somewhat like to chat. But now I'm here more often because I started my fan project: "Mega Man FD - The World's Last Hope!!".

I am also good friends with Mike Crain aka corlenbelspar, who was of course, the original creator of Mega Man Revolution before it was moved over to INC. I helped him with ideas and concept with the game back when it was just returning from the dead after ten years.

I am a very friendly person, however, it is very possible for me to be a complete prick if I have a reason to be.

But hopefully, I get to befriend all of you and have a well balanced friendship ^_^
Hello MM - Happy I introduce myself my name Drillmor and I'm here to learn a lot of sprites will share that I have 8 bits I hope they enjoy it , but also want to meet people who speak Spanish so I find it easier, because now use the translator to do good if I can handle them well this will put a sprite that I have very basic lol MM - Sigh
Hi! I'm MiniMacro, a young chipmusician/graphic artist with a bit of experience in game design and VERY basic programming (as in Scratch). Some of you may recognize me from the FamiTracker forums. I hope to have fun here. It seems fun.

Oh, and my buddy iYamWhatIYam brought me here because I wanted to join the Mega Man: Shattered Diamond team after he told me about it. I was working on my own fan game, titled "Mega Man: The Rise Of Roll!," with him and two other people, and that kind of became very slow. I'm the only full-time programmer left for said fangame, and I'm still (albeit unsuccessfully) trying to learn GML so I can program it. If I get permission from BeatMan.EXE (the creator of it), I'll post it here so our team RockTeam.EXE can get more programmers.

And that's me.
Hi. I've never been to this website EVER.
(06-01-2016, 07:17 AM)Drei Wrote: Hi. I've never been to this website EVER.

You liar. Good to have you back.
(11:58:31) Ryo_Hazaki crushes Lamda's head with a mallet Gallager-style.
(11:58:48) Lamda_Bamda: Ryo, I know I shouldn't, but I love you for that.

(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
(13:34:13) The_Walrus: SHOTS FIRED
Hello all. My name is Ken. I'm happy to be here.
(18-01-2016, 08:54 AM)Comicon Wrote: Hello all. My name is Ken. I'm happy to be here.

Welcome to inc, Ken!
Thanks CosmicGem!
Hello, everyone! Name's Shadow Kazuni, but most people call me either Shad, Kaz, or... whatever.

I'm a big MegaMan fan since my childhood, and I enjoy the Battle Network series a lot! Hope to make friends here!
Hiya Shadow,

Welcome to the forum!
Huh. Didn't know this was a thing, and I've been here for about a year! Well, better late than never!

I'm DarkDeviant, and I like to sprite. I do all kinds of different styles, but I mainly focus on Megaman. More specifically, I like doing Battle Network style. I'm up for pretty much anything, of course, and you can find me trawling through the Custom Sprite Request Thread. I also like reading, drawing, and web design (the design part, not the coding. Ugh.)

I have a custom sprite request thread of my own, in which I often showcase work I've done here, as well as independently. It's called DarkDeviant's Custom Sprite Request Thread (insert shameless plug here.) I also know some useful tips and tricks if you want any advice, but I'm no sovietcommando or Lamda. And to any newcomers, welcome to Sprites INC!

~~The man sat upon the watchtower, but did not watch, only towered.~~

So I should make an introduction.

I am CosmicGem.

Hey, I'm ParmaJon and I like Mega Man, especially fangames(I hope other people here like Mega Man as well) otherwise I generally like nintendo fangames. I found this site through a link to MaGMML, despitr participating through the other site. I feel like there should be more here but I dunno man, I'll update my profile and stuff later.
Welcome to Inc! We hope you enjoy it here
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
Hello. Im Axis. I just joined this site and hope to be part of the community. Im not very good at spriting, but i am at drawing. Hope i fit in.

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