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Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Post away. Everything is up, but it's not formatted. Better than nothing.

"So you know all that crap with aliens visiting Earth and government secret projects? Turns out it was people blowingshit out of proportion. Big surprise. Up until 2125 we hadn't made any contact. Except then we did, and the government didn't have the chance to go all ‘nothing happened, it was a satellite’ on us. After all the media speculation as to how this sort of situation might be dealt with, some twit in South America uploaded a video of the actual crash site. The video was of course taken down, but not anywhere near close to before it went viral; once something’s on the net, it stays there after all. Didn't help that it happened in a major metropolitan area either. Like… yea.

"So there really was no covering it up, and of course it got people talking. The mass public still isn't 100% sure as to what may have been inside whatever landed, but they got to work fast. Well, relatively fast, I guess. Sorta. Within the next 15 years the Earth's actually focused on something besides killing ourselves, but not really. Sure there's the constant gang shit and backstab here and there, but for the most part the UN managed to organize a new group to handle the situation. And by handle I mean they got a bunch of asshats together to figure out what the hell landed.

"Fast forward a few more years and suddenly our tech's gone up tenfold. Not only that, but they've apparently figured out a viable way to colonize Mars; good thing too because Earth's running pretty low on space. They have these new astronaut cyborg-whatever units they're recruiting applicants for. Its basically that scifi enhanced human people have been dreaming about, except you get to mine Mars-rocks instead of being cool.

“The main company -yea, they contracted this shit out- in charge of the Mars project is lead by renowned scientist and former military general, Dr Echelon. Echelon, being the egotistical bastard he happens to be, named his powerhouse company something like Echelon Inc. Probably compensating.”


The day before applications opened...

Turning on his TV, Zachery tuned in for the latest news just in time to catch Echelon’s broadcasted interview.

“So, what exactly is it that you’re saying, doctor?” The interviewer attempted to pull one more iteration of the complex explanation she had just been told for the benefit of her viewing audience. “Do you mean so say, in layman’s terms, that you’ve found the next step for the human race?”

“I haven’t found the next step, no, I’ve discovered it. You see, the material that we recovered is obviously not from this world. To put it simply, it’s beyond our current understanding of how the physical plane around us interacts with itself. All I’ve done now is delve into the known sciences and discovered a way to utilize its capabilities.” Echelon readjusted his large, concealing sunglasses as he paused for a moment, “The project I’ve recently proposed is using the new metal as a means of human augmentation, upgrading them even if you’d prefer. I’ve managed to not only make the human body stronger, faster and more resilient, but I’ve also helped to improve upon mental focus and cognitive thought processing, as well as a multitude of other applications. I’ve simply found a way of making us better.”

“Well that sounds marvelous, but how intrusive are these ‘augmentations’ as you called them? What’s so significant about this new metal that allows for these changes anyways?”

“Well I’m not at liberty to go into the full details at the moment, but the augmentations are life changing in a positive way. We’re really looking for the best and brightest to help pave the way for the future. I would even suggest that colonizing Mars is a secondary task to the true evolution our species is about to undergo. As for the metal, I again can’t say much except for that it’s lighter and stronger than our strongest known alloys. It’s density is truly remarkab-.”

Zachery shut off his TV before finishing the story, “he’s certainly full of himself.” Zach was a little resentful of Echelon, but he couldn’t exactly tell why. Maybe he was jealous of the doctor’s rise to fame, or maybe it was even his giant new tower obscuring and dwarfing the other buildings in the city. It didn’t exactly make sense to be jealous; Echelon wasn’t anyone to him, but he couldn't help but envy the man’s success. Either way, Zach didn’t have to like it. “But I’m a hypocrite for even going to apply tomorrow…” Dismissive of the argument he was about to have with himself, Zach continue along with his typical day. Wake up, get ready, go to school, skip most classes, return home, kill some time with video games, and then turn in. Repeat. “Except tomorrow… I wonder how many applicants will be going. I’ll probably have to leave really early if I’m even going to get a place. Ugh.” Zach set his alarm for the next day to 2am, which would give him barely-any sleep as usual. He knew if he wanted to apply at Echelon Tower, located in the heart of the downtown area, that he would have to get their early. The doors only officially opened for applications at 10am, but given the estimated thousand upon thousand of applicants, going early wasn’t the worst idea ever. “Whatever. I’ll deal with it in the morning…” Zach began daydreaming about all the po[/align]ssibilities that would open up to him if he was accepted. It wasn’t long before Zach dazed off into a disruptive and short slumber.

OOC: Simple start, kids. Spawn however you’d like, in any situation. You can also have your character spawn before today, just not after (for example, early enough to react to the alien-crash thing) Time-advancement ends when you go to sleep. You can spawn with someone else, if you work it out with them beforehand. This would mean your characters already knew each other, however. Otherwise you're all running solo for now.

Luna's day at school could've gone better in her opinion. First, her teacher sprung a surprise quiz, which she was sure she failed. Then, she tripped over a baseball player's foot in the lunchroom and wound up faceplanting her food. But it wasn't all bad, and she got to work out some of her resulting bad mood in gym. Today had been one of the days where the class was dedicated to martial arts practice, and tossing around some of the other students had made her feel better by the time the school day ended. As Luna left school to walk home, her cell phone began to play an old and obscure song that she liked.

"Hi, mama. I just left school." Luna said upon answering the phone. "Yeah, I'm on my way home to change before I go to the shrine. Mama, we've gone over this. I enjoy martial arts, and I'm not really in the mood to find a boyfriend right now." Luna sighed. Her mother, a priestess at the local shrine where Luna also worked as a shrine maiden, meant well. But she was constantly pushing Luna to get involved with someone, and she just wasn't interested.

In all honesty, Luna was bored. Just seemingly endless days of school, shrine work, and martial arts. Luna craved adventure, but there really wasn't much to be found these days. As she walked through downtown, she caught a snippet of Dr. Echelon's interview.

A plan to colonize Mars? Augmenting humans? That caught her attention. As the interview came to an end, she decided that she would apply for the colonization project. This could be the adventure she was looking for! Luna raced home and got changed for work. While there, her body went through the motions of her duties, but her mind was clearly elsewhere, dreaming of the adventures she could have on Mars if she was accepted.

Once her work at the shrine was finished, Luna went home, and quickly prepared for bed. Tomorrow couldn't come fast enough for her.

Tomorrow... Tomorrow... Starting tomorrow, I could begin the greatest adventure of my life... Luna thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Carlos's day at college was like any other: Turning his homework for the day, barely paying attention to some classes he's not really interested in and slipping past some bullies that were too busy beating someone into a pool of blood while their coaches mask the whole thing as training. You'd think that bullying in the future would be a thing of the past, think again. His whole life was was pretty average, with a few important mistakes that would come with such life, missing some once-in-a-lifetime chances and other stuff that made his life as it is: Boring

Upon arriving at home and getting a drink, Carlos looked at the news and saw Dr.Echelon's interview about the prospects of the future of humanity. Human augmentations? The colonization of mars...They're planning to make a human settlement on mars? And and so on, by the time the interview was over, Carlos was left speechless. There was something telling him that Echellon was saying the truth.

"The applications for admission to the project will be carried out tomorrow at all Echellon Inc. throughout the world and a few limited subisdiaries. Any people interested in the project should try and arrive early, as we'll only accept a few number of applications which are subject to change." Said the doctor, as the interview was about to end with a silly skit involving the doctor Heh, something tells me nobody will see those guys ever again. What a strange sort of humor in these times.

The rest of the day would be spent browsing the web, doing chores or arguing with his family about nonsensical but important bullshit. But today was different, he did something that day besides washing dishes, doing his homework or playing videogames without his parents knowing. He dreamt. He dreamt of tomorrow and the future that would come with it. Maybe he wouln't be able to get a spot, or maybe he wouldn't be able to even cross the doors or something. But to not try would mean he'd do the biggest mistake of his boring life

I guess this could be interesting, i have to check this tomorrow. Good thing there's an Echellon Inc. subsidiary near, if at least the only one in the country. Good night world, i guess.Said carlos, as he was on-route to crash off to sleep

“Falling asleep on the job again Pete?” Nathaniel lightly jabbed his colleague in the ribs with his elbow before getting to work unloading his research materials.

"Snk! Huh, wha-? Oh jeeze, glad you found me first and not the boss!" Peter said while rising from his slumped-over position on his workstation, ungluing a piece of paper from his face.

In a very sing-song tone, he continued on, "You really should stop sleeping in the lab like this. This isn't just your own career you're putting on the line here. My grades are on the line on this too, not to mention my own chances at a career in the future."

Peter coughs darkly and rubs the back of his slightly mopish hair. "It's not my fault! I was up all night working on the prototype for the dive system. The specs on the new material Mr. Echelon gave us seem to signify that it'll fix all of our interface issues. I'm just glad we were able to implement the failsafe without it, I’d hate to test something that could remove your consciousness without being able to return it to it's original body!"

"Oh. Lost in cyber-space, that would make for a pretty interesting movie, don't you think? Hahahahah." Nathan laughed casually at his own terrible joke. "Shame the concept's been done at least a few times now. We really are getting into some serious sci-fi level shit doc."

"Yeah, maybe if this job doesn't pan out, I could be a writer for one of those stories." Peter laughed, but his eyes seemed to glow slightly. He knew he was needed more here working on his project, but the thought of writing a story for the shows and games he liked so much was a nerdy dream of his.

"Alright, alright, all joking aside, remind me, where did we leave off yesterday? If I'm recalling correctly I believe we were working on a few minor compatibility issues between the dive system and the first prototype for the AAD, correct?" *AAD is the Artificial Awareness Drone

"Yes, simply put the reason why were aren't achieving the connection is with the current level of science, coupled with the devices we are able to make with the known materials of the universe. We are lacking a material that has both the consistency to maintain a solid connection to the drone, while having the control of the weaker elements to make precision movements. That's where the new discovery comes in! At the moment, all I can really do with our projects is fine-tune them to allow the inclusion of this material to finish the project." Peter looked rather smug as he held up his arm to reveal what looked like a slightly bulky wristwatch. "And I managed to make the design much smaller than it originally was!"

"No shit? You managed to cram the entire system into that bracelet?" Nathan grabbed a hold of Peter’s wrist, and quickly pulled it towards him to better examine the device. "Impressive... Very Impressive."

"Yes and the current machine works on biometrics, once one has been worn for the first time, it imprints the data of the wearer onto it, making only that wearer able to use it. Here, I have one for you as well." Peter brandishes a box containing another blank dive machine in it. "I've even made it so the panels are paint-able and customizable for the users taste!" Peter was especially proud about that last part.

"Perfect, nice move on the biometrics. The last thing we need is for one of these to fall into the wrong hands, but more importantly, good work on the customization options. You know me far too well."

"C'mon, we've been working together for what, two or three years now? I think I would know a little about my coworkers by then. Besides, that option isn't just for you..." Peter pushed a few buttons on his device and its panels flashed briefly before they resembled something that looked strangely like a device you'd see on an anime, made to control small robots. Peter had the widest of toonish looking grins plastered on his face.

"Oh, the watch has it's own sentai transformation... Jeez, I don't think I've ever met a man more obsessed with anime. Don't you ever watch anything more mature, like the news?"

"Nah, all news is these days is negativity and ratings." Peter waved his hand dismissively.

"Hardly," Nathan stood up and walked over to the large flat screen display positioned at the far end of the lab. “Better to stay informed, than remain ignorant fumbling around in the dark. Here, why don't we turn it on now, see for yourself"

A pout begins to form on Peter's face as he sits uncomfortably. But his eyes begin to sparkle when the newscaster turns it's scope on the press release of Echelon Inc.'s discovery.

"Oh, I wasn't aware Mr. Echelon was going to be making a statement on the news today."

"Yeah, only the higher ups were privy to that knowledge. Sorry I couldn't tell you about it."

Nathan turns up the volume on the monitor before leaning back onto a nearby chair.


Peter sat there looking pretty happy with himself. He silently rooted for his CEO for the findings, and was excited to finally get a chance to work with the new material.

A low whistle escaped from between Nathan's teeth as he turned his attention back to his colleague. "Well I'll be damned. Imagine what we could do with a material like that. We could get possibly get the Dive working in no time. Incredible." There was a short moment of silence before he continued to speak

"Peter, I'm not going to lie to you, I might actually consider signing up for the Mars Colonization project, especially after hearing about this, and imagine, if we can manage to get the Dive ready to go before the colonization of Mars is ready, we could play an incredibly significant role in increasing the colonization projects efficiency."

"Exactly my line of thinking!" Peter said enthusiastically. "It may very well lead to other advancements, like someone of a great mind and importance with something life threatening could transfer their very consciousness into a more robust and durable android, thus ensuring their continued contributions to science or society! Think of the possibilities!" By now, Peter was absolutely brimming with pride.

"This is all far to exciting, if you don't mind Peter, I think I'm going to call it early tonight. There's far too much running through my mind right now, and we really can't make any more progress on the project until we've been allowed access to this new material."

"Here, here. I'm sure we can work on those drones of yours at a later date as well. it wouldn't do well to tweak with them until we actually are able to put them through their paces." Peter then got up, stretched and proceeded to travel home.

Nathan swiftly collects his materials and heads for the door. “Until next time, take it easy Pete"

Peter arrives at his top-floor flat overlooking the bay area, watches a few episodes of an Anime he hasn't finished yet, then goes to bed.

"Alright, breakfast, breakfast, breakfast." Nathaniel spoke aloud to himself as he scanned his kitchen at three in the afternoon, looking for something to quell the constant rumbling from his stomach. It didn't take long for him to find what he was looking for, and a few minutes later, he was out the door with a cup of instant ramen.

"Maybe next week I'll actually splurge a little buy something that tastes a bit better. This can't be doing much good for my health." A deep sigh pushed past his lips as he stared at the steaming cup in his hands. It wasn't the best in the world by any means, but it helped to make sure he had money left over for the things he really wanted. Nathan rarely spent time on campus once his internship went through with Echelon Inc.

He'd been assigned to work with a Dr. Peter Turpin, who has been developing a device that would allow the human mind to interface with machinery via a remote connection to the subconscious. It was all very fascinating work, but in order to properly test the device a machine would need to be made capable of showing off the full potential of the Dive system. The Artificial Awareness Drone, or AAD was developed by Nathan specifically to fulfill this role.

"Hopefully Peter didn't try to pull an all nighter again. Wouldn't be the first time he drooled all over important research documents." It hadn't take Nathan long to reach the lab he shared with the good doctor. Tossing his empty cup into a nearby waste bin, he proceeded into the mostly quite room. "Oh boy, here we go again..."

Spoiler (Click to View)
The rest of the night went by mostly uneventfully for Nathan. Upon returning to his apartment he found himself unable to relax. The excitement created from Dr. Echelon's appearance on the news wouldn't allow him too. Instead of tossing and turning, he instead turned his attention to the Dive device Dr. Turpin had given him earlier in the night.

"I've got some time, may as well take advantage of the customization features. Wouldn't be a bad idea to put the damn thing on either, can't believe I forgot to do that back at the lab." Nathan placed the bulky device on his left arm and activated the biometric processing necessary to bind the device to himself.

"There we go, no worries now. I think I might actually hold off on customizing you until tomorrow though. I feel the need to play a certain post apocalyptic strategy game that may or may not have just came out last month for VR." Nathan would then proceed to spend the next five hours gaming nonstop only to pass out on the floor mere feet from his mattress.

As Altair Kartal walked home from a boring three hour meeting at a tech firm he was currently contracted under, he noticed that the sky of Montreal was slowly turning into an abstract of purples and orange. While walking to his home in the Old Harbor District, he studied the sky, admiring how the colors blended together in evening sky. However, this moment of clarity was interrupted by the buzzing of a Hexacopter U.A.V. buzzing over his head as he watched it fly with a package to a warehouse a block or two away. Recognizing it as a specific drop that he ordered several weeks ago, Altair picked up the pace to his abode, making sure that no prying eyes were able to either steal a glance at it or outright snatch the package away from him. Grabbing the package at the bottom of the stairwell, Altair galloped up the stairs, to the second story entrance, opening his house open with the retinal scan lock. Before he walked in, he looked out, seeing the cityscape in the distance, with Echelon Tower looming over all of them. One had to admire the Tower, towering over the city like a modern day Yggdrasil.

Spacious was a correct term to describe Altair's home. Built from an old warehouse built sometime in the 70's of the previous century, it had all of the amenities that Altair could ever hope for. Upstairs, Altair kept his living quarters as well as his computer center. Instead of walls, he used dividers bought in mass from a company that made dividers for cubicle farms, and it divided the open floors. Hot from the heat of the first days of summer, Altair carefully hanged his white jacket onto the open rack of clothing. Altair proceeded to raid his fridge, getting different cheeses, veggies, and deli meats and concocted a few sandwiches. With sandwiches in hand he proceeded downstairs, precariously carrying his parcel under his arm while keeping his sandwiches on his plate.

The first floor was twice the size of the warehouse's second floor, which hanged over the lobby. More of a gym than anything else, Altair's first floor was completely open, filled with different excising equipment to keep him in top shape, as well as movable obstacles to help him practice his Parkrour running. Altair strolled up to the only table in the first floor and ate his sandwiches while pulling out a knife to open his package. After weeks of going through various loops and hurdles to get it, his brand new rifle had finally arrived. This particular rifle was the latest compact rail gun model, made to hold four depleted uranium rounds; it was further customized to be biometrically compatible to only the true owner of the gun, and had it's scope compatible with his own Augmented Reality Contacts. After setting the rail gun to his genetic code, Altair activated a panel on the table, raising the secret compartment that held his weapon rack. Alongside several rifles were a various sort of long knives, as well as his family Scimitar, said to be passed down since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Family dogma said that it was a gift to the family by the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. As far as Altair was concerned, the legend was just that, a legend. All he cared about that it was a far superior cutting tool than most of those knockoff recreations made with crappy techniques. Altair placed the rail gun in a spot on the rack he reserved for it earlier and pressed the panel to retract it.

Altair sighed, knowing that he was just dilly dallying around, went upstairs to his computer nook. At first glance, all one would see was a series of twelve glass concave panels, three rows of four, mounted on a curved wall. However, if one had the right Augmented Reality Visual Devices, one could see that they were twelve different monitors all dedicated to different tasks. For example, one cycled around news stations, always streaming the top stories of the day; another showed his stock portfolio, as well as his crypto-currency mining operations. However, the monitor that caught his eye was the one showing the board where he would get his jobs from. As an information broker, he was probably the highest valued one in the market. Over the past few years he has had government officials, CEOs, politicians going for elections, and individuals of questionable nature ask for information over the years. Today, he had gotten three different requests. Altair decided to tackle them in order. The first one was a request to find the location of a specific artifact that was Aztec in origin, paying the standard fee for location, double for recovery. Recognizing this as a previous customer, a very prominent archaeology professor from the University of Chicago, he decided to pass this information to two of his feelers in the anthropology and archaeology fields. Altair messaged them:

Looking for Idol, Aztec in origin, made of gold with embedded rubies
Made to look like the head of Deity Quetzalcoatl
Street value 320 million American Dollars (1.2 billion Chinese Yuan)
Deadline is two months from today
Flat rate fee, for location, double for recovery and delivery
Fifty percent cut for location, Seventy for recovery and delivery

Satisfied that a result would show up in the next week, Altair then proceeded to the next posting. Look at this shit... he thought as he read the next posting. What appeared to be some spoiled rich kid (Altair tracked the IP to someone descended from an old money family) posted an ad for Altair to give her information on the process of how they chose the candidates for Echelon's augmentation for the Mars colonization. Spoiled moronic bimbo, just wants these augments so she can feel even more superior to those she conceives as lower than her. Useless waste of space, the lot of those people... Altair felt safe in assuming he could put this in the rejection pile for requests. However, he did expect at least someone to request information related to this, as the Mars colonization and the interview was all over the news today. Though, unfortunately, that means he may have to contact... him. Pushing that aside, he decided to read the last request.

Oh. Shit.

There it was, proof that the universe hated him. Altair read the request over and over again. Hoping this may be a prank, he tracked down the IP, but it only confirmed his suspicions. It tracked back to the residence of a board member of the Chinese Conglomerate known as the Wukong Group, a corporation that was a direct rival of Echelon Inc. and was still insanely angered over losing all the contracts related to the tech the U.N. collected from the crash site. They were requesting data on the new metal alloy that Echelon was talking about in the interview. Ten times the flat fee for raw data. One hundred times more for an actual sample. Now he definitely had to contact him.

To say Altair was afraid of Echelon, while in outward appearance it may seem that way, was not entirely accurate. More accurately, an appropriate description would be that Altair was disturbed by Echelon. Mostly this was due to the way Altair met Echelon; one day Echelon just waltzed into his home and sat in his desk, giving him the most disturbing smile and telling Altair his terms of how he would give him any information on anything that was asked about him or his company. The worst part was his sunglasses, some 21st Century retro model, blocking his eyes. Altair could never see through a lot of other peoples motives without seeing their eyes. To this day, Altair knows that no one but Echelon knows he is actually EagleEye, and he still has yet to figure out how he discovered it. Hell, Altair still is not convinced that Echelon was even there, that he probably figured out how to hack his implants and his A.R. contact lenses. Still, he kept his side of the “bargain” giving Echelon any job posting or information that was asked about linked back to him or Echelon Inc., and he was compensated most of the time with his flat fee. Although, Altair learned that it was best to give him the news quick, as he could be disturbing when he was given bad news.

Altair opened up a chat window to the specific account that Echelon gave him to contact him. Please be offline, doing CEO stuff, anything but be here to answer he thought to himself as he typed up his message:

General I have information as per our agreement, are you online?

Ah, welcome. What brings you here on this very busy day?

Fuck, he actually answered. Altair sighed and decided to go ahead and tell him.

I received two requests regarding your company today

The first one was a request by a spoiled heiress, wanting inside info on your process for you choosing candidates for your colonization and augmentation. I was expecting such a request, given your interview today, though I did not think that it would not come from that kind of source.

I was expecting a lot more than the one too.

I see. I wouldn't worry too much about it... The selection process is very picky. Even having information about it prior to the application would do you no good.

Please make sure this information is "leaked".

Of course, sir.

Now the second one, is a little more delicate.

Oh, sounds interesting. Go on.


Its the Wukong Group, sir, they are prying for information.

Let them, they will have difficulty finding anything useful. The key information is stored on a server beyond anyone else's reach.

One's own mental capacity is a simply beautiful thing, afterall.

More specifically, they are asking a small fortune for any metallurgic data.

For an actual sample, they are offering enough money to make one instantly one of the richest individuals in the world

And I don't think I was the only one they sent this too.

I have trust in your abilities, so I need not worry. I'm sure you can play with them given your talents for misdirection. For instance, no sane man would store his most valuable cargo in the middle of a populated city, marked by his all-too-impossible to miss corporate building, am I not correct?

No, I think said person would have the material stored behind military protection.

Of course, General. Looks like I have a few new toys to play with this week.

You'll be especially well compensated if you are successful. Know that of all my birds of prey, you are well recognized for the faith I have in you.

Nope, totally did not just shit my pants there thought Altair, thanking god this was a chat client and Echelon couldn't see him. He hoped.

Thank you General, I will let you know of any results when I have them.

Very good. You've been serving me well, let us not change this wonderful relationship.

Altair watched as the client signaled, Echelon logged off, letting a huge sigh of relief as he did. Even in a chat client, Echelon continued to be one creepy dude. After careful internal debate, he sent a bulletin to his social media contacts as well as programmed a few bots to “leak” information on the application as specified by Echelon: That any chances of trying to gain prior knowledge on the test would do little good and may just hinder one's chances. Deciding he had to deal with enough shit this day, Altair set his alarm to go off early in the morning and prepared to go to bed. Although he had little intentions of being part of the mars colonization project (and little doubt that Echelon would allow him), Altair curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he still wanted to see for himself what the selection process was. On top of that, he could use the time waiting in line to “play” with the Wukong Group. Altair was thinking stock manipulation to start with. Then the real fun would begin.

(OoC: Blegh, not very descriptive enough, I know. Procrastination blows
Also, sorry for no colored text. Since I'm on an iPad, the color square thingies along with the other posting tools have just disappeared..)

In the middle of the woodlands, America.
"This blows" Azazel said. "No bears, deer, rabbits, or any animal. Nothing to be found." He continued, sitting on a tree branch with a rifle in his hands, peering through the scope.
"No joke. It's been empty for quite the while too." Said his good friend, Zlatan, lying on the ground, holding another rifle in his arms. A long silence followed until Zlatan said something. "Y'know, I heard they're starting to colonize the moon or something. They're also augmenting humans too. It's crazy what the worlds coming to these days. Next thing ya know people are gonna go extinct and machines'll rule over."
"You're serious, right? Human Augmenting? Colonizing the moon?"
"Yeah, not joking either. Heard it on the news and everything."
"Heh, the news you say? Not everything you watch on the news is real these days." Another long silence came after Azazel replied. And after a bit of waiting, a Deere head came around the corner of a tree.
Hey, Zlatan. You see that? That's a deer right over there, I think I can snipe it out from here." Azazel whispered, and Zlatan replied with a nod. He held his rifle up, and aimed through the scope, matching the crosshairs with the deers head.
"Heh, how about a bit of a challenge?" Azazel chuckled. He moved his rifle over to the right, aiming at a tree. "Watch this, Zlatan.". He pulled the trigger, forcing the bullet to speed out towards the tree, and ricochet off and hit the deer square between the eyes.
Zlatan stood up, and threw his gun onto the floor. "Hot shot try hard." He muttered under his breath as Azazel started to laugh. "So... How about you go get the deer, and we'll check out that 'human upgrading' thing tomorrow? Sounds like a plan, yes?" Azazel said, showing interest into the augmentations.
"Oh, so you believe me now?" Zlatan replied, walking towards the deers corpse.
"Not really, but why not?"
"Hey, I noticed something. Deers are much bigger in Russia than in America." Zlatan said, poking at the corpse with a knife.
"That's because America is inferior to Russia, like always." Azazel said, jumping down from the tree and walking towards his friend.

Something fun is going to happen tomorrow, I just know it is. He thought.

BZZT BZZT BZZT. “How awful…” Zachary still resented himself for ever buying his horrible augmented reality clock. Not that it was a poor quality model or anything, but waking up to the literal sound of buzzing in your mind gave him headaches. It also made Zachary resentful of himself in the mornings. No matter, Zachary crawled out of bed and was a little surprised to notice his room was blank; the furniture was plain and the walls were white. “Did I forget to set the room again…?” Zachary took a moment to fiddle with the virtual window only he could see in front of him. He set the settings to his preferred look, simple blue walls with a leather decor for couches and sofas with hardwood for the rest. It was only a brief moment before the hologram launched and his entire room was reskinned to his liking.

Checking his watch, Zachary noted the time. It was just past 2am, which, given the time he went to sleep at, meant he was in no mood to cook. “I’ll pick up something at the Chennoys down the street then, at least I won’t have to worry too much about driving regulations. No one should really be out in this area.” Making his way out, Zachary grabbed his board and locked his apartment remotely. “Alright, I’m off then.” Zachary threw his board over the railing to his apartment and jumped after it. It didn’t take more than a second for the board to sync itself to him and align for his graceful landing onto it. Zachary let out a loud, happy scream as his board took off and he began soaring over the building. He quickly reached the restaurant, whereupon Zach leapt off the board and had it retract and mount onto his back into a neat, compact shape. Zach spent a little bit of time inside the restaurant, treating himself to a hearty and filling breakfast.


“Sir, would you like to see the preliminary report on th-”

“Not now. Get out.” Echelon had no time to deal with such nuisances. It was a bit strange, even from his own perception. He had always thought treating his subordinates with respect and patience would result in the most optimal results… He realized now that he was incorrect. The proper method was disregarding the insignificant. It wasn’t that he had become cruel, no, simply that studying the metal prove to be much more important. Besides, it was constantly called to him… How could he possibly reject such beauty?

“How disappointing… There’s only enough metal for a maximum of twenty subjects.” Echelon seemed to gaze into the metal for an elongated period of time. “No, fifteen, with a higher quality for each.” He couldn’t help himself anymore. The metal was simply mesmerizing, especially with the knowledge it promised. Echelon was sure that he needed to master it before anything else could progress.


“Delicious, thank you.” Zachery paid for his food before exiting. Checking his heads-up display, he saw that the time was now 2:30am. Not wasting anymore time, he broke into a sprint before jumping and deploying his board beneath him. Zachery took off with great haste, swerving in and out of the buildings and breaking many regulations in the process. It wasn’t long before he reached central downtown and, by extension, the Tower. He set down and began jogging the rest of the way to the Tower- “What in the absolute hell!?” The line-up had already reached a monumental level. It seemed like there were already thousands in line, which wasn’t surprising in retrospect, given the population of Montreal. “Well this isn’t going to work.” Zachery considered his options: he could either wait in line, like a good, law-abiding citizen, or he could try a more adventurous way of entering the queue. “But there’s no way I could climb that high on my board, the tower’s absurd in its height…” Zach sighed as he resigned himself to boredom and chance, stepping into the line. He fooled around with his display for a little bit before turning on his music drifting into both it and a game he loaded up while he waited his turn in the line-up.

OOC: Get to a Tower and, more importantly, get in line. Have fun with the tech while you're at it. Wink

RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread - Ryo Hazaki - 27-03-2014 08:14 AM

Luna had woken up late, having slept through her alarm. Within a matter of minutes, however, she was fully dressed and dashing out the door, a piece of toast clenched in her hand. When she reached the local Echelon Inc. tower, she stopped at the sight of the number of people who had already arrived.

No way... There's no way that I'd be chosen from all these people... Luna thought to herself. Her subconscious however had other ideas, dredging up a favorite saying of her father's:

Only those who dare achieve their dreams.

Luna's resolve strengthened. She was still going to apply. It was better for her to apply and be denied than to never to have applied at all. Luna got into the nearest line and settled in for a long wait. Fortunately, her personal data device was loaded with plenty of options to whittle away the time she had to wait.

"SHIT I OVERSLEPT, WHY DID NOBODY WAKE ME UP" Said carlos, after waking up from his dreams of getting to mars and fight against mutant alien animals with his newfound powers, immediately, he jumped out of the bed and quickly dressed himself
"Just a quick meal and i'll be off there, i just hope it's not a big fucking line up there", Getting to the kitchen and heating up a few cheese tamales would take a good chunk of his time, fortunately the future has many commodities like instant microwaving ovens and the sort so it'd take him under a minute to get ready. "Maaan, nothing beats some tamales and Horchata to start a new day"

"i'll be off now, i'll return later! See ya mom and dad!"He said to his parents. After packing his stuff and walking out the door, Carlos's parents bid him good luck on his endeavours for today.

While the building wasn't very far, like just about a bus ride away, the waiting line for entering was about as long as 10 blocks."Well fuck me. This is what i get for oversleeping, but oh well... i'll wait." Exhaling a slight sigh, Carlos then set himself to wait. There was nothing he could do right now except for waiting to enter the building, even then, he'd have to wait a bit more to apply for the mars colonization and human augmentation projects of that Dr.Echelon fellow. Resigning himself to his fate, he popped out his headphones and played his favorite selection of classical music and entertained himself with a videogame while advancing through the line. "Guess this aint so bad, at least nothing troublesome is happening right now that could ruin this day"

The line was advancing slowly, but surely. It looked like it'd be just another day without incident, the usual, and passing boring day of his life... Or so he thought. Halfway through the line, some people who looked to be his classmates approached him: Burly, thug-like and people that absolutely look like trouble. The same people who were beating a poor, unfortunate soul to near-death in a "friendly" match of wrestling, or most specifically: Lucha libre. Normally people like them wouldn't even bat an eye to someone like Carlos, mostly because he always managed to elude them in one way or another or they were too busy preying on someoen significantly weaker.

"I knew this was too good to be true, it had to be THEM right now" He thought to himself, as the group of thugs came to him and politely and in a "friendly" way (at first), asked to get in the line with him. And as many times they asked, he kept refusing, and that made them increasingly angrier. It doesn't help the fact that people were yelling at them to get to the back of the line. Carlos knew it was only a matter of time until they snapped, but he advanced so far in the line he just couldn't let them pass, so he remained adamant in his choice to not let them, also the line was already tight as it was.

And so, they finally snapped. One of them throwed a punch at Carlos, which he promptly ducked... Unfortunately, it managed to hit the person behind Carlos and break it's nose. Just as everyone went to see to the injured, Carlos's classmates began to scream at him for making them do what happened. Driven into a frenzy of anger, they ran straight at Carlos to possibly maim and or beat him into a bloody pulp. Just as this happened, the line was dispersing and everyone ran for their lives as they thought the madmen would hurt them if they stayed there.

Seeing this as an opportunity, as instead of his impending doom, Carlos ran straight at the building where his chance of a lifetime was, with his frenzied classmates follwing suit.

"THERE IT IS, WAIT. NO FUCK DON'T CLOSE YET!" He shouted as he was reaching the building that was about to close in sight of this incident "JUST A BIT MORE!!!" He was almost there with his classmates catching up to him, he felt they could almost breathe on his neck. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" With a final dive, he slid into the building just as the doors were closing, locking his would be murderers outside. He was finally there, looking at his classmates through the window being removed like kebab was removed from premises a few decades ago. With a few nicks and bruises here and there, Carlos took again upon the waiting line, this time to finally fill in his application to the projects and hit the sack for that day.

Peter woke up to an old alarm clock he owned. It was a relic of the past, but he like nostalgic pieces that reminded himself of the past, and more importantly reminded him how his and others' technology are helping to make this world a better place for the people. Obviously not everything he owned was old, like his absolutely necessary super computer that allowed him to design and test his experiments and creations in simulations before he moved on to building stages for his designs, his holographic blueprint table to draw 3d renders of what he intends to fashion his designs based on, even his coffee-maker was state-of-the-art since the man practically lived off the stuff. Even then though, he usually just headed to a Tim Hortons to get his favourite drink; A Caramel Iced Cappuccino. He did just this as he headed to work that day, the people at his local Tim's knew him so well they already had his preferred drink ready for him with a side of a cream-cheese bagel when he arrived at the drive-thru. He simply picked it up and headed to work. He decided to stop by and participate in the test Echelon Inc. had advertised the other day; He was early to work from the commute since everyone had left early this morning to wait in line to see if they qualified for Mr. Echelon's procedure. Since he was employee, he was allowed special access and didn't have to wait in line at all. He simply walked through the biometric scanner that checks for personelle and registered himself. Now all he had to do was go through the testing process. None of the personelle were told at all what it entailed, but all were curious and interested to see what it was about.

"Ugh... So loud..." Nathan mumbled to himself as he aimlessly flailed his arm around search for the source of his disturbance. It didn't take long before the culprit was discovered. The small stainless steel tube vibrated rapidly in his hand, a bit of a novelty feature these days, considering most people these days received messages through augmented reality displays. In fact the tube itself was quite outdated now, but with a few tweaks was able to continue working alongside more modern tech. A few clicks later, the tube gently spread apart at the seams allowing the holographic projectors within to display their message.

Subject: [Fw] Reminder to all Echelon Inc Staff.

Reminder to all staff, today marks the beginning of the application process for the prestigious Mars colonization mission.
While not required, it is highly encouraged for staff members to apply. Our continued research on all subjects is valuable, and as such so is our time. To reduce time spent away from existing projects, all staff members are exempt from waiting in line and may proceed directly to the application process.

Echelon Inc.
"Huh, a free pass, straight to the application process. Guess there's no real rush than other than to get to work on t-ah fuck I over slept!" Nathan nearly tripped over himself as he rushed to get dressed. He had no doubt he would arrive on time, but he would have to hurry in order to accommodate for any unavoidable traffic, or other interruptions. If all went well he would likely arrive with time to spare, but that wasn't a risk he was willing to take slowing down for.

With fifteen minutes to spare Nathan arrived at Echelon tower. After passing the required biometric scans he quickly proceeded to the application process.

The day prior.
Stan tightened the bolts down on the drive sprocket of an M1A1 Abrams, and wiped some sweat from his forehead. With that finished, the tank would hopefully be ready for the vehicle exhibition in a week. He stepped aside to put his tools on the shelf when one of his coworkers stepped over.

"Hey, Krebs. You're going out for that thing that Echelon fella's running tomorrow, right?"

"Uh... Maybe. I was planning on shooting an episode of Gun-toting Russian tomorrow. What's Dr. Echelon doing?"

"It's application day for that big Mars thing everyone's going on about."

"Shit, that's tomorrow? I gotta get home, get some sleep for that. You ok to close up here?"

"Yeah, certainly."

Stan rushed from the museum's garage, and jumped onto his motorcycle, heading for home. He had to dodge a few cars on the way, of course, but he arrived without much incident. He lived in a small apartment... On the outside it didn't look like much, but inside? Total man cave. The walls had shelves with model tanks, aircraft, ships. A few racks of videogames... And a pair of sizeable gun safes on the far wall. Dinner consisted of Ramen, and before bed he went to his computer, put on a pair of aviator sunglasses, kicked on the webcam, and adopted a very stereotypical Russian accent.

"Dobriy vyecher, comrades. This is Sergei Konstantin, the Gun-toting Russian, with a minor update. Tomorrow's video will be delayed, as I am going to be applying for a very important position... Depending on what happens, I may be required to close the channel. Not that anything bad is happening, just that if I am successful I may be adding Cosmonaut to my list of jobs. Until we meet again, comrades, dasvidanye."

Short trip from the computer to the showers, then to bed...


Lines sucked... But at the very least Stan had the capacity to check comments on his latest video... Maybe that was a bit narcissistic, but he was wanting to gauge his fanbase's response to the delay. Overall disappointment, but there were a few comments wishing him luck.

This could be his big break, to make history... But he had to get to the applications first. Hopefully he'd have what it takes.

The next day Azazel woke up to the noise of those old-fashioned digital alarm clocks. "Ugh... American beds are too soft." He mumbled, sitting up with his hand on his face. He grabbed the soft pillow beside him, and threw it at his friend, Zlatan, who was laying down on the sofa near the bed. "Hey, Zlat, wake up. Don't you want to go to that Moon Colonization thing that you brought up last night?" He said loudly. "Huh? Oh. Sure whatever. Go make breakfast or something while you're at it." Zlatan mumbled back, half asleep.
"Come on now. We're already late." He replied, remembering that he hit the snooze button much more than fifty times now. "We'll pick up something on the way. Now move."
"Ugh... What ever." Zlatan said, picking himself up off of the sofa.
After the two got dressed and went through their normal morning routines, they were out of the door.
----Not too long after----

Azazel and Zlatan found upon the nearest Echelon Inc. tower.
"What is up with this place?! Look at all of these lines!" Zlatan cried.
"Calm down Zlat. They're probably here to get onto the moon mission just like us. I only hope this'll get us out of shooting deer and bears." Azazel replied.
The two walked over to a line, and stood behind a girl with black hair tied up. She seemed to be rather occupied with some device.
"Ugh... How long will this take?!" Zlatan obnoxiously asked.
"It shouldn't be too long. I mean, look, the lines moving up slowly already. Seems like you're not using that extra eye much" Azazel joked, pointing at his eyepatch.

(OoC: I can't even text colour code)

Altair did not sleep like most people did. To outside eyes, it may have looked like he was sleeping, laying down on his bed. However, he was taking advantage of his implants to surf the net, hatch schemes, and work on his magnum opus, the C.A.T. system powered by the I.D.E.A. engine. He kept that on a server completely isolated from the net, a concept completely unheard of in this day and age, that would only react to his specific brainwave pattern. Currently, for its specific purpose, current projections listed its success at a 97% success rating, three percent points lower than Altair wanted and truly needed. Still, as he (metaphorically) sat back in awe of his project, Altair could not help but be excited for the possibilities of what this very secret project would yield.

Around 1 AM, Altair woke himself up and dressed up in one of his many white suits. Popping a bagel into the Atomic Toaster, Altair proceeded to gather up his portable computer, a small model that was a quantum computer that very compact and very useful. After applying some cream cheese to his bagel, Altair walked out of his Warehouse/Apartment, walking toward the tower. On his way, he checked on the status of the Wukong Group, who currently had a slightly lower stock due to Altair's current cyber/economic warfare. As he walked the quiet streets of Montreal, Altair started to lay the seeds of his plan to screw with the Wukong Group. First, he hacked into the bank account of the specific board member who contacted him, and put in various payments for less than savory activities. Further, he started spreading "leaks" that the stock of the Wukong group was going to take a dive later that day. Great Prophet, I love augmented displays he thought to himself, loving how he did not need to necessarily to be in front of a computer to do any of this, like hackers had to do in even in the recent past. When he finished with that, Altair came to the beginning of the line at Echelon tower, which was pretty long, but not as gargantuan as he knew it would become in the next hour and a half.

Altair then proceeded to contact the executives of the Wukong group as EagleEye, coming with knowledge for the location of the metal in a certain location. Specifically, he gave them the location of a certain Air Force base in Nevada, and giving them a false reassurances that it was lightly guarded. What is it with those Americans strange fascination with that specific base thought Altair as he sent that message, knowing the site unofficially known as Area 51 was declassified over seventy five years ago, it was still the drive of so many conspiracy theories to this day, especially with the crash in recent memory. To further his agenda, Altair sent information to an official at the base as well as other government agencies stating there was signs that an attack may or may not happen that day. Altair laughed as he waited in line, loving how he could engineer such events without even lifting a finger, that he, Altair Kartal, was a god in the information age.

How long had this line been going for now? Zach couldn't help but begin complaining to himself. He knew the line up would be long but this had become ridiculous. Even entertaining himself with his augmented reality’s features had developed into an annoyance. Sucks that I haven’t mastered sleeping while standing… Not that he hadn’t tried once. It ended awfully. We’re not going to talk about it. Anyways. It would be another couple of hours before Zachery reached the application desk. By 6:30 he had finished filling out the necessary forms and was on his way out when the crowd, overrunning the building, started to stir with excitement at the presence of the new presence that had exited the nearby elevator. Hey, that’s-

Shifting through the crowd with grace, the doctor's long, white lab coat trailed behind him as he moved. “If you would all settle down for a moment, please.” Echelon made a direct line towards Zachery, pausing in front of him for a moment before speaking. It was hard to tell because of his glasses, but Echelon seemed like he was almost analyzing the boy as he stood quietly and motionless. After a long moment of silence that began to disturb Zachery, Echelon finally spoke. “Marvelous. Simply Marvelous.”

The Doctor then continued through the quiet crowd. It wasn't simply quiet, it was unnaturally silent. Not a soul was speaking. Zachery even found himself unable… No, I feel compelled to shut up. The doctor continued shifting through the crowd, stopping at random times to gaze upon a new individual. This seemed to continue for around fifteen minutes, and not a single word was spoken in that time. The only audible sound was the sound of Echelon’s foot steps as his high quality dress shoes echoed through the room.

Finally, Dr Echelon returned to his original position in the room, one where everyone present would have a decent view of him. His voice seemed to alleviate the need for silence from the crowd. “Well then, I’d like to thank you all for coming. Unfortunately, that will be it for the evening. All the necessary applicants have already been selected, but perhaps those without the chance to present themselves will have better opportunities with the next project. I would like to ask you all to escort yourselves out in an orderly fashion now. Thank you for your time, I’m sure you’ll be left breathless when you see what’s to come next.” With a final parting wave, which Zachery thought seemed more like a dismissal than a parting gesture, Zachery began leaving. Weird… What the hell did he just do anyways? The line was filled with disappointment, all of which made the exit seem even slower. Man, forget this. Upset and confused over having wasted so much time, Zachery threw and jumped after his board, causing quite a disturbance among the crowd. He flew off on his incredibly rare possession, blowing past the heads of the crowd and shoving through the exit. Zachery would spend the rest of the night in frustration before heading home for some much-needed sleep.

OOC: Your characters were not approached. If you were at another Echelon building, Echelon would appear via hologram to address the crowd.

Luna was stunned. Not chosen? She stood in stunned silence for a minute before managing to turn and walk out the door. As she walked down the streets of Tokyo on her way home, she noticed other rejected applicants milling about. It seemed that half the city had gone to apply and been rejected. While some looked as depressed as she felt, others looked angry. Luna wouldn't have been surprised if a riot had broken out. Noticing the growing tension of the crowd, Luna hastened her pace. She wanted to get out of the city before a spark ignited the tinderbox it had become.

About fifteen minutes later, Luna arrived home to find her mother waiting for her, asking how it went. Luna could barely bring herself to tell her mother that she wasn't accepted, but that the city felt like it was on the verge of a riot in response. After eating, Luna went to soak in the family's hot spring before going to bed. Once she laid down, she found it difficult to sleep. She was healthy, fit, and best of all, young. Perfect for an extended mission to Mars to take part in colonization.

So... What exactly was Echelon looking for in his applicants?

Something about this just doesn't feel right... Luna thought to herself as she finally drifted off to sleep.

*sigh*, i had a hunch it would turn like this Carlos's look on his face was a mix of sadness and resign with a spice of despair. Being not choosen for the project was hardly a surprise, considering there were at least a thousand of applicants at that building and possibly a bit more than a billion worldwide. While what affected him the most was the results of the application process, it was also his encounter with the doctor (or his hologram in this) that left him with a bad feeling.

I can't exactly point my finger at what exactly but something about that Echelon doesn't tick... Remembering his first contact with the doctor at the building, which was more of a very brief stare betwen the two of them before he went on to other people. They locked eyes for about a fraction of a second, but that was just more than enough time to instill a chilling fear in Carlos, he was quite distressed even if it didnt show.

Hoping that those thugs that wanted to cave his skull in would come to finish the job, he exited the building but only to find that nobody was waiting for him. Not even i can hope for someone to end me right now He thought to himself as he caught a bus ride home. After being greeted by his family and telling them how his day went, he ate dinner and went off to crash into a deep sleep.

Just what the hell is that echelon guy up to...

...hardly surprised, but slightly disappointed, Stan left the building among the flood of human bodies. That Echelon guy did give him the slightest of creeps from his presence and attitude, but he couldn't settle on exactly why.

At the very least, he still had time to film his episode. Calling his camera crew, he got on his motorcycle and drove out to their usual firing range.

Glasses on, and he was Sergei Konstantin again.

"Good evening, comrades, it's the Gun-toting Russian. Unfortunately, my dreams of space have fallen short of reality, but that won't stop me from giving you a good show."

He walked over to a table, and pulled a cloth cover off revealing a very unusual gun.

"Today we have the PP-19 Bizon SMG. Designed back in 1996, this gun..."


A few hours later, his editor said the new episode would be online in the morning. Everyone packed up and went home... Stan sighed, walking through his front door. He was marginally depressed, as another chance to get his name in the history books had blown by...

Maybe one of those other projects that Echelon talked about would be his chance, he figured as he went to bed...

Since he was a scientist, Peter didn't believe Echelon was looking for people like himself, so when told that he wasn't what they were looking for, he was dissappointed, but not the least surprised. Mr. Echelon had much better candidates to choose from then himself. "Besides," though Peter "how could I possibly continue with my work if I suddenly became the center of attention to the world and Mr. Echelon's project?"

Work on the two systems went smoothly by uneventfully for the rest of the day, simple tweaks were made to the systems to better accept the new foreign material.

Since Peter was the kind of person that liked to get things or goals completed each day he was pretty dissappointed in general for not having much of anything visibly done that day. It was a quiet drive home for him that day as he contemplated just what he was going to do to improve upon the things that weren't done.

Just like his regular nightly schedule, he made dinner for himself, he sat down in front of his computer, and watched some anime. When he was satisfied with the time spent watching he headed for bed. As he got ready to go to bed, he took off the device he'd been working on and put it into his small inventions vault; a precaution he liked to make with new, untested, or unreleased inventions that he didn't want falling into the wrong hands or preserved for him to work on when the need for those inventions rose again. Peter then settled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Altair was slightly surprised by the General's choosing method, but not blind-sided like most of the crowd. When Echelon passed him, he gave a brief look at Kartal that clearly stated shouldn't you be working right now? In response, Altair greeted the glance with, of course, a shit eating grin that may have rivaled that of the Cheshire Cat. Meanwhile, Altair was more enthralled in his endeavors against the Wukong group, who were now having a major fallout after attacking a certain military base. It was then that Altair had either craziest awesome, or stupidest, idea of his lifetime.

After Echelon had left the floor, leaving the crowd either very bummed or utterly pissed off, including, in Altair's personal opinion, a certain individual's infantile, temper tantrum that included going all Marty McFly on the crowd, he decided to activate his “cloak”. Due to every individual on the planet having ocular implants and chips in their brains, Altair could activate a program that would activate a perception filter, where it would, instead of making him invisible, would render any individual to ignore Altair with extreme prejudice. Altair made his way up to the elevator with zero resistance, and proceeded up to the General's office, which was quite near the top of the building, but not the top. A respectable decision, in Altair's mind, as anyone would know that the top floor would be where a non genre-savy idiot would put his office where it would be attacked immediately. While waiting into the elevator, he proceeded to pick out specific channel's for new's coverage on the havoc he had wrought that day. He also got out instant popcorn; by instant, it really meant 5 seconds, as that is how long it took for it to make fully cooked popcorn within the bag. Kartal shut down his perception filter, and stepped into Echelon's mass office with the same grin as earlier, mostly as a Peter Parker-esque coping mechanism to the General's off-putting disposition.

Ah, General, BEHOLD! After your grand show that you have given the world today, I, your humble servant, am here to show my latest directorial masterpiece, humbly in hopes that it would equal your show today!

Your flair for the theatrics is noted. Now, please explain your presence in my office.

My dear Doctor, I am here to show you the latest film in my long line of work.

Altair uploaded his “playlist,” with several news anchors reporting over images of a minor skirmish, a stock report, a business man (the one that specifically contacted Altair) being taken away in handcuffs, a government raid on a sizable business building, and more business men being carried away in handcuffs. These went on for several minutes, as Echelon's expressionless face held blank perhaps, maybe once during the end, with just the tiniest glimmer of an edge of a grin, as Altair ate his movie popcorn.

A woman's voice, with an Acadian Accent “What could only be seen as a plot to a bad mid 21st century science fiction story, the Wukong Group was caught embezzling funds...” A man with a Brooklyn accent, “Further evidence points to a terrorist attack today being led by the Chinese based Firm, attacking a military base infamously known in crackpot circles for holding materials related to the supernatural, falsely suspecting that they held a new special material currently in the care of Echelon Inc. ...” An English Woman spoke “...Wukong Group was known to be a direct competitor for UN contracts in all manner of speaking with Echelon Inc., and was very negative towards the eponymous General...” A Southern Gentleman “... CEO of the Wukong Group, was caught with and charged with holding the materials of...” An Australian male stated “Stock prices nearly plummeted this morning, which may have prompted the Wukong Group to take such actions...”

Oh my, truly, who would have thought our rivals would have been up to such misdeads? Excellent work

Ah, General, as we both know, nobody is as squeaky clean as you are! Or carry such a virtuous reputation such as you do.

Make sure it stays that way. The repercussions for anything else are... Unfavorable.

Of course sir. Popcorn?

Unfortunely I'm in no mood for jokes today. See to it that you continue your excellent work for the next few months. I'll make sure your payment is sent over for today's efforts.

Yes sir. I'll contact you if anything else comes up. Good luck with your cyborg, next stage of evolution, thing.

Echelon waved his hands in a shooing method toward Altair. Very good. See yourself out, please.

Altair activated his perception filter as he entered the elevator, glad the presentation went down without any damage to him physically. As he walked out of the building, he returned to looking at the night sky, looking directly at the star that he beared the name of. He smiled and proceeded to jaunt his way home, a good day's work behind him.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"The next project... we'll all be left breathless... What could Dr. Echelon possibly have in store that could surpass the Mars Colonization project?" Nathan thought aloud to himself while making a few minor adjustments to the AAD. It seemed his colleague was plenty content with their shared outcome, and, under normal circumstances, Nathan would be as well, but something was off. To simply, walk in, examine the crowd, thank everyone for coming, then announce that the applicants had already been chosen. No one from the group at all, it seemed to be the same at most of the other sites. No news reports of the few selected individuals. Perhaps saying no one was selected was simply a lie, those who had met the proper criteria would be contacted later privately as to keep those individuals safe and sound for the projects sake, or, perhaps there was more to it still. What if the team for the Mars project had already been assembled? Could there have been some ulterior motive to the application process, perhaps, something connected to this mystery project the good Doctor hinted at?

"No, no, Nathan you're over thinking this." He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath. Adjustments to the AAD had been difficult with his mind constantly drifting to potential scenarios for what may or may not actually be going on with Echelon Inc behind closed doors, but he was able to still finish in time to beat rush hour traffic back to the apartment.

Rather than following his usual routine of, gaming, and sleeping, Nathan decided to do a bit of snooping online to see if any names had actually been named concerning the project at this time. Someone out there must have actually been selected, and if so, there would be some word of it somewhere, although, as time would prove, the only leads on the subject seemed to be misinformation, mainly attention seeking peons falsely claiming to have been chosen. Realizing looking into the subject further was futile, Nathan decided to turn in for the night. Trying to look any further would require contacts he did not have, and risks he, as a college intern, wasn't exactly willing to put his future on the line for.

Two weeks passed without any incident. Zachery spent the majority of his time split between gaming and classes, but he was still disappointed over the results of Echelon’s application process. Having visibly been in a slump since, Zach found himself having a hard time accepting the reality of his rejection until he finally received word that had surprised him. Checking his email for the third or fourth time that day, Zach was shocked to find an email sent from Echelon INC. What? I’m… I’m in? “‘You have been selected as one of the 500 applicants…’” Ha! Haha! Nice! Nice nice nice! To say the least, Zach was overwhelmed with excitement. Immediately leaving his class, he sped home on his board, overjoyed with excitement. He would spend the rest of his evening rechecking his email, confirming the information was embedded into his mind so that he could never forget it. It’s great, this is great!

Weeks passed, during which Zachery underwent multiple physical and mental tests: a fitness examination, several psych tests, physical conditioning and more. It seemed to Zachery like it went on and on for several days but he was surprised to find himself advancing with little trouble. He hadn’t returned home for a week now, being required instead to stay at the main Echelon Tower during the second set of testing. I’m almost there… Retiring for the day, Zachery turned into the news to catch a glimpse of Dr Echelon making another public announcement. He had interacted greatly with the doctor, in the last two weeks especially, but Zachery still took great interest in his public speeches. Having tuned in to the broadcast:

“...Yes well, unfortunately there was a small inconsistency with a factor for the application process. For now, it seems very fixable, however, as promised I would like to bring to light that additional applicants may be required. If this ends up being the case, you can anticipate an announcement in the near future, so I would like for everyone interested to stay excited. The one catch this time is that applicants will only be accepted at our main location, here in Montreal. This may seem harsh, however I feel this can only help to filter out those without the true resolve to see this project through.” Echelon, still wearing his reflective sunglasses paused as he stared into the camera before continuing. “Do you have the resolve to reach me?”

Zach turned off his stream, finding himself unconcerned with the announcement. That’s really weird, from what I’ve been told the selection process is almost completely finished. I guess he knows more though. Zachery turned in for the night; he was tired and he had an early morning filled with more tests. It didn’t take long to fall asleep.

The announcement for new applications never came.


“... massive public outrage was sparked today when Dr Echelon once again refused to comment on the promised delivery of the Mars Project applicants. Having already spent the last year dwindling volunteers down from the selected number of an estimated five-hundred, the expected date and following delay has raised many to question what exactly is going on at Echelon INC. To say nothing of the few cut applicants who have all been reporting strange migraines and have faced difficulty re-engaging in their previous lives, we go to Trisha for more on the scene outside Echelon Tower.”

The newsfeed cut to a reporter standing outside the downtown Echelon Tower in Montreal. Behind her was a visible line of military units who seemed to have sealed off the entire building. “Thanks Jack. What you see behind me is the UN’s final answer to Dr Echelon’s silence. Having long-since cut communications with the outside world, action was finally taken when access to UN representatives and by extension, anyone else, was denied early yesterday morning. It seems the doctor has locked himself and all his staff inside. The public is demanding to know what exactly is happening inside the building. Dr Echelon’s betrayal began with the sudden change a few short weeks ago in his behaviour-” the reporter paused when a loud explosion went off behind her. She turned to see that the military had finally breached the main doors to the Tower. “The military seems to be-”

A few hours later, it would be reported that a large-scale massacre had occurred at the Tower. The mutilated bodies of multiple as-of-yet identified applicants littered the upper layers of the Tower while the staff and employees’ remains occupied the lower floors, with Echelon and the rare metal both unaccounted for. Massive public backlash, combined with pressure from the UN saw that Echelon INC was soon forced to close and declare bankruptcy, with the main Tower closed off as a crime scene. Preliminary evidence seemed to suggest that the victims were all trying to flee. It wasn’t until another few weeks later that the doctor would reappear to the world stage.

“A massive explosion set off a chain of panic this morning when the military base located just north of…”

“A large explosion seems to have completely taken the soldiers unware. The Canadian outpost has since…”

“Rumors of the Mars Project have began to resurface as the base responsible for the construction of the ships has come under attack…”

Media outlets began erupting with information, rumors and any sort of relevant tibbits as the military base developing the two vessels for the Mars Project came under attack.

"The two ships, the Vita and Sparand, seem to be compremised as of this broadcasting. We're going to go live to-"

The ships were both hijacked and launched, presumably by Echelon. They began by makinh their way back to his main tower while firing at the ground below. The media said that they were never meant to be so heavily armed, but the destruction laid down showed otherwise. It was then that Echelon resurfaced in a brief but alarming global broadcast:

"Fear not, for I shall take command of you all."

A leaked classified document revealed that the metal Echelon had been studying was radioactive in some form. The constant exposure during his experiments seemed to have tampered with the doctor's sanity. The consequences of Echelon's downwards spiral into madness would be catastrophic. Unmatched in their power, the two ships eventually began firing at one another and engaging in an aerial dogfight that laid waste across the globe. It was as if anarchy had broken out between the ships. The Vita, more heavily armored, always seemed on the run but could never lose the faster Sparand. Asia, Africa and Europe were especially devastated, with North and South America once again becoming the main battleground. Large cities seemed to be intentionally targeted.

Coming full-circle, the two ships eventually came back upon the remnants of Montreal after two weeks of chasing each other across the continents. The ships never once landed, propelled by a new, self-refuling technology. All military interventions always ended in their own annihilation. World government and social structure quickly fell apart, while military infrastructure came to a swift end. This all seemed intentional. Eventually, a malfunction in the Sparand's shielding resulted in its demise when the Vita shot it down. The ship bisected Echelon Tower on its way down, crashing in the middle of downtown and forming a large crater that housed it. People in the city would be witness to, if they looked closely, black humanoids abandoning the ship and circulating the streets. Then the chaos and confusion really came.

OOC: only two points worth noting: you should be in Montreal and hit me up if you run into one of the humanoids, as I'll need to do their actions. Have fun

Montreal was a war zone. Luna darted between ruined buildings as she searched for some place safe to stay for the night.

Luna caught sight of a dark figure out of the corner of her eye. It was gone by the time she turned to look at it, but it wasn't the first time she had seen such a figure since entering the ruined city. She had heard the rumors about dark humanoids escaping the crashed Sparand, but had dismissed them.

Suddenly, traveling by foot didn't seem like such a good idea.

Luna looked around and found a vehicle, a battered SUV that looked like it would still run. She broke the driver-side window and unlocked the door before climbing in. To her luck, the keys were still in the ignition, and it started right up. As she drove through the city, she thought back to those weeks when the Vita and the Sparand had chased each other.

Tokyo was devastated in a matter of hours. Her mother, her friends, all dead. Luna had fled the devastation, taking with her only her tonfas, which were a gift from her martial arts teacher, and enough supplies for two weeks. She had wandered, following the path of devastation for reasons she couldn't understand, which led her to Montreal. Along the way, she had been attacked several times by other groups, but had managed to escape, losing only her supplies. Since then, she had been forced to scavenge what she could along the way.

Luna continued to drive through the ruined city. As she did, she began to look for any possible survivors. Maybe they could tell her what had happened.

"How the hell did i get in this mess" He was at his wits end, trying to survive in the hell that as the former city of montreal. Separated from his family in the middle of an invasion, he traveled a long way until he ended up there, which was highly ironic considering it all started right there.

Up until now he was able to survive with whatever he could find to eat and a makeshift weapon made out of a vintage 1970's guitar, an ultracapacitor and a tazer. While on the way he had been attacked to rob him of his stuff and possibly his life, with his axe he was able to handle himself more than enough, yet he had been foreced to flee several time already when things didn't looked in his favor.

He felt that more than now he'd need to find someone to stick with to survive this place, and while he was at it, maybe find some answers about this whole mess among the rubble

After fixing up an old busted radio, he heard about the dark humanoids that escaped the crash of one of the battleships."As if this hellhole wasn't safe enough." Noticing that the sun was setting over the destroyed city, he quickly set off to find somewhere safe to stay until morning, then he would go search for any survivors and possibly find some answers to this whole mess.

He was too tired and busy finding somewhere to doze off safely to notice the shadowy presence that was following him that night.

...Oh the cruel irony. Stan had done a couple of "Zombie Apocalypse" episodes for his web series, but he honestly had never expected to be trapped in a real apocalyptic scenario. It was total anarchy in Montreal... In the world, really. But, Montreal was all that really mattered at the moment. He'd already had to kill his neighbors, they'd tried to break in to steal his guns and kill him in his sleep...

But, he'd run out of supplies before long. He had to stock up what guns he could carry, and took to the streets to scavenge for food. There was a lot of rubble in the streets now, though, since the ship came down. He climbed over a pile of rubble, shotgun in hand, and looked down to the street... There was a vehicle approaching. That... Would be useful to gather supplies. Jumping down from the mound of rubble, he rushed into the street, attempting to wave the vehicle down. Here's hoping they were friendly, and that they didn't run him over on principle...

The gun probably wouldn't help though...

(OOC: That would be you, Ryo.)

"I'm happy to working with such an esteemed man as yourself, Mr. Echelon." Peter said as he attempted to shake his future employer's hand.

“I apologize for correcting you, however it's 'Dr Echelon". Regardless, I have little tolerance for latecomers to work, please correct that. I expect you tomorrow morning at 07:00 sharp. We will speak about the use of the material when you have finalized your design.”

These memories came flooding back as Peter walked firmly to Echelon's office. He had been avoiding directly asking his boss for the material since the man kept actively dodging the subject, more and more fervent as time passed.

This time, he was done being patient.

"Sir, I need the tiniest of fragments to complete my device, since the isotopic levels of this material are so high it can be considered it's own renewable resource. To power something so insignificant I would simply require even a dust mote of it."

"Insignificance would be a matter of perspective, sadly." Echelon's covered eyes made his expression blank as he stared into the distance. "Is the device is so insignificant, then I have no need for it. I would suggest you refocus your efforts to something that does not require the metal. If such a task is beyond you, then my business with you is at its end."

"But sir!" Peter agitatedly interjected "You promised I would have the materials I needed to complete the device!"

Echelon raised a hand to silence the man "I said we would speak about the use of it when your design was finalized. If you can't make it work without it, then you aren't qualified to use even a dust mote of it, as you so coined."

Peter felt betrayed "Then I will make it work without it, and without this company." He silently left Echelon's office, happy he chose to do the right thing in this situation, but berating himself on walking out of such a comfortable position. When he arrived at the labs, he found his assistant hard at work on his portion of the project.

"Good morning Pete, have you heard anything from Doctor Echelon about the material yet? I'm pretty sure we've adjusted the both of our projects as much as we possibly can to accommodate for it by now."

"We won't be getting the material, Nathan, and you and I are jobless." Peter practically slumped to the floor.

If Nathan had been drinking anything at the time, it would have ended up all over Peter's face. "What!? What do you mean we're jobless!? What the fuck did you do!?"

"Something I should have done earlier, Echelon is obsessed with this material, and his obsession has practically overtaken him at this point. He wouldn't willingly give us the material now, and he might have planned to never give it to us from the very start!" Peter started packing his things, putting his tools and his earlier prototypes in storage boxes to take with him.

"So, What exactly am I supposed to do now? This was my way of getting my foot in the door! I have nothing to show for School without this!" Every word was punctuated with a venomous hatred. Nathan had never felt quite as utterly pissed off as he did at this very moment.

"I don't know rightly." Peter admitted honestly "I do know that I'll be continuing this project and figuring out how to make my device work without this wonder-material. It's not like I don't already have theories to this, but the material was going to get us a shortcut and allow us to complete the project on time."

"Look, I'm not saying I don't care about the project, but without this internship I'm pretty much fucked. My life is pretty much ruined now."

Peter sighed heavily and rubbed the back of his neck "Look... maybe you could come work under me as I complete this project, it isn't going to pay nearly as much as this job did, but I'll make sure you get your name out there."

Nathan pinched the bridge of his nose as he thought about the offer his, possibly former, colleague had proposed. "I want my name on the patent, and to be equally credited alongside you in the creation of both systems. If you're willing to agree to those terms we have a deal."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, you've worked with me this long in developing the partner technology, you should be properly credited as such."

<Good, finally something good to come out of all of this> Peter thought, already thinking of the way to make the devices work without the need of a material that was now out of his reach.

"So, that being said, where will we be working now?" Nathan began to sort through and pack up belongings, along with the AAD and it's pertaining documents, "My apartment is far too small, and the university is far too packed to be able to work in peace."

"I might have a solution for that..." Flash-forward to the two standing in front of a massive hangar on a privately owned airstrip just outside of Montreal.

Nathan let out a low pitched whistle as he looked the hanger over, "So, this is the place? How exactly did you manage this again Peter?"

"I have a buddy in the aviation business, he let me rent this hangar for cheap to house my old projects when I started running out of space in my personal vaults closer to home. It's also where I started work on the project we're gonna finish." Peter pulled open the door and rows upon rows of shelves were lined with all sorts of equipment and creations, it was an inventor's dream made reality. Off to the side was a space allocate to making, designing, and testing the in-house inventions.

"I think this is going to work out just fine, though, without that material, where should we even start?"

"Well, we should start first by undoing all of the modifications we made to the darn things to incorporate the new material, since we won't need it anymore."

By the time the attacks had hit, both men had finished their goals and were about to unveil their respective technological marvels to the world. Since they were just outside of Montreal they escaped the direct wrath of the ships and invaders, but they were close: Some of the ship battle strayed just barely in front of the hangar, so using the runway was out of the question unless major repairs were made. Luckily because of the focus on their projects, Peter had all but moved most of his important materials and creations from his vault at home and brought it to the hangar for safe keeping.

Conversely Nathan had moved out of his apartment and into the hanger, mostly because he would be unable to keep living the way he had been in his apartment without the income provided from Echelon Inc, and partially to dedicate more time working on both projects.

"The world's really gone to hell. You and I are two lucky sons of bitches though, that's for sure." Nathan leaned back in his chair and stared at the high above hanger ceiling. "Dr. Echelon really went off his rocker, and we could have died if we hadn't left when we did. Kinda funny looking back on how mad I was at the time."

"We can't think about that now." Peter said, working on machinery that looked similar to the pulse rifle technology Echelon inc had been developing. "We were lucky only for now, with that power and foot soldiers, our close proximity is not exactly our friend this time around. We need to rescue who we can from the wreckage of Montreal and outlying areas, and equip them with the tech I helped build so that we can even stand a chance, if any." Peter looked strained possibly by the number of days he refused to sleep to work on the equipment, but more on fact that he felt partially responsible for helping make this disaster a hellish reality.

"Yeah, you're right. It's time we put our hard work to the test." Nathan calmly moved from his position in the hanger and strode over to the two complete AAD units, one was outfitted for search and rescue operations, the other put together for another important mission, one that Nathan intended to take on himself. "Whenever you're ready we can move out."

"Alright then," Peter put down the tool he was using, adjusted his armour and primed his gun. A small hum could be heard. "Let's do this."

100% Success Rate. Altair could not believe his eyes as he saw the (admittedly metaphorical) screen, blinking the good news. A week and a half after Echelon's test, Altair had modified and tweaked the I.D.E.A. Engine, watching how the C.A.T. System would effect the entire populous of Earth. Perfection. This is exactly what he needed to gain the leg up on all of his rivals and opponents. Especially Echelon...

Several weeks later.

All of the rockets were ready. Altair had already bribed and blackmailed all the proper officials, forged the proper paperwork, and bought all the necessary equipment. The aerosol canisters flew into the atmosphere and dispersed its payload into the atmosphere.

Good. Altair thought to himself as he looked upon his monitors, also watching the other dispersal method at work. As word of a new flu came out, a new nanite vaccine was devised and spread to the four corners of the globe. Altair had, for lack of a better term, hijacked the vaccine for his own goals; more specifically, the nanite components. The satellite up-links were all set, but that was only needed for the first month of use. Afterward, all of Altair's wildest dreams would come true. The power of Ideas was in his grasp...

Altair looked at his job board. He, of course, had to keep up appearances till the grand convergence came to fruition, and he still got bored more than not lately. However, he was worried about the latest posts. Most of them were from some sort of government officials, spy agencies and the like asking for information on just what the hell was Echelon doing. When Altair contacted him, however, Echelon reacted erratically. Sometimes Echelon would respond in his usual methods, but lately he had been dismissing of Altair, and now Echelon was just outright ignoring him. Still, it was good for him to finally have enough time to himself to complete his magnum opus. The world could burn, for all he cared. It would not effect him in any way.


So, the world was burning, and Altair actually gave a slight damn. As he watched the security foot of Montreal burning, he stayed in relative comfort, as his warehouse home was relatively untouched by the destruction. Furthermore, if any intruders came calling, Altair's UAV drones would attack them from the air. Still, his food supplies were scarce, and the crash of the Sparand had just made life much more difficult for Altair.

As Altair watched the views of various CTVs, UAVs, and optical implants, he noticed that one unstable individual with a pistol out was about to meet one of Echelon's Super Soldiers. Altair had been watching various feeds, noticing individuals walk around the city, one Asian girl had even managed to find a stock vehicle as he watched her ride past a European man. Smiling a mischievous smile, Altair decided to test a theory of his as he noticed that the unstable individual was going to suddenly run into one of the Augmented Super Humans around the corner. Altair activated a perception filter around the individual, and watched as the two met. The unfortunate man emptied his pistol on the monstrosity, as it calmly waited as it's armor deflected every single round, reflecting in the same direction of the gunfire, destroying the pistol. After the moron had emptied his pistol and made the expression of a man who had just lost all sanity, the super soldier kicked him in the chest, making him the football in the field goal attempt between two buildings. And its good... muttered Altair as he watched the moron arc between two buildings.

Altair had confirmed at least that firing the weapon would make you noticed by Echelon's super soldiers, though he could not confirm if the filter would stop them noticing a person with no ill intent. There was only one way to find out.

Altair was out on the street, wearing a dark, blue gray long coat to blend in with the urban landscape, not that he would need it with his perception filter activated. On his person, Altair carried his rail gun rifle slung over his shoulder and his family scimitar, in case some idiot decided to go close quarters combat on him. To make sure he was not attacked, Altair kept track of the survivors via his satellite up-links, making sure he did not meet with anyone else. He plotted his route to the crash site, hoping to study the debris for any information he could use to his advantage. On his way there, he noticed that he would have no choice but to confront one of Echelon's Super Soldiers. Altair, knowing just how powerful they were, decided the best route would be to meet it when there was an eight block distance between them, as it would give him time to dodge anything coming towards him into an exposed manhole. Altair walked deliberately, in a nonthreatening manner, as the Thing crossed in front of him. Halting, Altair managed to keep his cool as the Super Soldier stopped and turned it's head to look at him. After what seemed like an eternity, the Augmented Human turned its head back and proceeded slowly in its original course. Altair sighed in relief, hoping that any other encounter would go so well.

“To the survivors, know that I will return for you. I will now embark for a deep voyage, I wish you all the best of luck while you await.”

Echelon made a brief, threatening global response over whatever communications still remained. Not long after, the Vita, which has been orbiting over the city of Montreal for some hours now, roared with a thunderous sound as it departed from the stratosphere. Echelon would leave with it for deep space, seemingly uncaring of the humans he left below.


The young girl who had been fortunate enough to have survived the events thus far seemed even more fortunate to secure a vehicle. This however, drew attention. As the girl sped down the road and another passerby tried to flag her down, one of Echelon’s humanoids lept from the upper levels of a building. Falling from just over twenty stories, the entity landed square into the front of the van’s hood, causing it to violently and abruptly stop. The girl would surely be dead if she hadn’t buckled up.

Pausing for a second, the entity tore itself out of the front of the van,which gave a true indication of how large it really was. Once fully standing upright, the being towered over the remnants of the vehicle, standing at an even seven feet high and having a monstrous width of mass. From the large, square-like artillery units resting on its shoulders, to the heavy armaments accompanying his arms and legs, the being’s horned head gave off a great sense of dread. The crimson trim to it’s black armor only made it all the more intimidating as it stared upon the man in the streets and raises it’s left arm, revealing a large chain-gun. It hesitated before firing. A scratched out marking, reading "003" was visible on its chest.


With what began as boring stalk of yet another prey, a small, roughly 5’5’’ black humanoid began following one of the city’s survivors. It’s sleek and sharp body was adorned with a dragging, whip-like tail and extending claws on its arms. The human seemed to have created some strange guitar-weapon contraption, which was what made the entity not end him immediately. The silent stalker instead found it more interesting to follow and observe him, until he fell asleep at least. It dropped down from a ledge and stood over his sleeping body, observing the situation. A scratched out marking, reading "007" was visible on its chest.


It had thought the outskirts would be more deserted, but the humanoid was only disappointed to find two stragglers living in what it wanted for its own personal territory. The large, diamond-shaped armguards that distinguished themselves from its otherwise sleek metal and silver body gleamed with the light as it traversed the roof top. Once the two humans, wearing odd, weapon-like gear emerged, the being dropped down in front of them, making a large audible impact grater. It held it’s hand out with the thumb pointed horizontally, making its decision in a gladiator-like fashion. A scratched out marking, reading "006" was visible on its chest.


The humanoid was unamused by the frantic human shooting at it. While it may have initially ignored him, the small, frail-looking metal soldier violently and swiftly ended the annoyance with a firm kick. It then picked up and covered itself with a tattered cloak before moving on. A scratched out marking, reading "004" was visible on its chest.


While one of its brethren chose to ignore the man standing in the street, the humanoid up in the building was more interested. Large and sleek, standing at six feet even, the visored face and pointed head of the black and gold unit reflected the light as it jumped from a building and landed dead center between the human and the manhole he most likely planned as his escape route. The humanoid pointed straight at him and, though he had no visible face, was definitely grinning. A scratched out marking, reading "008" was visible on its chest.

Luna had just noticed the man on the side of the road when it hit. The soldier's impact had crushed the front of the SUV, and would've sent her flying through the windshield if it wasn't for the harness she was wearing. However, the impact did knock her unconscious for a few moments. When she came to, she looked up and saw this mountain of a man pointing a massive chaingun at her.

Luna's breath caught in her throat. Her eyes flew open wide with fear. She wanted to scream, run, urinate, and crap herself all at once, but didn't know which would happen first. Her first instinct was to raise her hands to show she wasn't a threat. She had no idea exactly how she could've even begun to be a threat to this... thing. She didn't even have a clue that it was even human.

Her only hope to survive this encounter was to show she wasn't a threat. Anything else would more than likely get her killed.

...What the hell was that thing? And what was it doing, pointing that gun at that girl...? Well, the shotgun wasn't going to do anything to this behemoth... Slinging it back over his shoulder, Stan pulled a green tube from behind his back. He pulled a section out on the back, and flipped up a couple of sites, and started approaching from out of the giant's view.

"Hey! Back off from the girl, else I'm going to mess your day up, son!" To the uninitiated, it would look like he was pointing a green map tube at the thing... But in truth, it was an M72 LAW, an anti-vehicular rocket launcher. Obsolete, maybe... But it would probably make some sort of impression, at the least.

While carlos had a very balanced immune system, he began to feel sick in that particular part of the night when he took a rest, to which he could owe a heavy sleep. A loud crash nearby was barely enough to wake him up, and when he did he barely take notice of the presence that was infront of him. Hoping it was a friendly person there he began to talk to it.

"H-hey there, i don't feel so well right now. Could you pass me my bag? it's right there" He says, pointing to his bag which was next to his axe.

The figure remained motionless, when carlos was trying to figure what was wrong and take a better look at it he felt something trying to curl up his leg. "Fuck, what now?" Thinking it was probably a stray snake that escaped from a nearby zoo he quickly moved his leg in an attempt to shake it off before it could grip on it.

Watching carlos struggle against whatever he thought it was some slithery reptilian, the figure let out a small laugh as it made a small gesture with it's hand on it's face, it then leaned a bit over carlos and jumped away from sight. Too sick to make any sense of the situation, carlos passes out from lack of energy.

Peter froze in mid-stride at hearing the large sound in front of him and turning up slowly to look at the figure. They clearly weren't a match for this being and Peter could clearly see that he was waiting for them to react and make the wrong move to cut them down. If he did attack them, the only thing he had on him that he had a shred of hope on protecting them was the dive system; and that was a big if, it all had to do whether this clearly synthetic being was machine enough.

But Peter did not want to take that risk, since they were only geared for reconnaissance, not direct confrontation. He tossed his blaster aside and raised his arms hoping that the being was reasonable enough to understand that they knew they weren't a match and wanted to try to talk.

Nathan's gaze shifted back and forth between his comrade and the imposing figure before the two of them. Peter, it seemed, was quick to back down, and while he himself was more well prepared to potentially engage one of these, things, he had hoped for a chance to observe them from a distance first. Obviously that wasn't going to happen now.

He dropped his weapons and attempted to make himself appear as unthreatening as he possibly could. "We're not looking for any trouble, just trying to stay alive. What is it you want from us?" Should things go wrong, Nathan had one trick left up his sleeve that could hopefully allow them an escape route at the cost of one of the two drones, though he prayed that such action wouldn't be necessary.

The being stared intently at Nathan, raising his other hand and began to visibly and silently count with it.

Oh, good, it's counting, that's a pretty bad sign. Nathan began to assess the situation to himself, At least it hasn't attacked us yet. Either it's sadistic and is counting up to when it's going to kill us, or that's its way of telling us to leave before it gets angry. If we try to leave it might still attack, but I'm not seeing any other options here.

Nathan slowly moved to leave while keeping his eyes on the humanoid, if it made any movement other than to continue counting he'd activate one of the drones to try and slow it down long enough to make a run for it.

The being stopped counting and his arm gems visibly began to glow, pulsing a force that knocked out all machinery the two had to defend themselves with and physically pushing them back abit. Just as silently, the being walked to the hangar and entered it.

Peter's eyes immediately dilated as the being walked towards them and he was close to absolutely crapping himself because he could no longer connect to his dive system and their collective chances of beating it went totally out the window. As he passed them he realized that this being had no interest in them and he was totally happy with that. As soon as the being entered the hangar Peter quickly retrieved the now dead blaster from the ground, and walked at a quick pace away from the hangar. He motioned wordlessly for Nathan to follow him.

Nathan felt great relief as the being left their presence. It seemed that it had disrupted their electronics, but they remained unharmed. Nathan hadn't even noticed Peter's signal to get the fuck out, he was already picking up his equipment and leaving as quickly as he could manage on two legs, only looking back to make sure the other man was following him. It wasn't until they had made it into the suburbs of Montreal that Nathan stopped to examine his gear and talk with Peter.

Peter popped the safety latch on the dive system and his suspicions were confirmed. "We'll either need to go to my old apartment or find a nearby electronics shop to get our machines repaired."

"You've lived here longer than I have, which is closer to our current location, and for that matter would your apartment even be standing still?"

"Well that's the thing, we can take our chances of going to an electronics store that MAY have the parts and tools we need and that's really close, but out of the way. If we go to the apartment I know I have everything we need to fix our gear, but we don't know if it'll still be standing."

"Well splitting up is out of the question. One may have allowed us to live, but who knows about the others... That being said, I think we should scavenge the electronics store first, then your apartment, possibly the university lab too. We need to protect the DIVE and ADD from any further tampering. The fact that neither of us thought to protect against EMPs in the first place is a bit frustrating, but if we want to make any progress it's something we need to take into consideration now, as well as any other failsafes we can think of." Nathan examined his drones as he went on. It looked like repairs wouldn't be too difficult, most of the major systems remained in tact with only minor repair needed.

"Agreed," Peter's face looked grim. The situation the being put them in was worse than throwing them in the middle of the largest desert in the world with a canteen of a days worth of water and a map of locations that MAY have more water. It was a gamble whatever they chose and the risks were high.

"Alright," Nathan slung his gun over his shoulder "Let's move out then"

For the most part, the travel to the nearest electronics shop went unhindered. There were a couple of close calls and detours had to be made, but they managed to make it to the shop in one piece and not followed.

Peter was the first inside, since the robots were out of commission, he scouted ahead instead. He spotted what looked to be a figure sleeping in a display pile of wires and electronic parts. Peter motioned to Nathan that the coast was clear but to keep his eyes peeled.

Nathan cautiously moved towards Peter's location. Although their weapons were disabled along with their other electronics, he opted to keep his blaster in hand, if only too keep up the appearance of having the upper hand against any scavengers who might think them easy pickings otherwise.

Peter motioned to Nathan to keep his defunct blaster trained on the stranger while he repaired his own weapon. It didn't take long with the parts they had available to them, and soon, Peter was working on Nathan's blaster as well.

After that the two swapped back and forth, Nathan working on his Drones while Peter repaired their Dive devices, one working, while the other kept watch.

After finishing all the minor repairs needed for their gear, Peter approached the sleeping form in the pile of tech and nudged his foot with his blaster, while keeping it trained on him. He didn't want a confrontation with a dangerous person, but the more people in a group, the better to combat this chaos. That, or attract more attention...

The man in the pile began to stir, and, although a bit groggily so, he asked, "Would either of you happen to have any hash browns on you?"

Nathan simply stared at the man for a moment before he finally spoke. "Are you serious right now?"

Looking back at the devices the two had been working on prior, the man went on. "Quite so. In fact, in exchange, I will repair your gear for you"

"But we already have our gear fixed..." Peter responded exasperated.

"Are you so sure? You might want to check again."

"What the fuck are you," Nathan took a look back as he spoke, only to find their equipment had been returned to it's previously un-repaired state. "What the fuck did you do to our equipment you bastard!?"

"My my, would you kiss your mother with a mouth like that?" The man sat up on his electronics pile to get a better look at the offending speaker. "I'd watch it if I were you, I tend to get a bit ornery, especially around foul mouthed little punks like you"

"Punks?" Peter cut Nathan off "You're like in your twenties, I'm almost old enough to be your father." Peter pinched the bridge of his nose, starting to be irritated with this Alice in Wonderland-esque turn of events.

“You don’t have to be young to be a punk.” The man said matter-of-factly.

"Honestly sir, you make a valid point," Nathan took a deep breath as he pushed aside his pride. "Please forgive my earlier rudeness. The world's gone pretty crazy as of late, and not that long ago we practically stared Death in the face."

"Cool, say I'm the best and the greatest and that your friend smells like expired dog poop"

"Well, it has been a while since Pete last showered, and I am pretty impressed that you were able to tamper with our gear without us even noticing. So, yeah. I think that validates you being pretty cool, but I don't know about the greatest. The greatest would be able to put it all back together just as quickly I'd say."

At this point in time, Peter was done with this fantasy-like conversation and was more concerned with the noise they were making and the security of the building. He silently veto'ed to step away from the conversation and let Nathan handle it while he kept an eye on the front.

“Alright, check your equipment. Oh, and don’t forget to say it. Also, any reason why you’re holding flowers?” The man said, suddenly eating a hash brown.

Now it was Peter's turn to be impressed, as he finally realized that this wasn't a messed up pipe-dream but a very impressive ability that this young man had. "Y-you have the ability of matter manipulation?" Peter finally asked incredulously.

"Ow what the!?" Roses... Nathan's blaster had been replaced with a mass of roses, thorns and all, digging right into his skin. It had also appeared that the man had managed to fulfill his earlier desire for hashbrowns all without moving. After failing to fully regain his composure he finally stammered out "Y-you're no ordinary man..."

It was then that the two suddenly notice a ripped patch on the man’s shirt and instead of skin, there was metal that had the faded numbers “002” etched on it. “Wasn’t that the point?” His words echoing through the store the being himself already having vanished without a trace. The pairs’ gear was returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened to them.

"I'm never going to be able to sleep again if this shit keeps happening." Nathan went to wipe the sweat from his brow when he noticed something in his hand, and it looked as though peter had one as well. Upon closer inspection it was a picture of the Sparand with a large red arrow. Scrawled out alongside the arrow one could make out the words, Go Here.

Altair was slightly surprised by the appearance of the super soldier. Due to watching serials of Spiderman at a formative age, Altair got a little more quipy than he usually was or should have been in this situation.

Altair quiped So, are you the welcoming committee of this little shindig? while putting his hands in open palm position near his chest, in a "surrender" position. All the while he has a wicked grin on his face, though not one of malice. The visor of the super soldier changed to a crimson, briefly grunting in response.

Altair lifted an eyebrow. You eat? The super soldier just stood blankly at Altair, unanswering. After an awkward pause, Altair decided to break it. Well, I'm starved, so I am going to eat! Slowly, Altair reached to his front pocket, where he carefully took out a Mr. Goodbar and unwrapped it. Mr. Goodbars were Altair's favorite food, they tasted like gold wrapped with peanuts. As he tried to lift the delicious solid ambrosia, the super soldier visor started to glow; Altair felt the Mr. Goodbar grow heavy, and it was ripped from his grasp, pummeling the ground, creating a small, but sizable impact crater.

This sudden destruction of his beautiful piece of choclate heaven made Altair jump. Altair looked down at his meal and grimaced a little as he looked back up at the super soldier. Damn son, you more of a Nestle man I take it? The super soldier's visor glowed once more, and this time Altair himself started to float up. Oh Crap... Knowing the next words he would say would be critical, he chose his words carefully based on all the data he had compiled so far.

Still showing his hands in a surrender position, Altair chose his next words carefully. Whoah man, settle down, I didn't mean offense. We're on the same side here. Suddenly, the super soldier's visor shifted to green, and gently, Altair found himself floating down the ground. Altair, hoping that this was a good sign, and maybe he could make an ally of this specific super soldier, proceeded to take a risk with it. Look, I think we got on the wrong foot here. My name is Altair Kartal, former thrall of Echelon, free for the first time in two years from his banal influence. I am currently in the business of revenge. What's your name?

The super soldier's visor suddenly turned yellow, and it looked like it's chest was starting to heave. Altair was puzzled for a moment , then realized that the super soldier was laughing. Once he realized this, Altair started to giggle as well. After a short moment, the super soldier's visor glowed, and it jumped an immense height onto a skyscraper and away from Altair.

Knowing that he had enough luck today, Altair wandered back to his lair, checking all the roads, using his drones and his connection to the surviving CCTV network. However, it wasn't till he was a mile away did he finally see that his house was now a crushed pancake. Son of a Bitch...

"Hey, Az, could you get the mail, I'm a bit busy." Zlatan said to Azazel, while cooking eggs.
"Sure thing, I've got it." Azazel replied. He walked outside and turned to his right, reaching into his mailbox, which resided on the wall.
"Mhmm, mhmm, bills, bills, more bills, oh, Echelon Incorporated?" He whispered to himself. He walked inside, closing the door behind him and yelled to Zlatan. "Zlat, look at this, it's from that moon place again. It's addressed to the both of us."
"Well, open it when we're eating, I'm getting the plates ready." Zlatan replied, putting two plates down on a counter. Azazel walked over to a table, and sat down on a chair next to it, contently reading the envelope. Zlatan sat on the other end of the table, he put a plate full of eggs, sunny side up, with toast and bacon.
"Well open it." Zlatan said, grabbing a piece of toast and dipping it into the runny yolk of the eggs.
Azazel reached over for a knife, and cut the envelope open from the top, and pulled out the letter.
He skimmed the letter then began to read from it aloud half way through the letter.
"Unfortunately there was a small inconsistency with a factor for the application process. For now, it seems very fixable, however, as promised I would like to bring to light that additional applicants may be required. If this ends up being the case, you can anticipate an announcement in the near future, so I would like for everyone interested to stay excited. The one catch this time is that applicants will only be accepted at our main location, here in Montreal. This may seem harsh, however I feel this can only help to filter out those without the true resolve to see this project through. Do you have the resolve to reach me?"
He put the letter down.
"What the literal hell. We're in then? Montreal isn't too far from here either. Couple miles away, right?" Zlatan asked.
"You aren't really good at math, are you? Anyway, you want to drive all the way to Montreal then? It sure beats hunting for missing deer." Azazel replied.
Zlatan shrugged his shoulders as he took a bite from his piece of toast in the portion which was covered in egg yolk.
"I'll take that as a yes" Azazel muttered.

"The sh[radio edit] REALLY hit the fan this time Az, I don't even know if we can make it this time. I mean, we survived bear attacks and getting lost in the woods, but buildings are getting toppled like lego bricks! Even black Martians are running around!" Zlatan whispered to his friend, worried.
Both Azazel and Zlatan were hiding behind their pickup truck that was flipped onto it's side, with hunting rifles in their arms.
"Zlat, were making it through this, just shut up and we'll live. Right now we just need to avoid the chaos, to find a place to hide until everything clears up. Right now it's total anarchy, and people are just attacking everything in sight. That what would happen in something like this, take away any restrictions to something, and take away the very authority that enforces those restrictions, and people will go bat-sh[radio edit] crazy in this day and age." Azazel lectured.
"We've got to hide in there. Let's go." He said, pointing to an empty house with it's second floor toppled down on the concrete floor beside it. The two ran into the building, holding their guns.
Azazel pointed to a set of stairs that led downwards. The two walked down into a basement, and saw a black figure hunched over the corner of the opposite side of the room in the darkness of the flickering lights.
"Hey, sorry if were intru-- ...Oh sh[radio edit]." Zlatan said before noticing that the black figure had turned around, and stared at the two directly.
Zlatan held the gun up, aiming at it's face. Shaking it uncontrollably as he trembled in fear.
"I-I-I'll shoot dammit! L-leave us alone!" He screamed at the humanoid.
"Zlat, calm do--" Azazel tried to console his frightened friend, but the black humanoid deployed an energy blade out of his wrist, and slashed downwards at Zlatan, slicing him in half as a result.
"Zlatan!" Azazel screamed as his friends blood was splattered on him. Each half of the body fell down in opposite directions, and a pool of blood had appeared on the floor.
"Ugh! You bastard!" Azazel shouted as he held his rifle upwards, and shot at the eastern wall. With the angling of the bullet, it bounced off the wall behind the Humanoid, bouncing once more before it hit the back of it's head. However, the bullet only flew back into the wall behind him. It's wasn't very effective.
Azazel turned around, picking up one half Zlatans base ball cap and rifle. He continued to run up the stairs, and out of the building.
"Dammit dammit dammit dammit" Azazel said, and he continued whispering to himself with the near countless "Dammits". His eyes were widened as he ran through the streets. He turned around a corner before spotting a man with a chain gun, aiming it at the little girl.
What the hell... Isn't that the girl from the line a couple weeks ago?
Azazel hid behind the corner. Hoping to not be seen by the man with the large gun.
He peaked his head over, and aimed through his rifle sights. He matched the crosshairs perfectly with the mans head. Azazel stopped for a second, and put his gun down as he coiled back behind the corner.
"I'm not even sure this bullet would pierce it's metal hide..." Azazel said to himself quietly. "Dammit, I have to stop talking to myself."

The city, having been decimated by the wake of the two ships, was all but silent as night approached. There were few remaining survivors on the streets; most who had exited to scavenge and explore had already encountered the humanoids circulating. Their worst mistake was often trying to engage and take them down, for the metal soldiers' capabilities were beyond conventional weaponry. As the city-wide networking systems began to shut down, two individuals who had the taken it upon themselves to enter into Echelon Tower and explore for significant data began broadcasting over whatever form of wave-communication was still intact. Using all available channels, they began to divulge what they had discovered:

“Ok, I really hope there’s someone out there listening to us. We broke into the tower and we managed to get onto a personal server belonging to Echelon. Please, if you’re in the city and still holding on, listen to following shit. These things are fighting amongst themselves at the moment, but they’ll just as easily attack humans too. They all have a number designation. It seems like numbers 1-3 are meant for creating crap, 4-7 are meant for terminating stuff, 8-10 are guardians or sorts, and 011-013 are combat oriented. There’s only thirteen of them, so just stay clear. Matt, tell them the specs.”

“I managed to decrypt some data. Those ‘things’ circulating the streets? They’re not human, not anymore at least. They’re armed, dangerous and called Ferrum Servus. They’re what Echelon INC was supposed to be developing for the Mars Project. Their bodies are made of a new synthesized metal, it’s unnamed but lightweight and has an absurd density value. This means you can probably throw them around with general ease, but they won’t take much damage from it. I can’t seem to find any values for their structural strength, but it’s also likely absurd. Obviously they’re ridiculously strong and faster, be careful when they move because their take off speed is enough to shred anyone standing near them from the forces generated. Conventional ballistics are useless, maybe something like a large railgun or explosive can hurt them, but I’m only guessing. Before even that, each one it equipped with some sort of force field, a protective shield that surrounds them. You can’t damage them before it’s broken, but it regenerates eventually so you can't stall for long either. They’re electrically neutral because of the metal in their bodies, radar won’t detect them and they’re adept at absorbing vibrations. Infrared is also useless since they don't give off heat. Probably sonar too. The only effective way of tracking them is line of sight; they have nothing listed here that would suggest they can mess with visuals. If you see one sleeping and resting, it may be a trap. They’re powered internally and recharge internally, by what means I’m not sure. They only need to recharge once every month and only for a few hours. They’re more vulnerable in this state as their shield won’t be up and their consciousness will be out, but I still don’t think you’ll have anything on hand to break their armor-”

“Matt, we have to go, come on-”

“I’m almost finished, just wait! As you may have guessed, we’re being tracked. That’s because these… things can intercept all forms of communication. Assume that if you’re talking over a wave form it’s feeding straight into them. They have their own form of communication as well that they use between each other, kind of like a hive mind. It’s encrypted, but I’m working on it. They have a mood-light of sorts, meant to represent their emotions. I haven’t figured out what the colors mean, but it should be obvious from their actions. Very importantly; for the moment they seem docile towards humans. They’re only hostile if you are, so just avoid them and drop all weapons if you run into one. Finally their bodies contai-”

The broadcast was interrupted by the sound of an individual entering the room. “My my, what have we here? I don’t believe that information belongs to you. But given all your hard work in acquiring it, I suppose I won’t erase what you’ve already spoken. There won’t be anymore leaked, however, so sleep tight.” The broadcast ended there.


In the midst of the downtown area, two Ferrum Servus were engaging one another in a deadly dance. The roar and thunder of the clashing opponents would have been enough to wake even the deepest sleeper. Drawing the attention of many in the area, onlookers would see little but two black blurs racing through the street. The first, horned and armed with two energy blades emitting from its wrists, was clearly losing and on the defensive. The second Servus, wielding its large energy axe, was simply a superior fighting machine. Unmatched in combat among their species, the fight wouldn’t last for long.


“My my, look at all the fun we have. Shame my time’s running out, I suppose I’ll fix things for a bit. I wouldn’t want the show to end without a proper character arc, afterall.” Standing atop Echelon Tower, the figure raised both fists as he began to work. Within an instant, all Ferrum Servus would be found toppling over, seemingly shut down and out of commission. Next, the humans consciousness’ would follow. “I suppose knocking them out for a day or two won’t hurt.” The Sparand’s crash site would be suddenly returned to normal, as if the ship had never been there. There would be no recollection of where it had crashed now. “Ugh…” The figure dropped to one knee as it continued, struggling to maintain it’s hold. Finally several unconscious Servus seemingly disappeared, the axe-wielder among them. Then the figure was gone.

OOC: The chaingun one did not disappear, but it is out like the others. I would suggest you start meeting up with one another, as some of you already have been doing~

PM me if there's any confusion. I wrote this on 2 hours of sleep, post-exam. =p

Luna sat there, paralyzed with fear as the thing stared at her, not even caring, it seemed, about the man with the rocket launcher pointed at it.

Then everything went black.

When she came to, she noticed the massive bulk of the thing with the chaingun collapsed in front of her. Luna unbuckled her harness and literally kicked the vehicle's door open, it having been jammed shut in the impact, before getting out, making sure to grab her tonfas. Looking around, she noticed the man who earlier had pointed the rocket launcher at that thing. Luna walked over to him, checking to make sure he was okay, that there were no wounds that needed to be attended to. When she saw none, she gently patted the man's cheek in an attempt to wake him up.

"Hey... Wake up." Luna said softly.

"Hmm..." Stan had thought, when he abruptly lost consciousness, that he might have gotten sniped by one of the black behemoth's friends. This, in regaining consciousness he thought for a brief moment that he was dead, and was awaking to his final destination. There was mild surprise as his eyes opened to the war-torn skies of Montreal, and the face of a younger girl...

The girl from the SUV. Apparently she was OK. Pushing himself onto an elbow and looking to her, he asked: "What just happened....?"

"I don't know... First that thing was pointing a weapon at me, then everything blacked out. At first, I thought you got him." Luna said, getting to her feet and helping the man up. "But given that I found you unconscious, I doubt that was what happened. We might want to get out of here before that thing wakes up, though." She finished.

So she had been knocked out too? Maybe it was from the crash... But that wouldn't have explained his own situation, or the machine-thing's inactive state. After Stan was on his own feet- "Thanks."- he snatched up the LAW and disarmed it, putting it back over his shoulder.

"Yes, we definitely need to get away from that thing... I just hope its a heavier sleeper than us. How about we head to the center of the city?"

The center of the city? From what Luna had recalled of the city's layout, the center of the city housed Echelon Inc.'s primary headquarters.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Those things had to come from somewhere." Luna said, pointing at the still-unconscious hulk. "And something tells me Echelon Inc.'s involved. We'd be better off finding more survivors and supplies before we even think of getting close to their main headquarters. Strength in numbers and all. Plus, there may be wounded out there in need of assistance.

He had to think a bit... But she was right, actually. "That's a good point... Most everything there should be dead after that crash, but better safe than sorry."

Stan pulled his shotgun off his shoulder, locked, and loaded. "I'll take point, in case someone tries to ambush us... Oh, by the way. The name's Stanley Krebs, what's yours?"

Carlos could barely withstand the drowsiness overwhelming his body before he went down like a rock, feeling like someone was shutting down his brain like it was a computer or something similar. When he came to, he awoke to find the crowd that was watching the two soldiers fight still locked down in dreamland. He then took his bag and ran out of there before anybody else could wake up, after running a considerable distance for a city like montreal he ended up at the entrance of an electronics store.

"Hello? anybody there?" After confirming that there was no sound or movement inside, he went inside and tried to scavenge for anything he could use for self defense or anything that he could try and mash together for the same effect.

"Luna. Luna Reisen." Luna said, smiling. She was starting to like him. "Come on, let's get moving." She said, starting to walk towards a group of buildings that were more or less still standing.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Dim light danced across the broken city. A young woman walked through the streets, shotgun in hand. A sleeveless shirt under a sash with multiple sets of bullets nestled in it. Worn jeans with more of the same. Rifle at her side, pack on her back.

Second worst two weeks of her life. Apartment was gone. Friends were gone. Contacts were gone. Days bouncing through half-assed shelters before she got sick of that shit, struck out on her own again. Ships came back, sent everything down a couple more layers of hell. City was a fucking wreck before they even got back, whole thing was already falling apart. Coming back in and blowing out even more was just spitting in the wound. Assholes. Random blackouts and the supers wandering around were just the icing on the cake.

It opened doors, though. Closed a lot, but opened others. She wasn't one to let opportunities pass her by, either. Wreckage of the military was a goldmine when she could slip in. Shotgun, assault rifle, ammo to spare... actually getting around the asses trying to keep it together was a pain, though. Still, she had managed. The comforting weight of sweet metal death on her body was proof of that.

Empty shops lined the street on either side. Looters would have already torn through at least once, but perhaps there was still something to find. Better than even odds she outgunned anyone she might find. Creeping along quietly, slipping along the walls and trying to stay out of sight. Passing shops by with only a glance; enough food for the moment, check that after the others. Convenience goods, half of them useless until things could get set up again. Electronics...

Well, she could find someone willing to trade for a bit of wire and a piece of scrap. If it was still together, all the better! Little goldmine, only better if she could find a little arms shop, stock up some more there, or maybe some first-aid goods... shit, she needed to find some more of those. New priority after this one.

A glance around. No one else visible; city was huge, creeped her out when she found an area so quiet. Slipping toward the door, standing tall - comparatively. Advancing carefully, the crunch of rubble underfoot as she entered, shotgun ready. Not more than a few steps before she saw him, picking through already, hidden from the outside by a shelf. Had he spotted her from that angle? Had he heard her enter? She couldn't tell immediately. Such a pain. Might as well get his attention if he hadn't...

Cocking the shotgun - enough warning if he was an ass. Stepping forward, not yet pointing it anywhere in particular, finger not yet on the trigger. "Oi, you! Any of the good shit left?"

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"Nothing much save for some holo-players and useless appliances, suppose you don't have something to- Oh dear." Carlos said as he turned around and saw the shotgun in her hands.

"Suppose you wouldn't help me open the storage room with that shotty or some tool you may have handy?"

Heh. Shotgun put him off guard. Probably wasn't going to be an immediate threat, the way he was acting. "What's wrong? First gun you've seen so far?" A budding smirk as she leaned forward slightly. "Or is mine just bigger?" Maybe he had some useful skills. Maybe he was dead weight. She'd call it as she went. The storage room might be a good idea, though. Best to make sure he didn't get any ideas, though.

"Tell you what, then." One had remained on the shotgun, flipping it to rest on her shoulder; the other dropped to a pocket, beginning to fish something out. "Good shit's gonna be valuable, ya hear? Wires, scrap, whole things, whatever. So I figure, we find anything in there, we'll split it. Maybe you'll even come with me, we can figure out what to do before the real shit hits the fan." Pulling out a multi-tool, small knife flipping into place. Power was out; good shop like this probably used one of the new security door set-ups for the real goods if they had any. But no power, no problem. "We don't find anything, who knows, maybe we stick together anyway. I ain't holding a gun to your head for it, you know?"

Beginning to walk toward the back. "'Course, flipside is, we find something and you try an' cheat me, I'll have words with you." Idle tapping on the shotgun, a glance over her shoulder toward him, still smirking. Walking further, pausing by the doorway deeper in.

"So, what'cha say. Deal?"

That group of buildings seemed to be... "Shopping district..." Instinctively, Stan started walking towards the buildings and off of the street, motioning for Luna to do the same.

"Gotta keep a lower profile out here. There's been Scavs milling around since the government collapsed, some of them not so friendly. We find any wounded out here, its probably from that and not the crash..."

"Right." Luna said, following after Stan. She reached into the holsters in the small of her back and pulled out her bladed tonfas in case they were attacked. They wouldn't be much use against guns or those things that had attacked earlier, but if an enemy decided to get close, she could make them regret it.

He stretched his hand out to her after pondering for a moment "You got a deal. Name's Carlos, what's yours?"

Any other day of the week he'd rather be alone, but with things like they were right now: Bandits roaming everywhere, crazies looking to do harm and the constant threat of the Ferrum Servus that would actually be the most stupid ass decision ever. And besides, she didn't seem like a bad person, just someone who has seen some shit... Like everyone else these past weeks. Maybe after looking through the storage room the two of them could try and go find more survivors and some answers to this whole mess.

She flipped the multitool out of her hand, catching it on a hook on her belt, before reaching out and taking his. "Call me Cass."

And then turning away again, toward the door. Closed. She spotted a control panel nearby and stepped toward it, taking the multitool in hand again. A few moments of examination, looking back at the door periodically, before she placed the shotgun against the wall, propping it. "Door like this, they probably had something worth grabbing back there. Might even still be there." Of course, she had to get it open first. Explosives were automatically out for the noise they would make. Not that she had any.

She would need to fix that at some point.

Power was out, so the thing wasn't magnetized. Idle poking at it indicated it wasn't too heavy, either. So was it just jammed shut? With the wreck the ships had made going overhead, she could imagine some bullshit like that happening. Didn't leave many options, though. Unpowered, so the panel was useless. Jammed, and she didn't have a crowbar on hand; needed to fix that, last one broke. Didn't look to be a sliding door, though. Maybe it...

Yeah, hinges on their side. Load of bullshit design, that, but whatever. If they wanted the weakpoint exposed, she'd take it. Good quality, though. Wouldn't be able to just pick them apart very easily. She didn't want to make noise, but... eh, fuck it, they'd have at least a couple minutes on their own. Enough time to glance around and get prepped if they needed to.

A final, idle push on the door. Yup, locked.

"Locked pretty well, eh?" Pocketing the multitool again, fishing in her bag. One, and an extra for Carlos, her new buddy. She pulled out two sets of earmuffs, casually tossing one to him. "Put these on, plug your ears, whatever. Try not to go deaf." Then, after donning her own, she picked the shotgun up again. Stepped back. "And make a bit of room while you're at it."

A pause, long enough for him to make room, get it on. And then she fired, blowing apart one hinge. Cocking the gun. Again. Again. Three shotgun blasts, loud, clear in the empty store. And perhaps beyond it.

But she got the damn hinges off. They'd just need to kick that half of the door out of the way and they were in.

"S[edit], get down!" Stan whispered hoarsely to Luna before dragging her to the ground. Thee shotgun blasts, close together. Sounded like it was from across the street... Maybe a scavenger stumbled onto something they wanted but someone else had.

He crawled prone towards a wrecked car, and took up a position where he could watch the storefront, but also easily duck behind cover. He motioned to Luna, to have her get behind the vehicle as well. "Nobody outside... Wouldn't want to go in until whoever has the gun steps out."

Luna said nothing as she crawled behind the vehicle. One there, she rubbed her knee where it had hit the ground after Stan pulled her down after him.

Like I could do anything at range against a shotgun. Luna thought to herself. She was really beginning to question her choice of weaponry to take with her when she fled Tokyo.

Only thing that was left was just busting the door open with a little force. On 3. 1... 2... 3! And so it went down.

It looked like someone was here in the storeroom recently, seeing as there were some unfinished hashbrowns along with an equally unfinished coffee mug. They went and found some stuff like wires, caps, computing modules, trasmitters and the like. They also found a solar-powered uninterruptible power supply that was portable enough to carry, which the two of them could share for whatever.

"Lets grab whatever we can now, before someone comes and catches us off guard"With no time to waste, they took whatever they could before anybody could come come in and check out what happened. Those shotgun blasts were sure to attract attention their way.

"Allright, if that's all then we should get going now... hey wait a minute" Before heading out, Carlos took notice of something that was on the floor. An old busted glove-like sort of device, looked to be some sort of peripheral for an ancient videogame console. he put it in the bag with the rest of the stuff as they were headed out before anybody come. Being none the wiser about the two people that were watching them as they were about to leave the store.

"it's late, and I don't know about about you but I'm honestly way too shooken up at this point to do anything more tonight. I say we crash here at the electronics store, until morning. One of us can stay up, keep watch, and listen to the radio for any survivor broadcasts, while the other sleeps, we'll switch off half way through the night, deal?" Nathan had slumped into a corner of the store, and was in the process of bandaging up his hand.

"Sure, I'll take first watch then." Peter said. Several hours had passed, before he woke up Nathan to switch posts. Just as Pete was about to get some shut eye of his own, their radio came to life, a transmission from echelon tower.

"That voice at the end... Is it just me or was that 002?" Nathan pinched the bridge of his nose as he spoke, "I'm so sick of all of this."

"Shhh! Do you hear that? It sounds like two of those beings are duking it out somewhere down town. To hear it from here..." Peter trailed off, unable to finish his sentence as he suddenly felt incredibly drowsy. He soon slumped over where he sat.

"Like I said I'm really sick of all... of all..." Nathan too found him self incredibly drowsy as he fell back down into the pile of boxes he had been sleeping on prior.

What he assumed to be many hours later Peter finally awoke. At first he slowly stirred, but upon realizing both he and his comrade had fallen asleep he immediately sprang up. He would have had blaster in hand had he not already forsaken it due to the warning of not carrying visible arms to avoid conflict. He shook Nathan awake quickly, taking this as a sign that their simultaneous slumber was not natural.

"Ah, god what what!" Nathan was far from being a morning person, but to be shooken awake made it all the worse. "Why the fuck are you shaking me, I swear to god if you woke me up for anything short of another one of those things outside the front door I'm going to punch your lights out."

"Oh gee, maybe it's because we were both asleep and I have no idea what situation we are in?" Peter stated pointedly "It's not like we clearly had intended to fall asleep when we did."

"You're saying we passed out then? That's just great." Nathan stood up and dusted himself off, picking up his blaster then imidiately putting it back down after remember the radio broadcast.
"I'm going to go take a look outside, cover me while I do."

"With what exactly?" Peter said, again pointedly, but more agitated that they couldn't feasably defend themselves like before. It was as if they were about to head into the lion's den with so much as a stick to defend themselves.

"Just, warn me if you see anything I don't. I won't be long, just need to make sure nothing's... God damn it, we've got them may as well use them." He walked over to one of his drones and began preparing it for use. "We'll use one of the drones to make sure the coast is clear, and get a general feel for what we're getting ourselves into."

"Beats walking ahead ourselves, not to mention your drones shouldn't really be seen as a threat anyways."

"Well, at least not the one you were carrying when we left the hanger. The one I had has a few weapons at its disposal, so we'll be using yours." It didn't take long for the drone to finish being preped, by the time it was unpacked and ready to go it stood at roughly about 3' tall on four spider like legs. The drone had been repainted in various tones of grey to help it blend in with their urban surroundings, nothing all too flashy about it. All around the drone's midsecion appeared numerous cameras any of which could be used at any time and set up in such a way to allow the user the same level of depth perception they would be used to in their own body. It's arms were crossed infront of, and part way inside of it when not in use.

"You had weapons on yours?" Peter asked semi-quizically "Though that doesn't hugely surprise me, considering."

"I had had every intention of using mine to observ these numbered units poping up all around the city, and if necessary I would have engaged them using the drone. Though now I know that's not really an option. I'll remove the weapons from mine later when we have a moment, unless you'd like to go about that while I'm scoutting. It would give you something to do, and you do know the system about as well as I know the DIVE's."

"Sounds like a plan." While Nathan was scouting, Peter quickly went about removing any and all weapons Nathan had installed into his drone.

The relatively silent streets cast an Acheronian state upon the city. Whether it was the lack of a busy, bursting population or the very evident decline in active technology and innovation, the area was bleak to say the least. Any design of modern ingenuity that operated digitally was rendered useless. The only reliable form of communication that remained was short-range radiowaves, with exception to simply speaking in person. Hospitals were vacant, government buildings toppled. All evidence of a social hierarchy and public support were nonexistent. People were, for the most part, left on their own to fend for themselves.

For a moment, the sound of a large explosion. Not so loud as to usually draw much attention when the city’s regular noise inhabited all around. Very noticeable however, in the current ghost-like quiet that was present. It drew attention. Once the echo of the blast had subsided, a consistent and slow rattling sound began. Audible and unfamiliar, like the sound of a hollow metal tube grating the floor, it grew more prominent the closer one was to the initial blast. Making it’s presence very well known, a black humanoid, one of Echelon’s creations; a Ferrum Servus approached from around the corner of a relatively intact building. Over it’s right shoulder was slung another of its kind, adorned in a cloak. The sound, originating from the very large and heavily armed kinsmen being dragged by front horn in his left hand was all the more evident. Neither of the carried Ferrum seemed functional, but the one currently moving was obviously to some extent. The evident crack and damage to its visor seemed to indicate that it was also damaged to an extent. It’s body, black with red accents, large shoulder protrusions and a three-horned head would all be cause enough for panic. It didn't look very friendly.

The figure, with cargo in hand, passed by the onlookers crouched behind a now-defect vehicle. It paused for a short moment, staring inside the building where the noise had originated, before dismissing any cause for concern and continuing on its way down the street. When it was almost out of range, the Ferrum Servus, with it’s scratched out number that used to read 011 turned its gaze to look back over it’s shoulder. It spoke for the first time, “Echelon’s betrayal, his massacre. Retribution for his crimes await at his Tower.”

It then continued on.

Luna and Stan were still waiting behind the vehicle when she first noticed the Ferrus. Her eyes grew wide in fear as the urge to release her bowels returned.

"St-St-St-St-St-St-St-" Luna stammered, repeatedly tapping her hand on Stan's shoulder, fearing they were about to come under attack again. When the Ferrus spoke before leaving, it raised a question in Luna's mind. It was against Echelon? Even if that was true, then why did it want them to go to Echelon's tower?

Even these new questions didn't relieve the terror Luna felt

Stan kept his focus on the doors, fairly certain he saw movement heading towards them... Until he got a frantic tapping on his shoulder, and heard someone attempting to stammer out his name.

Figuring that to be the most urgent situation, he wheeled the gun around to find-

Crap, one of those machine-things. He was going to reach for the LAW, but it just... Kept meandering on. It only paused long enough to give a cryptic message before moving on. "Echelon Tower... That's where they all came from, why there? And... Did it kill its mates, or...?"

He noticed, now, that Luna was nigh-catatonic from fear. He nudged her a bit. "Hey, you OK, Reisen?"

"F-first Echelon tries to kill us all, and now those things..." Luna began, close to hyperventilating in fear, having never truly gotten over that one pointing the chaingun at her earlier "I-I knew I should've never left Tokyo..." Luna finished, putting her head between her knees.

That resulted in a reassuring hand on the shoulder from Stan. He was scared almost witless, himself, but there was at least one thing he'd learned being effectively an actor on the internet: how to fake things.

"Look, now isn't the time to be giving in and breaking down. What's passed is passed, we just have to survive and move forward, alright?"

"Y-You're right..." Luna said, trying to calm down and get her breathing under control. After a few minutes, Luna managed to calm down enough so that she visibly relaxed, and she turned to look at the electronics store.

"Think they have an idea we're here?"

She did in fact have a vague sense that "they" were "there." It could not be called knowledge, as she did not truly know they were there; crouched behind the vehicle as they were, there was too little evidence for Cass to notice. She couldn't hear them, quiet as they were. But there was a sense that "they" were "there." Intuition.

Someone was there. She couldn't tell where, just yet. Couldn't tell who. She wasn't even sure if they were on that street yet, even in view of the building. But someone was nearby. She was sure of it. Enough time had passed.

Maybe she should have done more than vaguely toss shit at Carlos. But it wasn't as if Cass really knew what she had been looking for. Something looked valuable, she had stuffed it in her bag. Something looked less valuable, throw it at Carlos. Maybe if she had focused more, she wouldn't have had that feeling. But, watching the outside from within, she had it. They had probably looted too long, or were just on the edge of doing so. Something to keep in mind later. But in the present, nothing for it. She prepared to step out, shotgun ready, and then paused in the doorway.

That cracked groove in the ground had not been there before. Something had gone through. Dragging something. Heavy. Damaged the already battered road. The hell?

Stepping out of the store, shotgun raised, scanning the area. Maybe it wasn't someone. Maybe it was something. One of the Servus? Fuck that, she wasn't ready to deal with that shit. Bandits, maybe. Servus, no.

Either way, she would likely find out soon.

Following her out of the store with the loot on tow, he saw that cass looked a bit tense. Whatever it was, it never hurts to ask right?

"What happened, something strange?"

Road got even shittier while we weren't looking. Something's been through here.

"Not good, could have been a servus or worse. Good thing it didn't find us."

Small breaks, eh? We've probably been here too long anyway.

"Yeah, i think we took a bit of our time there. Something like that would not have gone unnoticed though, think someone else might be around here?

"Probably. So make sure you've got your shit and we can leave."

Checking through his bag which included a spare set of clothes, some supplies and the loot that they got, he took notice of a holo-player that had some black spots on it.

"Now that you mention it, i think this holoplayer is fried. Might as well throw it away"

aight, then toss it and come on.

"hey how about i bet you whatever you want from my stuff if i can't throw this behind that busted car over there"

"Hell, why not. I'll just pick through it when we get somewhere safer, 'aight?"

"Sure thing"

So then he winded up and threw the holo-player at the car, not knowing that it'd hit one of the two persons that were hiding there.

I'm not sure..." Stan turned his head back towards the store... Yes, one, no, two people had stepped out of the store. A rather intense-looking woman among them, brandishing a shotgun of her own. Primary threat...

Then the man with her threw a piece of electronic scrap, which hit Stan upside the head. That aside, his attitude didn't seem like he was a direct danger to them. Jolting up from that, Stan trained the shotgun on the other armed individual. "Drop your weapons and put your hands where I can see them!"

Luna had a good indication that they knew someone was there when the piece of electronic scrap hit Stan in the head. After he had drawn his weapon on them in response, Luna quickly ducked down to peek under the vehicle to see how many of them were there. After only seeing two, she then began to look around, unseen to the people who had thrown the junk, if there was anything in the area that could cover her getting in close without being seen. Noting that most of the ruined cars and debris were pretty close to each other, with only the possibility of a split-second glimpse at most, Luna began using them as cover as she began to move.

Of course. They should have taken a service door out. She shouldn't have relaxed quite that much when they didn't know if they were secure or not. Shouldn't have this, shouldn't have that.

Cass didn't have time for that. She could reflect on it later, if they made it that far.

She had pivoted quickly, shotgun rising even as he rose - not quite fast enough on either count. She wasn't quite facing the man, didn't quite have the gun pointed at him, when he had his trained already. Good speed! Now if only he was pointing the damn thing somewhere else. She was in a salvageable position if it came to it, but at a disadvantage.

"Drop my weapons?" One eyebrow arched, tone dry. Stay calm. Don't escalate, but don't back down. Were those contradictory? Fuck it, if he had half a brain he wasn't alone and they were being cornered anyway. If he wanted to take the superior position, he could prove he had it. "First, I'm not dropping a loaded gun. Second, you really mean all of them." Her tone was even drier. "And frankly, I don't feel up to stripping when we just met."

Not backing down, not that easily. But a shootout would only end badly for everyone, even if she could still theoretically come out on top; good odds she'd be bleeding there. Even if she couldn't back down, she still needed to make some concession! Just so he - oddly familiar, she needed a better look at him - wouldn't jump the gun entirely!

Gun not quite fully raised, not quite pointed at him. Trigger discipline, finger extended, not ready. And hoping he wasn't so jumpy she was just digging a hole.

...well this woman certainly seemed cool-headed. Most of the scavengers he'd run into would have dropped their weapons, loaded or not, or started shooting in panic. No, she seemed to have discipline.

"Fair enough. If you aren't going to put it down, at least clear the chamber and point it in a safe direction. We don't need an... accidental discharge, comrade."

Stan began to side-step from behind the car, keeping his gun trained on her. Relaxed as her posture was, it wouldn't take more than a second for her to bring the gun up and shoot someone. He saw Luna sneaking around the side out of the corner of his vision, but didn't turn his head. No need to draw attention to her...

"What were you shooting at in there? I hope it wasn't people, for your sake."

Luna continued sneaking around the side, thankful that Stan was keeping them focused on him. As she drew closer, she became extra focused on not making any sound. Sneaking up on someone who might be jumpy and armed with a shotgun was scary enough, making noise would surely get her shot. A few second later, she was close enough. She jumped behind the woman and placed the blade of one of her tonfas on her throat.

"I do believe he said 'Drop your weapons'."

Not good, whatever advantage they had it was lost now with the woman sticking a blade to Cass's throat... But this sudden turn of events meant a new opportunity in this situation. He quickly improvised a plan to get her off cass, if things went well, they could avoid conflict, Maybe even gain two allies! The only thing that he just needed to confirm was that the man with the shotgun was someone that he thought he resembled. Carlos was able to take a better look at his face since he was closer to him.

If he called it right then it was just the thing he needed for his plan to work, otherwise they would have to surrender to those people.

"You... i know you. You're Sergei Konstantin, the gun totting russian, are you not?"

"I am he, comrade." Stan slipped into character for the moment, but kept his gun trained. "Forgive me, but I am not in the mood to be signing the autographs." When people were pointing weapons at each other, it wasn't a good time to be blinded by recognition. Besides, just like most other things these days... The "gun-toting Russian" was effectively dead.

"Hoho, i see. Well look here sergei, if that's your real name that is. I am sorry for the scrap that hit you on the head, it was the object of a bet we did between my partner and i, which she lost by the way" He said with a slight smile on his face

"With the shots that came off earlier there might be people coming here soon, whatever you thought it was it was nothing lethal i assure you. I believe you have some some questions, as do we. How about we come to an agreement that leaves both parties satisfied so we can talk somewhere else in peace? That also includes your GIRLfriend keeping her blades off mine."

It was a very odd feeling, one that Nathan still wasn't quite used to even after testing. He tried to set up the drones in such a way as to pick up on as many senses as the human body itself could manage. The only ones he was unable to truly replicate were taste, smell, and to a lesser degree touch. Pressure could still be felt but textures, a breeze, none of that could be picked up by the drone's numerous sensors.

It was only a few miles before he had reached a building, still tall enough, to get a decent view from. The crawl up was by no means a difficult task, and soon he could see Echelon Tower, and just echelon tower. The Sparand was no where to be seen. [Peter.] Nathan's voice took on an electronic tone as he spoke. Realizing he had forgotten to disengage the audio lock on the drone in order to speak to his friend, he quickly made the proper adjustments allowing his voice to be heard back at the electronics shop.

"Peter, the Sparand is gone..."

"Wha~ but how are we supposed to go to the ship if it isn't even there anymore?" Peter said, scratching his head in frustration.

"Unfortunately that seems to be our only lead still. Even if we can't find the ship there may be something worth investigating at or near the tower itself." Nathan continued to pilot the drone around the top of the skyscraper as he spoke to Pete. As he looked around, a curious sight caught his attention.

"Wait, wait... what's going on here?"

"What, what do you see?" Peter was intrigued

"Looks like one of those things dragging another one behind it, hold on, I'm going to try to get a closer look." Nathan jumped the drone off of the top of the building. As it fell it's leg curled upwards as the tips unfolded into propellers, essentially taking on the appearance of a quadrocopter. Running as silently as he had hoped, he managed to close in two block away on the top of a much shorter building. By the time he had landed it seemed the horned one was now talking to someone.

"Make that two. It's got one over each shoulder, and It's talking to someone now. Echelon's betrayal... Retribution for his crimes at the tower..."

"So... you think we should just head to the tower then?" Peter mused.

"It's our best bet. I'm calling back the drone, then we should move out."

"Gotcha" Peter said as he finished packing tools they scrounged up from the shop into his backpack. Peter was worried they were short on implements to configure and repair their tech since they couldn't return to the hangar.

After he had done so they made a direct beeline for Echelon's Tower as quickly as possible so as to avoid confrontation with the beings. The arrived much later than the others as Peter's crew were still a decent way uptown.
The anime gamer, a weird monstrosity able to make you feel as old as time with webs of nostalgia. Approach with caution and fear for your remaining youthfulness.

The Present

Altair approached the area surrounding the tower cautiously. After seeing that all of his drones were down, Altair was very concerned for his well being. He was now as blind as the proletariat, the common folk, the riff-raff. A Windows users. Although his implants were still intact, all he got on the net was static. Well, that was not the entire truth. When Altair passed by old cell towers that still stood from the previous century, he had small, infinitesimally insignificant blips come from the satellite perched on the edge of the stratosphere.

Altair smirked an arrogant little smile as he walked by one of these towers. All would be needed by Altair would be a few components and some of the tools he had on hand and he would be back in business, albeit in only a limited capacity. In the distance, Altair could see an electronics store. Knowing that any tech recovered could only be in his best interest to keep and use, he proceeded, cautiously to the entrance.

A Few Hours Earlier

Son of a [Expletive Redacted]!

Altair saw that his lair was completely demolished, turned into a pancake. Steaming with rage, Altair instantly narrowed down his suspect pool to one candidate. He swore on his, most likely, deceased father's grave that he would burn that sunnavabitch down and see what happens when a monster meets a colony drop from multiple satellites. Altair decided to check on his alternate safe houses via the security systems that were in place.




All of them, every single god damn last one of his safe houses were flattened in the city of Montreal. Even the one inside Echelon Tower! This was lunacy! There was no way that Echelon or one of his monsters could have gotten this information. Hell, Altair was even sure that he didn't know where some of these safe houses were, as he put blocks in his mind to delete/hide the information until it became apparent he needed them. However, three safe houses remained. One was still safe in the Yukon wilderness, though, he doubted anyone could find that one in the first place, it was way too remote and out of the way for him to even go there. His second, which was in the Siberian wilderness, was still intact, but he did not want to go there, as the Sparand and Vita's fight made the landscape surrounding it worse than a thousand Tunguska events. The third was in a small compound in the middle east, but that one was known by his family, and even if Altair could make the trip, he would rather face a cabal of cannibal devil worshiping looters than his own family. Not to mention the length of the trip...

Knowing a long journey laid ahead, Altair took stock of what he had. On his person, he had his scimitar, good for close combat, especially in the coming days when ammo would quickly become scarce. His railgun would be useful for a good while, as Altair had brought ample ammo with him, and the mini nuclear generator in the gun would keep it powered way after he used up his ammo. If there was no possible way to recover more than the amount he carried, Altair could always use the circuits inside for other means. Also on his person, he held a personal scanner, designed not unlike the cellphones of old from the previous century. However, it had much more than just the ability to access the net and take calls. It held a plethora of sensors, statistical data, as well medical diagnostic equipment. On his hands and his feet, Altair had his Gecko Tech, extreme parkour gear that allowed him to climb with ease vertical surfaces as if he was freaking Spiderman. On his belt loop he had his probe, which was modeled off of a...

Suddenly, Altair train of thought was cut off when he heard a commotion come from an old-school radio frequency. The implant that monitored wireless signals picked it up instantly, and he heard every word.

“-ope there’s someone out there listening to us. We broke into the tower and we managed to get onto a personal server belonging to Echelon. Please, if you’re in the city and still holding on, listen to following shit. These thi-”

With that Altair was off, hitting the remainder of the net with his implants, connecting from ad hoc ports throughout in a the city to the tower, and started pouring data from the server into his neural net. He listened with a half of a mind when he heard the startling voice of a third individual

My my, what have we here? I don’t believe that information belongs to you. But given all your hard work in acquiring it, I suppose I won’t erase-

Nope, he was not going to stay in that system any longer, no sir, instantly shutting it down as what he could only assume was one of Echelon's mechanized monstrosities suddenly entered the picture. Altair quickly compressed the data, not caring if it got corrupted in the process. As he finally compressed it enough to get his neural lace to run at optimal capacity, Altair suddenly felt very ill, and he felt a giant pressure on his brain. He tried to walk several steps, but could not move more than a few meters before he collapsed on the ground. The last image on his mind as he looked around was of a man, seemingly sitting on a rock several meters away, quite comfortably giggling at the collapsed Altair.

♫Man, I remember this moment, what a trip it wa-♫

Back to the Future (that is to say, the present):

Altair approached the electronics store, noticing that several denizens were currently in a mild confrontation of some sorts. Smirking, Altair proceeded to unsheathe his scimitar in anticipation of a conflict among these plebes. With the confidence only a madman with way too much intellect for his own good, Altair walked up on top of a relatively small piece of rubble that made him tower over the onlookers. At the exact same moment he took out the 8 inch long tube like instrument connected to the loop on his belt, and pressed a button. A slight buzz and light emitted from it, not unlike a torch, but it was colored purple instead of the generic bright yellow. The tube was pointed in the general direction of the combatants, more particularly in the direction of the two with guns.

Alright boys and girls, I think its time that we all settled down, eh?

Once more unto the Past:

Altair woke up with a blistering headache. He mentally opened up an EEG scan that showed his brainwave patterns during blackout. All it showed was normal readings, albeit a bit abnormal readings occurred during his blackout, but not too bad all considering. More alarming, to Altair at least, was that he was completely cut off from the net. He quickly checked all the frequency and, with the exception of some small radio chatter, was completely flummoxed as he felt no connection to the net. Panicking, he went inside his own neural net and opened up a file called “IDEA_ENGINE” and activated. Altair waited precious moments that seemed like eternity, as he waited for a ping. A second seemed like an eternity to Altair, hoping against hope that the signal would come through. A small ping hit his neural net. Altair smiled. All hope was not lost for his grand plan. The C.A.T. System was still active. He still had his magnum opus.

♫Its not going to work!!♫

A familiar, melodic voice sang from seemingly nowhere to Altair. As he jumped up, spinning around to search for intruders, he unsheathed his sword, positioning him into an attack position. After a good minute of just standing there, Altair started to realize it probably was not a good idea to stay in his current position. Altair started moving slowly away from his previous position. As he walked away, Altair quickly put a plan together. He would gather supplies, then get the hell out of dodge, head to his safe house in the Yukon, hoping that scavengers wouldn't find it first, or that it would be destroyed or had been destroyed since he last pinged its security. Anywhere was better than staying in the city.

♪ You should go to Echelon Tower...♪

Altair thought he should go to- wait a minute where the hell did that thought come from? Altair instantly halted, surprised at the sudden thought. Why the hell did he want to go there? There might be ample supplies there, sure, and any more info on the monsters and crap that had been going on and suddenly it did seem like a good idea to go to the tower. Besides, there may be additional supplies he could scavenge from the shopping district, survivors to exploit, and maybe even more. Altair proceeded toward the general direction of the tower.

"i HATE being right!" Carlos said that when that person appeared all of a sudden. Activating their weird gizmo that emmited a purple light, with somethign looking like a tube aiming at them, could it be a rocket launcher? an RPG? a portable railgun? (that would be terrifying and awesome at the same time).

Well that clusterfucked quickly.

A question. And then a threat before she could answer, a blade to her throat. Huh, didn't look like a normal knife from the grip. Probably should have worried her, but from the voice she heard...

...well, it wasn't as if youth and killing ability had anything to do with each other. That really was concerning.

Blade at her throat from some girl who couldn't listen, gun on her from a fucking fake Russian - she always knew it, it came off as a comedy routine to her - and a bunch of prattle flying through the air. At least Carlos was keeping his cool about handling those two, even if he was halfway to being a twit in the process.

And then...

Yeah, this was clusterfucking alright. It just needed someone to get a hair too jumpy and pull a trigger, slit a neck, and the whole thing would go to hell. Wouldn't that be a great day?

Fuck this morning was Cass's main thought.

"Y'know, you've all made this into a pretty shit morning." Cass kept her tone calm, conversational, slowly lowering the weapon, supporting hand sliding up the barrel. "S'what I get for breaking and entering, I guess. Who knew karma gave a shit about the law?" Barrel down, pointed at the ground.

"'Course, now we're gonna' have more friends by the minute."

And he was probably armed. If he wasn't, he was a dumbass for pointing that thing around like a weapon, and dead the moment someone called his bluff.

Breaking and... Right. Between her unamused attitude and the way her partner was half-pleading, half snide jackass, that seemed to make sense. That, and given how close they were, Stan couldn't see any blood on her. He pointed the gun away before turning it and resting it on his shoulder. "Luna, let her go. She's clean."

He then turned towards the person Cass hinted at, probably giving her a good view of his LAW. That man... Sword, unidentifiable object being held... Not unlike a weapon. Could be some trouble. "Hey friend, we already had enough misunderstandings here, yeah? Put those away, we don't need any accidents."

Luna carefully took the blade away from the woman's throat after Stan's suggestion. She then began to walk towards him, making sure to keep one eye on the woman, and another on the man that had shown up, pointing what looked like a weapon at them. The whole time, her tonfas never left her hands.

Another person at long range... Luna thought to herself. She really needed to look into fixing that issue.

Altair carefully sheathed his scimitar back into its sheathe, but kept his sonic probe out, but was more casual in how he held it.

I'll put my blade a way, but bear in mind; I am not prepared to move from the high ground in this situation just yet.

Altair adjusted the strap on his back that held his Railgun, preparing to be able to flip it out at a moments notice, like he endlessly practiced before. Proceeding to survey the strangers, he looked, studied, and sized up each one of them. One of the ones in the middle, the Middle/Southern American individual, had the look of common sense upon him. At least he would not try anything stupid, and was not looking for conflict. So did the Eastern/Central European man, which looked like the face of the other side of this conflict, trying to calm things down. He looked a little familiar, maybe a minor celebrity? There were so many of them now on the net, it was hard to keep track anymore. The Asian girl had the look of a warrior, probably one of those Asian shrine maidens that picked up a little too much martial arts after watching too many holotoons/dramas; though, Altair thought, he was not one to talk, wielding his probe around like a weapon. Finally, his eyes came to the girl who previously had the tonfa to her neck. Altair did not like the look of her. He could see from her body language that she was a predator and a scavenger by nature, more akin to the current lifestyle of scavenging and hellscapes than the world that used to be only weeks ago. Worse, the look in her eyes showed one thing to him; she was clever. That was the worst thing Altair could run into, a person who was as clever as he was, who knew the true rules of the world. The weak perish to keep the strong on top. Altair knew that he either had to ally and make friends with her quickly, or eliminate her while he still could.

You know, you guys are making a right racket out here, I bet I am not the only one who is going to show up here, given how loud you guys have been yelling at each other. I suggest we all start moving on to greener pastures. One of those metal monstrosities may be here any minute, judging by the noise. And, we must all agree, that this situation is getting a little, if I may be so bold, too American wouldn't you all agree?

They had waited too long. The noise had drawn it's attention.

The black humanoid was smaller than its brethren. Tiny, agile looking, a small frame. It's sharpened claws and angled, feline-like ears gave its mouthless and visored face a sinister appearance. The purple accents on the outer edges of its body shined brightly against the dark, black metal that took up the majority of its form. Gracefully, it fell forward off of a nearby rooftop, front-flipping at the same time. It landed with beauty, with exception to the large crunching sound that followed its impact. The one known as Azazel had been flattened beneath with a definitive and final crunch, leaving behind only a small cloud of dust as his body gave way. No scream.

The Ferrum Servus, identified as 007 by the number on its chest, was quick to reposition. Too quick. Without so much as a blink, it was suddenly standing centered inside the newly gathered group. There existed an audible explosion of concrete as the ground gave way underneath where it has previously been; now only a crater remained. Likely the aftermath of the force generated from its incredible speed. The figure's black claws began to glow, emitting a purple aura of light from them as a long and jagged tail began to emerge from its backside. Slithering as if it was sentient, the tail turned and coiled until it circled the machine multiple times, ending once it reached thirty feet.

That figured. As soon as the weirdo with the probe thingy had mentioned that they had likely attracted something's attention, they were confronted with yet ANOTHER of the mechanized beings, this one having landed on someone and likely killed him. And now its claws were glowing, and its tail was lengthening. Luna didn't like the way that looked, and the sudden appearance of the being was starting to trigger another panic attack.

I- I- I- I really think we should leave! Luna stammered, fighting desperately to keep the panic in her from taking complete control of her.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
A jab at Americans, odd choice from the man with the strange weapon. A hint of jingoism, maybe? Either way, Stan was about to respond when that god awful crunch split the air.

Gun up... Another one of those machine-things. He heard Luna stammer out that they needed to move. Now.

"She's right, we need to leg it!" But where to run... The tower. "We should scatter, keep it from hitting everyone at once, reconvene at Echelon's Tower!"

He started charging off, figuring the others would follow the example.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"What the hell do you mean too ameri-" He didn't have enough time to finish the sentence when the servus came, crushing someone beneath it and gracefully attracting everyone's attention. It looked both beautiful and deadly.

The others were starting to head to the tower to try and lose the beast and seek refuge, yet carlos wasn't running. Why wasn't he running? Why did he stand there frozen in place? Any other person in his place would run. The servus looked familiar, like he saw it somewhere before.

And it was now looking at him.

At Stan's shout for them to run, Luna turned and bolted, her fear propelling her forward. She didn't know if the Servus was on her tail, but she realized if it was, it would have killed her before she could react. That didn't help her control her fear, but instead spurred her to move as fast as she could to put some distance between her and the thing. Another tactic she did was to make random turns, consulting her handheld multimedia device (which had maps of every major city on it) to make sure she was still going in the right direction. She had no idea what awaited them at the tower, but if those things were trying to get them there, it must be important...

Or kill them all...

Neck free, weapons lowered all around, crisis averted, right? That new guy was already annoying her with how he was standing, watching, judging - but if they just went ahead and got moving again, problem solved, right?


A crunch, causing her to immediately start stepping back, raising the weapon again. A falling where did that -

It was not as if Cass had not, on some level, expected one of them to appear again. But not so soon. And she hadn't expected them to display such impossible abilities, movement near instant, destructive. Incomparable, simply beyond human. She did not even feel fear, after that brief moment from which comprehension dawned. Were it human, were it somehow within measure, perhaps there might have been fear. But for that, for such unmatchable power and grace? There was no more fear than that inherent in true awe.

But fear and survival had nothing to do with each other. Cass turned almost as soon as she could, moving away, trying to slip into an alley and into one of the buildings. If she could get just far enough, separate herself just enough, maybe she might avoid it even if it was hostile - it wasn't as if she were the only target.

And yet Carlos...

"Get moving, you idiot!"

Pausing for only a moment, perhaps critical. She shouldn't have. Against something with that much speed, it was sticking her neck out. She had known him for a few minutes, couldn't expect anything like that from him.

Fucking human decency. The world had already gone to hell, she didn't need it sticking around just to spite her. Again.

"Get moving, you idiot!"

He was snapped back into reality, taking yet another moment to asess the situation: Everyone decided to run to the tower for shelter, the servus was looking at him, claws out and all of that. His partner yelling him to get a grip and get out of there.


Fuck indeed, two people already got a headstart to run away while cass was risking her life to bring carlos back to his senses so he could flee. If what happened before wasn't bad to call it a shitty day, this was a good enough reason.

He had to think of something, and fast. A second wasted thinking was a second closer to apparent gory death. Checking his surroundings as fast as his eyes could let him he was able to spot an open manhole just nearby, and with it, a escape route.

First he adressed the servus "You, we'll have a talk later someday about you-know-what! But for now!"

And now at cass "Cass, follow me, Quick!"

Several thoughts passed through Altair's mind the instant when he saw the mechanized killer cyborg: One, the rules have changed. Before, Echelon's Cyborgs would not attack unarmed or non-threatening individuals without probable cause for alarm. Two, his position was compromised, having the high ground would only make his escape that much harder against the armored being, and it would know that. Three, Altair could really use a grilled cheese sandwich. Four, Altair was the most decked out in tech, making him the most logical target. Five, his only weapon that could possibly damage it was currently on his back, but would take way too long to whip out and attack with, judging by its speed and agility. Altair further postulated that escape would be almost as futile. However, it was the only option that led to his only chance of survival.

PARKOUR! Altair jolted from his position, running toward the general direction of the tower, hoping that the Cyborg would not follow. Using the years of training under his belt, he dived and leaped over debris, cars, and other objects left behind in the ruined landscape, running well past the others due to his parkour training giving him the ability to not move around such obstacles.

And that's everything. I'm going to be putting it in spoilers for convenience, since it's all pretty long. Continue as if nothing ever happened~
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Cass had called out. Carlos had moved. Mission accomplished, that, though she barely had time to appreciate it. No, she was beginning to move again, starting to turn toward the buildings, but he had other ideas. Credit where credit was due, she would later think, he was quick on his feet once he started. The manhole was a good choice, too small for practical pursuit if they could get moving quickly enough. Insane speed would do little if the environs were cramped enough. If they could get far enough into the sewer for it.

And that was the catch. It meant going into the sewer again. She had just enough time to consider it, to remember. Cramped, dark, sometimes foul, rarely pleasant. The situation she had been in, scraping at the bottom of the barrel - the emotions the idea stirred alone were almost enough to deter her.

Almost. Ever the pragmatist. She wasn't going to die over a bit of history, not like that.

Into the manhole it was. Maybe they could get away. Maybe they could even find there way to the Tower, which was apparently the new local hotspot of the post-apocalypse Montreal. Why the hell not? The hornets seemed to be out of the nest; why not raid it while they could?

She might try justifying it so later. Then, she had no time. Into the manhole, wherever it might lead.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Luna had run as hard as she could for several minutes by this time. While she held no illusions that she had put enough distance between herself and the killer machine, her body was demanding that she slow down. Luna slowed her pace to that of a jog, still moving, but not at the faster pace. As she continued on, she was ashamed. She had panicked at the sight of the machine, and fled in terror. That was the third time she had panicked at the sight of one of those things, and twice that one had threatened her. She was trained to handle those stronger than her, but it was all theories until this point. She considered herself able to handle any threat, but those things just couldn't be human, and if they once were, they weren't any more.

Not for the first time since the incident, her thoughts turned to Echelon. Why had he done this? Why lay waste to every major city on the planet? Why create those... things? What was he up to? Luna's mind burned with questions, but it couldn't seem to find any answers in what she knew about the incident.

Luna made one more turn, when she saw it. The world headquarters of the name synonymous with the end of the world. Echelon Tower. Luna looked around. She had heard that the Sparand had crashed near the tower, but the area looked intact, which shouldn't be. At the very least, the impact of such a large ship would have left some mark, even if the Sparand was obliterated on impact. Caution took hold of her again, and she decided to wait for some of the others to arrive before she approached the tower.

(11:58:31) Ryo_Hazaki crushes Lamda's head with a mallet Gallager-style.
(11:58:48) Lamda_Bamda: Ryo, I know I shouldn't, but I love you for that.

(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Since Peter's group was still aways out in an opposite direction from echelon tower, the events that transpired to the other players went on completely unnoticed by their group. As they arrived at the tower later that night they saw a roughly 6 ft Ferrum Servur being also seemingly heading to the tower, from a different direction. He was clad in mainly black with red trim, the lighter peices of what Peter would call his "armour"'s main colour was a steel looking colour with glowing blue accents, he carried the numbers "011" on his chest. He was dragging (from what Peter could see from his angle) what roughly looked like a bigger version of himself with darker armour and minigun barrel grafted into his left arm by his "horn". Peter wasn't sure how else to call it, since he didn't know if it played any role in the being's abilities or it was just for decoration. In the first being's other arm he had a cloaked figure slung over his shoulder, Peter couldn't make out very much other than the figure's relative size could be about as tall as himself.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
After sealing the entrance shut, both carlos and cass quickly ran to get some relative distance away from the beast and get closer to the tower, everyone deciding to go there for shelter... somehow.

Luckily they had some crank flashlights handy for lightning up the somewhat dark ecosystem of the sewers, a map and a compass to not lose way; The two of them were quiet, if a bit tense, to their way to the tower. That was, untill one of them broke silence...

"So um... How did you end up here? i mean, prior to everything that happened recently. What's your story?"

"Life happened." Cass was dismissive with her response. Visibly irritable. The sewer was not where she had wanted to end up, it brought back too many memories she was ready to be done with. And it smelled like a sewer. She could have done without that. When would she even be able to wash it out? Would the smell stick to her guns? Shit, was this going to damage the guns? That would just be great, wouldn't it?

"Go with the flow, you know?" At least there had been some drainage. Funny how that worked. City got blown to hell, systems with constant input suddenly got a lot less. "Life points you somewhere, you head there." At least they knew where they were going. It was a question of judging the distance more than anything.

"I see, i guess you probably had it better than me then"

"As for me tough, it all began a day or so before Mr. God Complex arrived to the city i used to live, guns blazing and and all of that"

He began to tell her his story and how he ended up here

"I was just a college student, living a relatively normal schoolife. And when i say normal i say bullies, bad grades and stuff, it's amazing how bullies still exist even now."

"The day the shit hit the fan i was at uni, studying for 3 tests i needed to clear the semester. And then i saw them, the two flying ships heading towards the city. It all happened too fast, everyone seeking cover and swarming the refugees. Watching people you hold dear die in front of you without you being able to do anything is maybe one of the worst feelings ever. I quickly ran from the university to my neighborhood only to see the place i used to call home be reduced to smithereens. Then i blacked out"

"I woke up in the aftermath of the fight, the two ships had already left heading to the north. I gathered everything that seemed useful, and gave a farewell to my family after giving them a proper burial: My parents, my sister and our pets." He said with a sad tone in his voice, almost like he was about to cry.

"Without thinking, i went and followed the two ships. Fastfoward a bit, and here i am with you."

"A lot of hardships which i had to endure were on also the way: I had to endure lots of days with hunger, others fighting or running for my life. Of course, this wasn't just me. I bet everyone else was the same right? I mean, you too must have had your ups and downs during this bullshit right?"

Cass was largely silent as Carlos spoke, moving forward through the sewers. They had barely even just met each other, realistically, and already he was starting to dump his heart. Terrible place for it. She couldn't say she was happy to play confidant, but the sewer made it a whole lot worse. Even so, Amca had always said, if someone gives you their heart...

"Yeah, everyone's had some shit to deal with." A vague nod. She stopped. Turning, looking him in the eye. "'course, doesn't change anything, does it? Maybe give you a couple more understanding ears, but not much else, eh?" There was a slight hint of humor in her voice at the end, but her expression was serious again in only a moment.

"Truth be told, Carlos, you're damn lucky. Not just for surviving all this shit, but for being there at all, even if they were dead already." True enough. Lot of people wouldn't have had time at all to get back with family if they weren't there already. Course, some of them would have died before they even knew it was coming. Whole lot worse ways to go than in total ignorance, before the realization could even set in. "You had the chance to bury 'em, right? Then you managed to make it all the way here, and that'd be bad business in this fallout. So doing pretty good, getting here, right? Still in one piece, no starving, nothing like that, right? So I'll tell you how this is going to go."

Stepping forward slightly, one hand reaching for his shoulder. "Gut tells me we've got some crazy shit ahead. Those things wandering around, that one trying to get us together at the tower, that's a bit off, right? But we're not going to let anything happen. We're still in one piece, for all the shit we've been through, we've had our lucky streak." Looking him in the eyes. Not harsh. Firm. Resolute. But not unempathetic. "And me, I don't plan on ruining that streak. And I don't see you doin' that either.

"So I say, we've gotten through some shit. Pretty terrible shit, right? But we got through it. So we're going to keep getting through it, and if things don't get better, we'll make it happen. Things start going south, then you stick with me and I'll stick with you and we'll fight it 'till it's looking up again. That a plan you can get behind?"

"Thats one plan ill always get behind" he said with a bit of laughter "I think i should thank Echelon for making our paths intesect, yours and mine that is. i'll do it once i manage to get my hands on him whenever he's back from space

"Now we should hurry up, we're almost there! Also feel free to punch me in the face if i ever drag us back to the sewers again"

"Thank him, eh?" Arching one eyebrow with a dry smile. "Well, won't that make you stand out." And then turning away, beginning down the sewers again. "Carlos, I'd do it even if you hadn't asked. Might not stop there either. Fair warning!"

And with somewhat more time, the two finally reached a suitable exit. Climbing out of the sewers - the fresher air above desperately needed, if only for her sanity - and turning toward the tower. Others had already arrived, unsurprisingly. What awaited, she wondered? Would their arms be enough?

Not for the machines. But for everything else, they at least had a fighting chance.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Panic. 007 had caused panic, that was perfect. A panicked creature meant a more dangerous, aggressive prey. It meant more fun hunting. Had anyone stayed long enough to watch, and no one had - common sense had gotten the better of them - they would have seen the predator’s yellow eyes change into an eternal darkness; black as black can be. Staring into the void, that’s what they would have thought of 007’s current eyes. Lowering herself into a pouncing stance, the Servus paused to reconsider. Her prey were fleeing, yes, but they realistically stood no choice. She had already dispatched one of them rather effortlessly…Had that been fun? Not really. Where was the thrill? Even the basic rush of excitement had passed almost immediately after the kill. Was it really worth following such worthlessness? No, not for the moment anyways. There was bigger prey beginning to reveal itself underground. That made 007’s eyes flash to red. Well, the radiation was bound to bring fun playmates. Hopefully ones unique enough to stand up to her.

“Sounds fun~”

With that, the black humanoid vanished with a blur, a crater, and the echoing sound of insanity’s laughter.


Pain. No, not just pain. Confusion too. Pain and confusion. That’s what best described the inner workings of 011’s head. Like someone had been playing surgeon with your nerve endings. Altering your perceptions and… Such a headache, hard to make sense of it all. what had he said? Revenge on Echelon. Echelon. The doctor - the monster. Focusing was easier when he thought in context of Echelon.

011 dropped his cargo rather unceremoniously: 003 had been dumped on the floor with 004, the cloaked one, directly on top of him. Neither were moving anytime soon. Then he sat among the debris that surrounded the ground levels of Echelon Tower, not there was much left. Much left, that would have an interesting meaning, wouldn't it? Someone, and 011 felt he knew very well who, had repaired the general structure and hidden the ship. Clever, helpful even. To the regular onlooker, nothing major ever happened around this part of the city. What a lie, what a total lie. He couldn't help but let out a small laugh. Imagine that, a Servus laughing; scary thing, honestly.

011 spent some time sitting still, thinking. A few hours, actually. He wondered if anyone had left in that time. Many had certainly shown up. That was good, they’d be useful in the coming months. Eventually he looked up, at no one in particular and spoke.

“Come on out. I don’t bite; I promise I’m friendly.”

His cracked visor remained a dull, lifeless grey.

OOC: 011's appearance. He does not have the blue blades extended out, so pretend they aren't there. =p
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Luna was sitting on a piece of rubble more or less near the place she had stopped, struggling to keep from falling asleep from boredom. Her multimedia device had run out of power some time earlier, keeping her from using one of the apps within to keep her entertained while she waited. She also wondered which of the others would arrive next. As long as it wasn't the nut with the weird weapons, or one of the machine men. If it was one of them, Luna didn't think she could keep from panicking.

Shortly, Luna heard the sound of something opening. Turning, she saw the woman she had held a blade to earlier and her partner climbing out of the sewer.

Great... Well, this will be awkward. Luna thought to herself. Then she heard the voice, and her breath caught in her throat. Not one of them... Not one of the machine men... Luna took an involuntary step back from the Servus, not wanting to be anywhere near one, and when she spoke, her voice showed her nerves.

"T-To b-be fair, I haven't h-had the best of experiences with t-th-those like y-you."

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread

Altair shouted as he kept slipping through alley ways, using his knowledge of Montreal's street plan to create the shortest route toward the giant monstrosity that was Echelon's Tower. Furthermore, he ensured that there was little room for the relatively pint sized mechanized monstrosity/anime cat robot girl nerd would not, hopefully, follow. As he ran around, he had thousands of nanoseconds to think about plans, permutations of said plans, how he would kill Echelon (probably a sniper rifle from thousands of yards away, no one really ever expects it, even though that usually could kill anyone without them realizing it), where he could pick up some ingredients for plan T(Where would he get that much LSD?), another rundown of all his equipment in his head, who the hell was talking to him earlier, was it the same guy that told him to go to the tower, etc. As he thought about it he jumped on top of a fire escape to avoid a stack of garbage the size of a small hill, running and jumping between them.

PARKOUR!!! Altair once again yelled, dodging ladders and avoiding other obstacles. He knew he was about a block or two from the tower when he realized one undeniable fact; he was at least five stories up, and had nothing but rubble to break his inevitable fall, and his gear was only made to brace him for maybe three stories. As he ran, he started thinking of contingency plans, noting where all the trees and bushes were. As he neared the straight away, he noted that there were a few figures standing in front of the tower. Suddenly a new idea started formulating in Altair's mind. An awful idea. Altair got a wonderful, awful idea. As he dismounted from the building, timed and aimed his jump straight for the figures, which, unfortunately, rang true.


Altair whooped, as his foot slammed right down into the Asian shrine girl, allowing it to break his fall; this maneuver granted him the opportunity to somersault after jumping on her head, allowing Altair to land on his feet without too much effort. Altair, surprisingly nonplussed about using, in his opinion, a lesser human as a spring board, looked up at the new towering monstrosity of Echelon. Eh, whatsup gov? was the only real thing he could say to the thing that stood in front of him, hoping that his maneuver would at least leave the creature to be nonplussed enough to allow him an opportunity to escape.

OOC: Zy's will be done:
Quote:[8:06:44 PM] Zyros: Ah
[8:06:46 PM] Zyros: Just do it then
[8:07:00 PM] Zyros: and mention in OOC that I okay'd because his character would have been distracted

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Luna was nervously talking to the Ferrus Servus when suddenly, Altair jumped on her head! Grasping her now-aching head, Luna wheeled on the newcomer.

"What is your major malfunction {asshole}?! Was a flashy entrance really that important to you, {and did you really need to jump on my head}?! She screamed, slipping into Japanese in her rage. Was this idiot really that unaware of the fact he had nearly killed her? She was going to look forward to the day she got payback.

OOC: Yeah, she survived as confirmed by Zy, if only because CC never said how far he'd be jumping from:

Quote:[3:41:16 PM] Zyros: Nah
[3:41:36 PM] Zyros: She's the luckiest bastard in existence; she's completely uninjured (with a headache of some magnitude)
[3:42:08 PM] Zyros: To be fair, he said he'd be stepping on your head, not jumping 4 stories on to it >.>;

Also, curly braces are Luna speaking Japanese.

(11:58:31) Ryo_Hazaki crushes Lamda's head with a mallet Gallager-style.
(11:58:48) Lamda_Bamda: Ryo, I know I shouldn't, but I love you for that.

(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"Calm down there" He said while approaching her and checking for any injuries, although it didn't seem serious. "Don't waste your breath with him, you'll only empower him with a response" looking at the person dangerously located in front of the servus, with a subtle look of contempt.

"By the way, nice skills with parkour up there, i have to admit." talking to king douchebag up there "You should try and and sit somewhere else while we wait for more people to arrive or think of something else to do. If you want to stay there and become that big guy's plaything..." Adressing the servus now, who looked to be a big enough guy FOR THE GUY IN FRONT OF HIM "Then by all means, be my guest"
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Well it wasn't as if Cass wasn't half-expecting one of the machines to be there. When it made itself known, it was basically unsurprising. Not entirely welcome, a touch unsettling, but not really surprising. If there was anything that was going to show up at the tower, what else would it be? Other than scavengers. Which she was. Other scavengers.

Less expected was that man's entrance, using the knifey girl as a stepping-stool. Dick move. Half a mind to 'discuss' it with him, but there were bigger concerns. Drawing a gun recklessly in front of one of the machines was a stupid-ass idea. So was leaving them unchecked. Or unwatched, really - how the hell were they supposed to keep one in check as it was? Maybe if they had some heavy-duty gear, the broadcast had mentioned that, but like hell any of them knew where to get it, nevermind moving it.

Well, there were always military bases left to loot. The real heavy stuff would have been left, so that was one issue half-solved. Hopefully it wouldn't come to it.

Cass wasn't a very hopeful person.

Unchambering the rounds, rehooking the shotgun to her belt. Hopping up, carrying herself up onto one of the mounds of rubble around the tower, sitting herself cross-legged, gun hanging down on either side. Facing the machine that had spoken. Expression neutral, casual.

"Friendly, eh?" Her tone was almost bored. "'scuse me if I'mma bit sceptical at first here, kind of a mixed bag the way you all act." Like the one that had landed on someone. Real friendly, that. "'course, I guess they call it friendly fire, so maybe you're as friendly as that."

The whole thing was a farce, acting as if they were somehow equal. On the other hand, if it wanted them dead, why the hell not? She lucked out, she'd be good. She didn't, well, shit sucked. She still wouldn't be going out grovelling.
01-07-2014, 03:29 AM
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Perhaps somewhat embarrassingly, Stan was one of the last to make it to the tower. Lots of evasive maneuvering tended to slow one down from reaching their destination. Arriving at the tower, last of the group, he saw that mysterious machine, the one that had told them to come here, sitting on top of a mound of debris. He'd considered trying to pull the LAW on it, in ambush...

Then it said to all gathered that it was friendly. Probably even to him, as a warning that the machine knew where he was...

Then, as he walked into the open, Altair performed an act that made him regret not shooting the bastard in the face at some point...

"Sorry I'm late everybody... A friendly, huh? Well... Considering you've not pulled a gun on someone yet, or caused bodily injury to anybody... A bit friendlier than this lot has historically been..."

Conversation, yes. Since this was about the only machine that had been more interested in talking, maybe it would be better to keep it talking. He held his hands up, and slipped his shotgun into his holster, and moved over to Cass, crouching down. Seemingly random, but he was positioning himself so that she could spring up and grab the LAW if things turned ugly...

"So, why did you bring us all here?"
01-07-2014, 10:23 AM
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
As they arrived at the tower, Peter noticed the group of people gathering there.

"Who's the dumb ass who keeps yelling parkour? There are who knows how many of the Ferrum Servus out there looking for, or are already following us, minus them." Peter thumbed in the direction of 011 and his "baggage".

"You realize they attack based on threat level, and you being loud like that is telling them you aren't scared to pick a fight with them."

"Sounds like a real genius if you ask me Pete, hell maybe we should ask him to work with us on our next project." Nathan couldn't help but laugh out loud at what he had just said. The young man allowed himself to fall back against a wall and slide down it a short ways before speaking up again.

"So, looks like the survivors are gathering at ground zero... Doesn't really look right does it? Far too intact still. Don't suppose any of you have a plan for what we're doing except for maybe, what number are you... Eleven? Good to see that not all of you are hostile towards us, or for that mater mind breaking..."
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"If what you're saying is true then the Servus that my group ran away from must have sensed something dangerous, maybe that's why it didn't attack us right away when it appeared. I'd like to think we all gathered here for a reason, don't know what could that reason be exactly. Maybe our friend "eleven" can tell us what's gonna happen now since i don't see anyone else coming soon."
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