2D or 3D Ponies IRL?
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2D or 3D Ponies IRL?
ExclamationWARNING! Thread contains Ponies!Exclamation
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Being the Brony that I am, I have a thing for browsing PIRL(Ponies in Real-Life)content, including fanfics, videos, and images. And like many members of the fandom, I too wish that the ponies of Equestria were real.
Since we're on the subject, how would you depict these colorful, talking minature equines if they entered our world?
Would you see them as flat, 2D images with fancy shading?
Or would you see them as fully detailed, 3D models like the Garry's Mod Ponies?

Post a comment and tell me which one you prefer to see in the real world.MM - Shades

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