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Hello everyone! i'm The Mega Man Fan 19XX (but you can call me "Mega Fan" for short). I'm a fan of Mega Man since 2013 (my first MM game was Rockman Mega World AKA: the japanese version of MM Wily Wars) and since then i played a lot of classic MM games (official and fan ones). I'm also a beginner spriter and hope to improve my spriting skills in this site. I've been here for a while as a guest and i wanted to join this community, i'm sure this will be a fun experience.
nice to meet you
Hi all

I'm MasterGrand and I see this forum while I collect sprites for Mega Man sereis in google image then I enter forum and I like it so much.

Best regards
Greetings, as a new game designer in search of aid for an admittedly large dream, I saw your website, and all the wonderful developers here, and decided eventually to come here to beseech help in creating a video game. I lack knowledge in many things, and any help available would be great.
~Signed, a Strange Robot
Hey, I'm just a typical furry who writes Robot Master bios

I'm really new here
(04-05-2016, 09:42 PM)Linzodakatz Wrote: Hey, I'm just a typical furry who writes Robot Master bios

I'm really new here

Hi there. Robot master bios, huh? That sounds interesting.
I'm new here, I'm a great mega man fan and I've already make some fan stuff (mainly for mugen).
I'm here for join the MM fan community and maybe help to create some other fan stuff.
Hello, my name's Matthew, AKA gone-sovereign, digital artist, graphic designer, emo kid, and avid motor racing fanatic (hence my avatar, which is kind of an in-joke that will be explained in time). Though I'm not much of a gamer, I'm a fan of the Mega Man classic series. I've done some pixel art and sprite work for some personal projects, and also some sprites for a Polandball video game that never came to fruition. But really, graphic design is my specialty.

Truth be told, I've used this website before to collect some Mega Man sprites, but it was Flashman85 AKA GeminiLaser AKA Nathaniel Hoover, staff writer for's stream of the "Make a Good Mega Man Fan Level" contest results that finally convinced me to join. That said, whether I'll contribute to these boards on a regular basis leaves to be said. My interests in Mega Man, or moreover my interests in general, kind of fade in and out, so for now I'm just happy to be here. Big Grin

Pages for my personal artwork:
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Hello everyone! My name is WreckingPrograms (sometimes known as WreckingGoomba). I'm a game developer (I'm into both indie games and fangames) and, of course, a big Mega Man fan. Those who have played or watched the livestream of Make a Good Mega Man Level may know me as the guy who made the Wily Archives stage. I'm also making a Mario fangame called Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs, but I don't think that name is really known around here, haha. I mostly enjoy the programming side of game development, but I like game design and spriting too.

The Make a Good Mega Man Level contest convinced me to finally join this site. I didn't know about it until Pyro (the contest organizer) posted a topic on MFGG (Mario Fan Games Galaxy, a website/forums dedicated to Mario fangames) about the contest. I was looking for a Mega Man fangame website before, but without much luck, so when Pyro posted about this site I became excited about it. I've only joined just now because I've been very busy lately, but I'm glad I'm finally aboard. I'm looking forward to my stay here!

In case anyone is curious about Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs, it can be found here:
Sorry for the shameless self promotion, I promise it won't happen often Blush
Hello Sprites Inc.

I'm TacticalBacon. I've posted on other forums before (non-Mega Man related) but this is my first time posting here. Not my first time visiting, as I've been a lurker on here for the longest time. I've got a few ideas for a fan game running in my head but I won't post any here because it's not ready yet (and I'm a bit shy). I'll most likely post here again when I get the guts to actually tell about my idea and vision, but yeah.
Hey folks! I'm Shade from over at the Spriters Resource. Figured I'd join and maybe submit a few of my Mega Man rips every now and again. Pretty funny how many names I recognize here.

As for my interests, I like chocolate and long walks on the beach. Let's be good chums! Heart

i'm ECIsHere, or EC, or ECI, 'meg', whatever you want to call me.

i was first interested in this site when neo, threxx and some others came over to 'exploding rabbit', a website of which i once visited a lot. seeing what people like them could do was very interestin' to me.
though, only recently have i actually convinced myself to come here.

i like old video games, hanging out with the people i know, and generally havin' a good time.
: )

I'm Yozzaxia, a Mega Man fanatic. I used to quietly roam around these forums as a guest, but a guest I will be no more! I don't do much but game dev and make immature rom hacks. Wow to you all!!
Alright, I joined a while ago and will finally introduce myself. I'm a Mega Man fan since I was a kid, but in 2013 I started speedrunning some mega games and I'm so into it that I have to start making my own mega game. I hope I can level up my dev skills and find some good friends here to work on awesome projects.
Hey, I'm PseuDeadpool. I haven't been here that long, but I've been a fan of Mega Man for the past few years. I love the classic series (my favorite games are 9,4 & 8 - though not necessarily in that order) and have enjoyed a lot of the recent fan games that have been coming out. I'm also super into writing - and, in case you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan of Deadpool and comics in general. I've just been spending the past few weeks learning my way around the forum - and, while I can't say I can offer any technical expertise or assistance - I'm happy to give constructive criticism on any ideas you may have. Otherwise, I'm just here to watch and (hopefully) learn...
Sorry if I gave you the cold shoulder... It's easy to do when you're dead Confused

Hey everyone! As you can already see, my user is Austic (And yes I've been told that joke a lot of times about my username), I am a 3D modeller + programmer. Some examples of my work were featured in the Dead Chat. I'm new to spriting, so I hope to see some great criticism to make me improve, as for 3D modelling, I don't see 3D here :/... Moving on, I live in Canada, my first language is French and I've been learning English for 10 years. I play the trumpet and piano. I haven't tried composing yet, I could try Famitracker.

I discovered Megaman when I was 6-ish. I always saw the big youtubers at the time talk about it. And I said I should give it a try. Downloaded an emulator and Mega Man 2, because I knew this game was the best. Played MM2 for a while, and I loved it. Months and months after, I played every single NES Mega Man games, and bought some merch. I am considering buying a NES to re-play those classics on HD TV and trying to ''jazz-ify'' some of Mega Man 1-6 songs. I could make a Youtube channel at some point, but that'll be in the future when I'm done with school.

My ambitions are Music, Modelling and Acting. I've done more than 3 years of theater, and hoping to do more while I still can. So yeah, that was my basic introduction Smile.
Hello everyone in Sprites inc, my name is Alejandro10000. I has joined this site since January of this year and I love doing some sprites, be inspired to do some stuff and having some ideas. And also I´m a Megaman fan.

I like playing some videogames and fangames, drinking some coffee, hearing zomboy and knife party music,
I only use MS paint to do some sprites and also improvise.

And that´s all folks
[Image: 1bkhyd.gif]

[Image: 1bkhe2.gif]
Greetings to you all! My name is barberbarberjoe, and I've been a fan of the Mega Man series pretty much since its genesis. More accurately, I started out with the first game.

I currently aspire to become a writer, whether it's for games in general (indie or fan) and/or comics. Hopefully, I'll fit in just fine.
Greetings everybody.
I am The Bastard. And yes, before you start questioning me about if I know what that name means, yes I do.
It suits me well in many ways more than just one.

I've been using it as a nick ever since Windows 98. But if you are not comfy with my nick, you may call me Basty for short.

I used to be a sprite artist and sprite comic maker during Bob And George times which was a long time ago so some of you might remember me from there. If you don't... Well... Let me help you to remember, I was that pompous little cunt that used to annoy the living shit out of everyone. Big Grin

Anyways, that was a long time ago so meet the new and much older me.

The reason why I joined in to these forums is not to be a pompous yet lovable little cunt as what I used to be but to ask you for your help in spriting. When I was young person still full of piss and vinegar I used to think I can do everything myself and I also wanted to do everything my self but I've awaken in to a sad realization that I don't have such kind of spirit any more. Hence why I am here to ask your help in my gaming projects that hopefully will someday come true.

While my skills are some what rusty, I will gladly help any new coming sprite artists help to improve their skills the best I can. Don't be stubborn, I used to be a greenhorn my self as well so I can help you to pull the ropes in your favor.

Anyways. It is a pleasure to meet you and hopefully also a pleasure to work with you in the close future.

Well... It's quite the first impression, I'll give you that. But don't worry, you'll blend in well with the rest of us blokes here in due time. (and no, we don't bite... much)
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