Spriting Guide - A guide from people who know
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Spriting Guide - A guide from people who know
So i'm going to transcribe this as best i can from what Ace started in the old forum, as well as some other information from other posts in there. If others have guidlines, tips, etc to help new spriters learn the process and create their own characters/enemies/whatever, feel free to post here please

Quote:Lesson 2:

Deciding on a colour scheme and pallette and sticking to it.

This has to be the one thing that baffles me when it comes to spriting. I see sprites all the time which have 50 colours plus on the sheet.

It baffles me because I don't know how, aside from saving things incorrectly, that could be possible.

Tip one. - Select your colours before you start.

Why? Because then you know what you're working with. You can always change the colours later.
This doesn't apply to some sprites, but if you're doing anything in the style of a game - its always best to take the colours DIRECTLY from sprites from that game.
Games have a set colour scheme. If a game uses pastal colours and your sprite uses dark dingy stuff, it's not going to fit is it?

And remember - you can always change the colours later.

Tip two. - Create a custom pallette INSIDE the image.

Whats the point of that?
Well now we can use the eye dropper tool and can select from those colours when we want without having to resort to guessing the colour scheme.
It makes things so much easier when you're working on the same character on multiple images.
It also makes recolouring easier too.

Tip three. - Avoid absolute black and absolute white.

Certain image programs cannot process either colours correctly. You should always use either slightly above absolute black (0,0,0) or slightly below absolute white (255, 255, 255).
You'd be suprised how often that saves the hassle of transparency issues.
Several sheets on INC became corrupted due to absolute white and for a while the NES MM sheets were unusable due to absolute black.
Think about it..

Tip four. - Avoid absolute black and absolute white.

Just because it needs mentioning twice.
In fact - Capcom's usual Megaman efforts use neither colour and rather goes for dark grey and dark white for both colours.

Tip five. - Capcom uses 16 colours. Period.

Regardless. Any sprites that go over 16 colours use layers.
You should aim to use a maximum of 16 colours. It's that simple. It makes your job easier as a spriter. Trust me on this - the less colours to handle, the easier it is to refine your sprite.

Tip six. - Use as minimal a pallette as possible.

Limitations give you a challenge.
Giving yourself challenges helps improve your ability.
Try it once in a while.

That's it for now folks. Hope that helps.
Hopefully other experienced spriters can lend their hand to this..

Another helpful link


and some other tips

Quote:1: Be Humble. This is important. No one likes an arrogant, pretentious jerk. This means you shouldn't need to go around saying you're a decent spriter, or that you know what you're talking about. (If you're really good, you won't need to anyhow).

2: You don't know it all. It's as simple as that. You never know it all. You don't know if the sprite you made is its absolute best, simply because good art is all a matter of opinion anyhow. Keeping in mind that you don't know it all, you should be open to criticism. Criticism is the only way you can really get better.

Also note, that the person giving it doesn't even HAVE to be art savvy. Art is just a matter of personal taste. That's why some people love Picasso and others hate him. Your mom can probably still tell that your character's arm is far too long for his body size, just like how another spriter could. All criticism is valid criticism. Don't ever dismiss what someone said just because they don't have, "credentials." If they have eyes, they have credentials.

Always take criticism in stride. Sometimes you might not like to hear what people are saying, but if they just kiss your butt, then you're not going to get any better.

3: They don't know it all. Yes, you should listen to what people have to say, but that doesn't make what they say correct. (Listening and acting on what people say are different). Just because someone says your sprite should look like, "this" doesn't mean your sprite should look like, "this." Of what they recomend is in the opposite direction of what you want, you can simply say it's just not what you're going for.

That said, don't just "poopoo" what everyone says. More times than not, what people say is valid. It doesn't hurt to see how their advice effects your sprite at least.

4: Practice and patience are needed to improve. It's as simple as that really. If you don't keep working out your sprite muscles, they'll stop working. Tongue You won't be good over night, so just keep at it.

5: Give others criticism. CRITICISM. Not comments. Saying, "Wow, cool!" is great for ego stroking, but it hardly helps make that sprite any better or helps to improve that spriter. If you can't give any constructive criticism, at least say what you like specifically about the sprite. (The colors are great, proportions are perfect, his expression is awesome, etc). Try to avoid just kissing someone's butt. Tongue If possible, try to always give some positive comments too. Can't hurt.

Experienced spriters, please add and expand this with your comments

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Spriting Guide - A guide from people who know what they're talking about (Ver 2.0)
Good Guy Rhythm, posting stuff for the newbies. Might want to make the subject shorter. because as it is now its too long to post a comment without manually editing the subject from advanced post.
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RE: Spriting Guide - A guide from people who know
Huh, I thought the old site was down for good. Well, this will definitely help the person who wanted those tutorials, as well as people wanted/needed their questions answered about spriting.

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RE: Spriting Guide - A guide from people who know
For those, who want to learn useful spriting technics, it would be good to take a look on the spriting guides from our neighbors TheSpritersResource and Pixeljoint.


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10-08-2013, 10:37 AM
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RE: Spriting Guide - A guide from people who know
(10-08-2013, 10:37 AM)Thanatos-Zero Wrote: For those, who want to learn useful spriting technics, it would be good to take a look on the spriting guides from our neighbors TheSpritersResource and Pixeljoint.


Ok, I'll check those out.
11-08-2013, 02:08 AM
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