MegaMan Unlimited RELEASED!
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The anticipated fan game 'Mega Man Unlimited' by Philippe Poulin, AKA MegaPhil X, has been released!
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As an alpha tester, and as it's previous programmer before he got help from his other friends, I can say that this game will blow away all others. You will surely not be disappointed by this game. Smile
Biggest complaint I have so far is the levels seem far too long compared to Mega Man standards. There should be 1/4 checkpoints not 1/2 checkpoints with the length being much greater
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Spikes have wonky hitboxes and the knockback is almost CV level...
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So..this just happened to me. I wonder if you can repeat/record this glitch:
I was fighting Trinitroman with his weakness
and we killed eachother, then I got teleported back to the hallway. Victory music starts playing.I walk into the boss room, Trinitro is still there.
He is about to attack me...but Megaman just walks to the center of the room, absorbs his weapon and teleports away. Level over.
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didn't happen to me, though Trinitro has a fun quirk about him i think (which i think is part of his gameplay). though Glue Man somehow boxed me into a place and i couldn't move, so...still feels like there are some bugs. I also had an issue with summoning rush coil. apparently i was too close to spikes despite being a tile+ away
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The first thing I have to STRESS is that the stages are far, FAR too long. One slip-up and you're back to one of a few checkpoints. Does one want his game to be enjoyable or tedious? I also wonder who was responsible for stage design, as he seems to have gotten carried away at places. Combined with stage length, I'm not about to see the end as is.
Add to that the bugs, and a new version becomes a better idea. Right now, this game isn't even close to living up to the earlier made claim:
(14-07-2013, 04:33 PM)N-Mario Wrote: The anticipated fan game 'Mega Man Unlimited' by Philippe Poulin, AKA MegaPhil X, has been released!

I can say that this game will blow away all others. You will surely not be disappointed by this game. Smile
By the way, I guess MPX does deserve some credit for finishing a fangame.
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Yes. Let us work together to fix this horrible pixel art.
Honestly, who thought this was passable? I've seen worse, but sheesh...
(Says the guy who utterly butchered "Stop the Calvary" in Mega Man Christmas Carol Remix and said "That's good enough.")

That aside, not even a minute in and I've already found two bugs:
- Megaman's shots are a pixel too low compared to where his buster sits.
- If an enemy takes damage when it's partly off-screen, it may not flash right away. I hit a Shield Attacker in Jetman's stage, for example, and it flashed white only after it flew back my way and started turning back.

Otherwise, so far so good. I've only played Jetman's stage up to the very difficult mini-boss so far, but even playing with a keyboard, everything feels pretty good. I'll do more thorough testing later on. If I can be bothered.
I'm not that hard to find... if you know where to look.
... but you'd be a fool to think me here.
for your reading pleasure
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Can't help but notice that review is just a wee bit on the biased side of things. Or maybe I'm just too observant for my own good.

Or maybe I just haven't played enough to come to the same conclusion that this is "a Mega Man fan game done perfectly". (That honor currently belongs to SuperDanny 2, which only had one thing wrong with it that I could find -- the jump height was a few pixels too high. Yes, seriously. That's it.)
I'm not that hard to find... if you know where to look.
... but you'd be a fool to think me here.
W...Why does that idiot claim that MM9 holds BACK? And if he can't say if the levels are longer, is the guy even playing Megaman? Yup, he's blind to the flaws of MMU, if not flatout biased. 1/10 for what is more a missionary's sermon than a review. Not to mention, this git dares to call MMxSF's developer unskilled while he himself can't even review right. Someone please force his retirement.

So yeah, long story short, I hope you were sarcastic there, Rhythm.

EDIT: At least Zexion understands how terrible things are
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I left the guy the following message and a link to this thread. Hopefully the butthurt will be minimal and some actual progress can be made to the game and its reviews.

Quote:I'm just going to leave this thread link here, so you can see what it looks like when people know what they're talking about. Your review is about as biased as it gets and makes absolutely no mention of any of the glaring flaws and awful design choices (seriously, what a cop-out that final boss was). I would be generous to give Unlimited a 4 in its current state. Pay attention to what you're doing rather than gawk at something pretty.
Quote:Game making in 6 steps:
1: Get assets and program
2: Smash the two together until stuff happens
3: Beat your face into your keyboard when stuff breaks/doesn't want to work
4: Continue beating your face into your keyboard until you've smashed the right code
5: Rejoice that it works and move on to the next thing
6: Go back to Step 2 and repeat
I swear this game keeps deleting my saves. Though it may be in how it's only holding screws since the levels do that whole "difficulty spike with tedious platforming" bullcrap MM9 was guilty of and I can't reach any of the bosses.

Then again my ability to game may have kind of died...
My main issues are the Wily Stages (urrgk, even for Wily Stages these are bad. Wily Stages are supposed to be short, sharp, stabs.. not marathons. The entire castle a marathon? Sure. The entire castle stretches weapon supply. Sure, that's how it's supposed to work. But a single level doing so? With so many death spikes? Pits? Why the heck is my entire Rush Jet supply gone by Stage 1!?) and Trinitro's obnoxious excuse for a level.

Everything else follows the usual complaints of "each stage is a little on the long side" and "god damn lack of checkpoints."

Honestly, my complaints would be minimal, but he chose to implement lives.
I don't mind games being hard, I just don't want to redo the last 20 minutes of progress because I keep fecking up the same jump after a 5 minute jog from the last checkpoint. Trinitro, I'm looking at yo buddy.

My main issues with the game is that the creator decides to combine pixel perfect platforming and masses of death traps with some really irritating and tough enemies.

Anyone who has played the main series will know, whilst it's fine to have all three of these things in a level, having all 3 at once pushes a player to his limits and past their tolerance threshold. There's some really good and creative ideas here, but...
Needed some time to balance it out. This is from a guy who severely regrets designing this fella. I KNOW my boss needed more time to balance test. You guys have had Five Years. You do need people who aren't hardcore to try your game to know where their threshold level is.

When you have die hard fans of the series rage quitting on you... you've ballsed up somewhere.

And a final complaint:

Every boss seems to take off 1/3 of your health on contact damage. If Megaman does MM4+ onwards damage ratio to bosses, then bosses should probably do the same sort of ratio. Unlike Megaman 1-2, you don't kill bosses in 3-4 hits. Seems a tad unbalanced.

Not to be completely negative, I actually liked Rainbowman's stage, even if was a tad too long for the style of stage it was. (There's a reason Quickman's level is so short you know.) It managed a fine balance between reflexes and memory. Unfortunately alot of the other stages require both.
And while

And Nail Man got pretty much everything right, with a decent amount of restraint shown in combining gimmicks with enemies. Did they let go the guy who designed that level part way through development?
It's a shame that attempting to buster that boss leads to headbanging against the wall, as his stage is pretty damn good.

Also: The weapon set is very good, and nicely creative. Rainbow Man's weapon is probably one of the best utility weapons I've seen for along time.

There are moments of brilliance let down by the sheer difficulty of it all.

Megaman 10 had a difficulty select. I think this game needed it too.


Who-ever thought up the idea of Trinitro Man having an instant-kill attack based on whether or not you hit a certain part of his body.

That is the worst thing I have seen in any game. Ever.
In ONE hand, I tip my hat for Philly on finishing the damn thing, on the other I have a few issues to address..

Aside from the common length/difficulty/checkpoint issue, is that the enemies themselves shouldn't that be annoying to deal with. Let's start with how quite unbalanced enemy placement is in some of the screens of the boss stages. Nail Man here is quite the guilty party as for example climbing up the ladder should not be a chore to do, as even the ladder segment in Cutman's stage from Mega Man 1 is much more forgiving than this.

If there could be a reduction of enemies (one would get the boot perferrably, and the two closest by said ladder stay), it would be a good timing challenge that can test your wit. Getting UP there is another challenge entirely as below the screen is a death trap calling the player's name. Don't get me started with how the buggers respawn fast enough to even put the fastest being to shame.

Then comes the minibosses, oooh the minibosses.. If Trinitro Man (Or whatever man)'s were more like Blast Hornet's cargo ship segment in Mega Man X3, that would be swell. Other than that I think it's a decent game.
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I uh.. didn't expect this negative reception to come out of the game! Guess I gotta try it out myself before saying anything
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(16-07-2013, 03:52 AM)Karasai Wrote: WOW

I uh.. didn't expect this negative reception to come out of the game! Guess I gotta try it out myself before saying anything

funny... I felt the same way... But then I tried to get to the website and EVEN THE WEBSITE didn't want me to download it. I'm going to at some point though.
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AshuraAlchemist: heh
AshuraAlchemist: air humping, then exploding goo

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I can honestly say I didn't have any expectations for this game. But I had hopes. I sincerely hoped after all this five years of work, we'd get something that was less tedious, frustrating, and unrewarding. Very, very unrewarding.
I'm not that hard to find... if you know where to look.
... but you'd be a fool to think me here.
Trinitro Man's stage is too fucking mean I give up on this game I cant even beat a single stage
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beat it....


that is all
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Yo MegaphilX!

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