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Welcome to the new Bass Comic Adventures Sprites, INC discussion and postings page. Just as in the old forums, updates will be posted here Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The comic takes a focus on Bass as he takes on the role of the anti-hero in the Mega Man world. New enemies, new allies, Stardroids, and stupid humor in an 8-bit style. Check out some of the chapters below and enjoy!

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I. The Beginning
II. What's My Name Again?
III. Non Sequitur 1
[spoiler=IV. The Oudin Saga]
1. Prologue
2. The First Two Robot Masters
3. Two More Robot Masters
4. Interlude
5. Taking Care of Two More
6. At the Hydroelectric Plant
7. Enter: Rhythm
8. Aftermath
9. Rhythm & Dr. Oudin
10. Epilogue[/spoiler]
V. Non Sequitur 2
VI. Resurgence of the Stardroids
VII. From Russia, With Love
VIII. Upgrades and Changes
[spoiler=IX. Attack of the Alternates]
1. Beginnings
2. Robot Generals
3. Retaliation
4. A Plan Unfolds
5. Fate of Two Worlds
6. Tying Up Loose Ends[/spoiler]
X. Non Sequitur 3
[spoiler=XII. Return of the Revenge]
1. Prologue
2. The Journey Begins
3. Polar Chill
4. Heat Splash
5. Interlude
6. Castle Woods
7. Shock Protection
6. Polarizing Rematches
XIII. Disco Tech
XV. Equality is a Cruel Mistress
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Friday's massive update is here! Five, that's right five, new comics have been posted. Come check out where the story from Russia is heading
284. Xtreme Proposition
285. Young Love
286. Z is for Zealous Girlfriend
287. Ægis of Fatherhood
288. МЕСТЬ!
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
And here I thought the whole Melodia-Rock relation would be the funny highly disfunctional one.
But instead the Kalinka blues one is causing most of the hijinx.
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Quote:(10:52:07) Jace: Screw the rules, you have Mistresses
That reminds me, why did Blues take off his helmet when he fought Rhythm?
Don't worry, just getting started with the Melodiya-Rock stories.

Karasai, Blues took his helmet off to fight him as "Blues" instead of the helmeted "Proto Man", similar to how Mega Man without his helmet is "Rock". Plus I wanted to show off the awesome Proto Man Hairstyle that's part of the official artwork but not in sprite form which I hope I was able to capture
[Image: Helmetless_Protoman.png]
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
The Proto-Quiff is amazing. I love this comic so far, keep it coming!
Newest comic is up. Mega Man tries to talk some sense into Dr. Cossack

289. Change of Heart
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
Ah, I do love Cossack's overprotective nature.

I will admit, I actually have this comic saved to favorites. It really does look like what someone should do when making an 8-bit comic, and overall is a very fine sprite comic when they seem to be a dying breed.
So, I would like some opinions. While working on the upcoming comics, I noticed how drab my older Kalinka sprites looked. Her hair seems lifeless and almost like it would be perfectly straight and flat. So I worked on trying to give her hair more life and actual "hair-ness" if that's even a word. So now I would like to ask which of the two designs do you, the readers, actually like? Personally I'm feeling it more towards the new design (in which case I will have to reupload all the comics with Kalinka in it) but it would be well worth the effort to do so for a more aesthetically pleasing Kalinka.
[Image: BattleoftheKalinkas.png]
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
The new hair looks much better then the current hair, though something else about the sprite that bothers me is that her arms seem far too short, you may want to add one pixel in length to them at least.
Thanks Dameon. definitely looks better now with the longer sprite and longer arms. here are the three designs side by side now for comparison
[Image: BattleoftheKalinkas2.png]
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
While that's pending, here is today's newest comic

290. Awkward Position
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
I like the newest redesign over the current. (to be honest, I also think she needs a hat... but that's because I'm used to kalinka in that hat of hers.)
Christianity is my faith not my religion. And neither should be pushed upon people.

Quote:(10:52:07) Jace: Screw the rules, you have Mistresses
Newest comic is up. Kalinka finally reunites with Proto Man. Also first use of the newer Kalinka that isn't a redux comic. Enjoy!
291. 99 Problems
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
And the best part about this comic strip is the fact that while he's thinking about what punishment is in store for him, Cossack might have already thought of what Proto Man is imagining.
Newest comic is up. Dr. Cossack has found Kalinka and Proto Man...

292. Showdown?
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
Dr. Cossack finally gets to lay into Proto Man, but what happens?

293. The Rundown
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alright awesome!! hey all, pharos04 here with a new name. the anti-spam filter for the new board doesn't like my traditional username i've been using for most of the internet age so here's my new name. so now-updates!
First, I've created a Google+ page to work in conjunction with the Facebook page.
Secondly, I've added new "Like" buttons and "+1" buttons to every individual comic pages so you can like your favorites and share on your walls
Thirdly, two updates that were posted normally but due to bannings, never got around to properly post here:
294. Reconciliation
295. Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Heres hoping for no more random bans! Enjoy!
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Wednesday's comic is up! Roll and Bass get a quick rundown as to what was just going on...

296. Keen Observation
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