Megaman TV Tropes competition
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Megaman TV Tropes competition
So, this was a cool lil' competition I saw on another forum that I thought would be fun to bring here. It's a competition where users try to add more tropes than anyone else to a specific franchise's pages on For this competition I'm picking Megaman as the franchise, any Megaman. I think this is a great way to celebrate Megaman's 25th anniversary and just in general show off who is the biggest, most obsessive, fanboy on the forum.

I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with TVtropes, but for those of you who aren't:
TVtropes is essentially a wiki that catalogs common literary and visual elements (among others) in different medias. There is a trope for just about anything, and there is no such thing as a trope-less story (Which is in itself a trope). Despite that it may seem unoriginal tropes are unavoidable. Some tropes can provide a lot of insight into a story (Or other media) which can help people develop as artists and writers as well as allow fans to delve further into a subject. You do have to make an account, but it is free and easy (as in it takes less than a minute easy).

The rules of the competition are:

-Add as many tropes to any Megaman TVtrope page as possible.
-Edits that enhance a trope are counted as well.
-Don't be a dick and just edit a small error like a misplaced comma for points, be a decent person and just fix it anyways.

-Post the trope that you added or specify where you enhanced an existing trope.

-Please include which page you added the trope to.

-Do not add tropes you are unsure of whether or not they belong; bring them up here so we can discuss their appropriateness.
-Tropes that are brought up for debate count toward the person who proposed them; so even if you attempt to add one that was brought up for debate it will not count toward your total tropes unless you add more content to the trope, in which case both users will be awarded points.

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RE: Megaman TV Tropes competition
Flawed Prototype (click me)

* Proto Man/Blues DRN-00, Mega Man's "older brother," is certainly a Bad Ass in his own right, but all what prevents him from him to be a proper Super Prototype, is his limited atomic power reactor given by Dr. Alber W. Wily and a defect his energy system later aquirred according to Blues' Solo Ending from Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. He was originally equipped with a flawed Solar Power Reactor, which Dr. Thomas Light developed and tried to fix. However because Blues was developed as a truly independed robot with a Strong Sense Of Independence, he did ran away from Light Labs. The reason why Blues did this, was because he feared that fixing his solar power reactor would erase his individuality. Eventually, the flawed Solar Power reactor stopped to work and Blues in turn ceased to function. It was then that Dr. Albert W. Wily found him and tried to fix him, by switching his Solar Power Reactor with a early, but limited version of the atomic power reactors, which all Wilybots would later use. Besides giving Blues a new power Reactor, he was outfitted with combat capabilities and his trademark visor along with his shield. However to battle brings Blues' atomic power reactor at its limits and going above by overuse will make him to a living time bomb, as one well placed shoot can cause him to blow up and annihilates the entire environment around him. The defect his energy system later aquirred causes him pain and if the defect is left unchecked, there is always the chance, that his body will break down with the result of his death. Since he has Strong Sense Of Independence, he is uncooperative to let himself to be repaired by Dr. Light, even if it means his death. In games where Proto Man's playable he's typically a Glass Cannon due the defect mentioned above.

** Bizarrely, Dr. Light rebuilds Protoman during the ending of Rockman and Forte, where he should have been able to give him a more advanced power reactor and fix the defect his energy system acquirred, but Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 are explicitly after that game and have the double damage thing.

** In Ariga's Mega Man Megamix manga it is Double Subverted. Proto Man doesn't have a flawed or limited power core, but his energy systems are messed up, because Dr. Light tried to install a buggy version of the three laws in order to control him. No wonder he's paranoid about Dr. Light taking his free will away, if given the opportunity and won't let Dr. Light 'fix' him: Proto Man is dying because Dr. Light already tried to do that. On top of the fact he can't trust Dr. Light, it's possible that the power system programming flaw can't be fixed without fixing the three laws programming, in which case he really would lose his individuality, if he was fixed. Of course, this universe's robot masters aren't very Three Laws Compliant. Roll and Rock would be happy to show him how it's done.

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