Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Nathan and Luna vent their frustrations in the Danger Room: Part 1.
"So, you want to go first then?" Nathan leaned up against the wall, just off to the left of the Danger room's entrance way.

"Fine, then." Luna said, as she began programming in the location, the room shifting to a recreation of the city. "Now..." Luna began programming in a few generic mutated enemies.

"When you're done, there's something I want to try to show you, assuming the system is cooperative today."

"Mmm..." Luna said as she walked over to the enemies, who attack her. A few moments later, Luna stands, surrounded by the gory piles of her foes, having re-spawned them several times during the fight.

"How are you feeling, doing any better?" Nathan shuffled slightly. Standing motionless in the same place for so long, while, no longer uncomfortable, made him feel somewhat awkward.

"No... But at least I don't feel like tearing Notte's head from his shoulders. Is it so wrong for him to actually open up and trust us?"

"You'd think it wouldn't be so hard, though considering how little we really know, maybe he has good reason." He pushed himself off the wall, as he began to pace. "I'm not defending how he acts, not by any means, but we really don't know enough, and for the most part, there's probably plenty of us who have our own secrets, things we don't want Notte, or anyone else knowing for one reason or another. I'm not surprised, but I'm still disappointed."

"At the very least, why didn't he tell us who that other Ferrum was?"

"Considering the power set that Ferrum had, If I were in the same position I might not say anything either... Luna, can I share something with you, privately?" He pointed to his visor, hoping that would convey what he meant to do. Hopefully it would work out, and allow him to share some information without fear of a certain Ferrum picking up on the details, and hopefully she'd be willing to allow it, despite the past experience.

"May as well. You're about the only one who hasn't messed with my mind today."

Nathan focused on Luna, making eye contact before diving. I'm sorry. Only way I can be at least somewhat certain this remains private. I don't know who that Ferrum was, but I've met another with abilities that are very similar to his. Ran into him at least three times now, once before we all met for the first time, once after fighting Zod the first time, and again when I traveled into New York to retrieve a part for the Sperrand. He has a very chaotic nature, and though he's shown himself to mostly be an ally, he's had fun at my expense before as well. I haven't said anything about him to nearly anyone, because honestly, if he is my ally that's the kind of trump card I may need if anything ever goes wrong and I find myself at the wrong end of Notte's blade, or worse. I intend to find out if he has any relation to the Ferrum we faced today the next time I encounter him. Hopefully he'll have information. His designation was 002... Come to think of it, I think the first time we all met I even tried to say something to Notte about him but he shrugged me off then...

First, let me say that I appreciate you asking me this time... As for this other Ferrum... Something tells me they're one and the same. Something tells me this Ferrum's even stronger than the combat-class Ferrum, and we've seen what Notte's capable of, even when he was holding back... How are we supposed to combat such power?

Hopefully we won't have to. I'm not sure we could even prepare for it unless he leaves all of his fights up to the challenger to decide the rules. As well, I'm not so sure if they are the same. I didn't recognize him at all, and at the very least it didn't feel like him. The thought did cross my mind though, once we woke up. How many Ferrum could really have power like that after all.

Only one that I know of. And from what I've seen, with the exception of Alten and our abilities, Ferrum abilities are exclusive to one Ferrum each.

Either this type is an exception to the rule, or he was affecting my mind somehow... Nothing can ever just be straight forward, can it?.. We stand around looking blank for too long that might be suspicious if anyone is watching. When we come out of this, I'm going to act like I was struggling with dealing with the fear from our encounter with that ferrum... Gotta keep all the bases covered.

Agreed. Besides, maybe the others have had better luck.

Mhm. Nathan cut off the Dive at that point. Back in his own body, he had previously moved himself into a position with is index finger and thumb pressed into the visor on his helmet, as if he were deep in thought. "I'm sorry, I just. The kind of power that Ferrum had... It was terrifying. It, wasn't such a primal feeling as facing the Nightstalker was, but... It's hard to explain... I don't want to have to face something like that again, you know?"

"Speaking of... What the hell is this Night Stalker that you keep going on about?"

"Right, I forgot." Nathan paused for a moment. "I hadn't asked you for help at the time, considering we still weren't on the best of terms then. I was sent out to deal with reports of a Rogue Ferrum a while back, seemed like it was causing problems amongst the human survivors in the city. Strange thing about it though is that it targeted people who weren't the best of what humanity has to offer. I eventually ran into it in an ally, followin the scream of a woman. It was like a semi-solid, ethereal cloud of smoke in humanoid form, darker than the deepest black you've ever seen."

He trembled slightly, memories of the Night Stalker still haunted him, and put him on edge. "It moved like smoke too, could dissapear. Nasty as hell to combat. I think it was toying with me. It let me get back to base, and after regaining my composure somewhat, Cass, and Peter joined me in hunting it down. The whole time it just toyed with us, I think it even actually killed Peter and I at one point, or maybe it was another trick, it was all so strange, but in the end Cass was able to save us from it..." Another pause, somewhat longer than the last. "You should ask her about it some time, if you want to know more. I'm not going to say anything more about it, some of it was very personal, like what happened with you today."

Luna looked lost in thought for a few moments before speaking. "It sounds like an old legend from when I was a child about the Black Mist..."

"The Black Mist was a killer who terrorized Feudal-Era Japan. He slaughtered hundreds, but he could not be killed himself. For he had sold his soul to the oni, and they delighted in the chaos he inflicted. To ensure his rampages continued, the oni cursed his soul. Should he fall, his soul does not go to the Jigoku, but seeks out the one who killed him, and takes over his killer's body to continue his rampage."

"But like I said, it's only a legend."

"I see. Perhaps the Nightstalker's drive was inspired by the legend... You said it seeks out the killers body in order to continue it's rampage though. I hope that part of the legend isn't so accurately portrayed through the drive. Cass accidentally absorbed it after the fight."

"Keep an eye on her. If she does turn into the Stalker we'll have to eliminate her and isolate the drive to keep it possessing anyone else."

"Right... Ugh." he kicked at the ground. "It's been a while since she absorbed it, and so far she hasn't seemed to be acting very strangely. That's a good sign at least."

"Has she displayed any unusual powers or tendencies since then? I was more focused on Stratos the last time we fought together."

"She can cloak now, I know that much, as well. She lost an arm and it somehow re-attached itself after she first absorbed the drive."

Luna sighed. "Best to keep an eye on her in any case. After dealing with Altaiir, we don't need anyone else going crazy."

"Yeah... Wait, what happened to Altaiir anyway? He just kind of disappeared last I noticed."

"Who knows or cares? A lot more sane around here with him gone. Not that that's saying much..."

"I suppose. He certainly wasn't subtle about much, not to mention something about him just didn't seem right. Maybe my imagination though, who knows. It's just, no one's that stupid, while managing to stay alive..." A short pause, he had completely forgotten up until now. "Ah, I almost forgot. Did you want to see what I wanted to show you now?" He motioned to the danger room around them.

"Sure, why not? And if Altaiir's dead, I won't mourn his passing. I still remember him jumping on my head after all."

He laughed, "Heheh, yeah. I can't really blame you there. Anyway." Nathan turrned his attention to the Danger Room. "Run the Avalon simulation please." Avalon quietly appeared in the middle of the room.

"Try talking to him, and pay close attention to any changes in behaviour. Might take some prodding to get results."
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Part 2

"Good day, Avalon. I trust you are well?"

"As well as I can be, I guess."

"What can you tell me about how Alten created you?"

"Alten didn't make me, kid. The doc did."

"That's unusual, given that you currently exist as a simulation created by Alten."

"Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but Alten didn't make the Danger Room."

"Then what can you tell me about the Danger Room's origins?"

Natthan opened up a line of communication to Luna. [Oh, that's a new one. Surprisingly forthcoming with the strange information today.]

Avalon shrugged, "Info's not in my head."

[You'd know, given that you've been trying to figure this out for some time.]

"Avalon, what can you tell me about a Ferrum with samurai-like armor and reality-altering powers?"

"Sounds like a Ferrum with samurai-like armor and reality-altering powers."

"Do you know his name?"

"Maybe I did when I was alive. Can't say I do now."

Luna sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Alright, then what can you tell us about Notte?"

"Well, his name's Notte."

[He'll slip up sometimes, usually with the more indirect questions. The more direct questions often result in... Frustration, as you might be able to tell.]

[Seems so. Any advice on what I should ask him?]

[I've gone through a lot of questioning with him before now. I was hopping a fresh perspective would help pull more information out of him. I'm very curious as to who actually created the Danger Room now, for example... Though I might try aiming for more personal questions, or questions that might seem obvious, it might annoy the AI enough that it'll blurt something out it doesn't mean too. The whole process is rather hit and miss unfortunately.]

[Hmm.] Luna thinks for a moment. "Avalon, what did you like to do in your spare time?"

"We're Ferrum, kid. We don't have spare time."

"What about before you became a Ferrum?" The AI ferrum simply shrugged.

"Do you remember anything about before you became a Ferrum? Anything at all?"

"Maybe the alive-me did."

[Damn, I had thought that line of questioning could have opened up some more possibilities... Would have asked the Danger Room to recreate a room related to the things he enjoyed if it worked.]

[Not a bad idea, but then again, Drives don't store our memories from when we were alive, I believe.]

"Is there a possibility we can talk to a simulation of Alten?"

[If this doesn't work. I think I'm going to try asking the Danger Room to recreate the interior of [Insert name of Echelon's ship here], maybe that'll spark something.]

Avalon shrugged once more.

[No, actually, hold on a sec... Maybe we should still try that.]

"Danger Room, generate an instance of Alten please." He knew Carols had Alten's drive, so the odds of it working properly were slim, but maybe it would have the same affect it had on Cass.

Avalon vanished, replaced by the more familiar Ferrum, "yes, little one?"

"Alten. First, let me say that it's good to see you again. It was a shame to hear of your fate."

"A transition of existence, little one. Not so bad."

"Not to those who knew you well. Carlos is still shaken up by it, despite absorbing one of your surviving cores. And I must admit, I never was truly grateful for your gift."

"It really is good to see you again Alten. I'm glad you seem to remember more than the Danger Room's representation of Avalon."

"Alten, I hate to pry like this, but how was the Danger Room constructed?"

"I second that, the way the Danger Room works has baffled me for some time now."

"Little one, Zred created the Danger Room."

"Is Zred the ferrum with the Samurai armor?"

"Can you elaborate on who Zred is Alten? As well, I was hoping to find out what caused Notte to butt heads with Echelon, I want to make sure we're all here for the right reasons."

[No matter what happens from here, we'd better not mention the Alten simulation to Carlos. Who knows how it'll affect him.]

[I don't know. I think he deserves to know. He was close to Alten, it would probably hurt him more if he found out we kept this to ourselves.]

[I want to keep him from getting hurt. To see a loved one again, yet knowing they're not the same anymore... It's painful. ]

"I lack the answers you seek, little ones. Perhaps in my previous life."

"Damn..." Nathan had hoped Alten had maintained more memory than that.

"And so close, too... Alten, list names, serial numbers, and abilities of all active Ferrum."

"I lack the answers you seek, little ones. Perhaps in my previous life." He repeated again.

"Alten, how much are you able to remember? Are you alright like this?"

Alten faded away, replaced once more by Avalon.

Nathan sighed. This is all just another game isn't it?

"Danger Room, recreate the Vita's interior, bridge." The Vita's bridge appeared before Nathan and Luna. It was well lit, clean, and utilitarian in design, with soft corners dedicated to reducing injury from impact with their beings. The room was lined with several individual stations, prepped and littered in a parabola around the main command chair, it itself held higher than the other stations, granting an overview perspective. A large table lay before the command chair, capable of displaying tactical data.

Nathan began to walk around the room, inspecting the different elements of the enemy vessel's bridge, before finally addressing Avalon again. "Avalon, is this place familiar to you? Does it bring back any memories?"

"Not at all."

"So... this is the bridge of the enemy vessel." Luna said, looking around.

"Hmm..." Luna said, looking around."Avalon. Do you happen to recall the battle between the Vita and Sparand?"

"I have no memories from when I was alive, figured you'd pick up on that one."

"Yeah, well, your brothers seem to think I'm the dense one of the group." [Play along, Nathan.]

"You probably are then."

Nathan shrugged. "You brought that one on yourself, telling him what they say about you."

"Still don't have to be so blunt about it, Nathan. So, Avalon. Say you have a... slow ally, what do you do with her?"

"Me? Hope she can follow orders. If she can't, well, no room for idiots."

"Let's try switching rooms again, maybe you never spent much time on the bridge... Danger Room, change locations to the Vita's Galley."

"That reminds me. Do the Ferrum even NEED a galley?"

"I doubt it, though the ships were originally meant to have non-ferrum passengers, I believe."


"Before everything went to shit? The ships were meant for a mission to colonize Mars. It was on the news often enough."

"I'm not stupid, you know."

"You said huh, I assumed you meant that as you didn't know what I was talking about. My apologies."

"Apology accepted." [Doesn't look like the stupid act's working.] The galley of the Vita appeared as an empty kitchen with many seats, nothing exceptional about it.

"Danger Room, can you simulate the Vita's main hangar, please?" The Vita's cargo bay was large and empty, it's only occupant, bulkheads, comprising it's make up. Nothing seemed to trigger any response from Avalon.

"Avalon, what can you tell us about how the Danger Room creates its environments?"

"No idea."

[Think we can call this a bust, Nathan. At least we got a new name to ask Notte about when the opportunity arises.]

[Yeah... Looks like it...] Nathan tapped his visor, but shook his head no as he did so. [Wish we could have just gotten more information out of them.]

[Tell me about it. It's like talking to a wall sometimes.] Luna said, tilting her head at Nathan's action.

Nathan sighed. "I think I'm done for the day, got a head-ache bettween earlier, and not making any progress. Pain's almost as bad as getting thrown off from a Dive hard... Catch you later Luna." He turned to walk out of the danger room.

Luna stood there for a moment, realizing she just made a big mistake before starting to walk out herself, but before either of them could leave, A mist formed and from it, the samurai-like Ferrum emerged. "Sup?"
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Part 3

"You know those exercises in giving proper directions teachers sometimes do in school where you tell them how to make a sandwich and when you say something like, grab the bread, they firmly grab a slice, or even the whole loaf of bread in their fist crushing it, and nothing goes how you expect it? Well, wording is key, and be sure to cover all your bases when dealing with the omnipotent."

Luna turned to face the newcomer. "You."

Nathan was confused, but only for a moment this time. "So, Is that you then, under the armor? I didn't recognize you last time, but we've been putting two and two together somewhat."

"Not to mention the random blackouts. So, may we ask why you decided to appear?"

"You called. Duh. What are you, dense?"

"We didn't. A simulation of Alten said your name."

"He said it, you said it, and Nathan said it. So what do you want?"

"To be fair, we had no idea saying your name would summon you like some cyborg Candyman."

"Well, our calling you wasn't intentional, but since your here, we've had a lot of questions as of late that we're unsure how we're going to be able to get answer to them. Would you be willing to answer some of those questions for us?"

"And in return...?"

"What can we offer one who can create literally anything he wants?"

"That's on you to figure out. You really are dense, aren't you?"

"From past experience you seem the sort who enjoys having a bit of fun... Perhaps there's something we can do to entertain you, maybe another challenge?"

"Had your chance at a challenge, I don't see why you'd have changed your minds."

"I feel that I have a better understanding of the situation now, but if a challenge is out of the question that probably leaves entertainment?" Nathan paused a moment as he tried to think. "Apologies, while we have interacted before, I'm new to the whole, wheeling and dealing with an omnipotent being, routine."

"It gets dull, but I help out by pretending not to know everything. Let's hear what you guys have in mind - challenge or entertainment"

"A moment, then, while me and Nathan think of something. Privately."

"Right, I'll imagine I can't hear you." The Ferrum manifested some strange noise cancelling headphones atop his helmet.

"Alright, Nathan" Luna spoke in a low voice. "What's the plan?"

"Well, as far as challenges go, I considered another jab at a one on one duel, though, with more specific restrictions. Human form, no Ferrum abilities or tools, No powerful artifacts or relics, completly mundane swords, and basic leather armor only. Try to keep the playing field as even as possible. Unfortunately that might be too boring, considering it would be a rehash of what we tried earlier.

I also briefly considered requesting a chess match between Stratos and Myself, with gameplay taken directly from BBC's How to Play Chess Properly. Funny how long those old videos hold up sometimes... Outside of that though, I'm fairly stumped. What ideas do you have?"

"Duel's out. He won't buy that as entertainment. Even if I could take him. And you against the Ferrum equivalent of a super computer in one of the most admittedly dull games in existence isn't very entertaining.

We need to figure out what he likes. In your prior meetings with him, did he drop any hints?"

"Well, from my first meeting, he was requesting hashbrowns, though he covered that on his own with ease, and he replaced the gun I had with roses. The second time he rewarded me for something that happened durring our first encounter with Zod, though I don't kow for sure what I did that earned a reward, aside from landing that blow against him, and after that he showed up durring one of my easier missions to make things a bit harder on me, having turned one of the human scientists into a super powered bomb of sorts... Hard to pin down just one thing in particular."

"Hmm... I might have an idea, though."

"Go, on."

"Zred, you can listen now." shortly after Luna spoke the headphones vanished.

"What do you say to a little target practice? You versus me versus Nathan. Human form, no Ferrum abilities or tools, first to 100 points wins."

"What do you say to a little target practice? You versus me versus Nathan. Human form, no Ferrum abilities or tools, first to 100 points wins."

"Sounds aces. What kind of targets do you want, and what kind of weapon do you want to shoot them with?"

"Moving drones and laser pistols."

Luna found herself holding two laser pistols as the drones moved about in a random motion. "How much are we making each drone worth?"

"Two points per hit, five for each head shot. And you forgot Nathan's. It's every person for themselves."

"Oh, I see then." Nathan would also find himself holding two pistols.

"But what happens when you guys lose?"

"Your choice." As the words left Luna's mouth Nathan screamed internally.

"Hm, I don't think Nathan's happy with that answer. Care to weigh in?"

"Well, I'm not inherently against "your choice" but I'd like to add the stipulation that whatever you'd ask of us, it not be directly harmful or otherwise fatal to us, nor incur the wrath of Notte, Kit, or Reine."

The contest began with the three reverting to their human forms as the drones began moving more erratically. Luna and Nathan alternated the lead between each other, using the pistols efficiently. Zred himself stood by and observed the spectacle for quite some time, doing nothing. As the contest came to a close end, Zred, who had yet to manifest pistols for himself, snapped his fingers. A large, ridiculous laser pistol, easily the size of the Danger Room itself, appeared and fired once, clearing well over two-hundred targets in a single shot. The final tally left him the victor, with Nathan a close second and Luna a dead last.

"Guess I win," he grinned while the group returned to their Ferrum forms.

"I said no Ferrum abilities, you cheat!" Luna shouted angrily, the pistols dropping from her hands as she approached the Ferrum.

"And I didn't use any."

"What the hell do you call that?!" she continued, gesturing at the massive pistol.

"Reality-altering abilities. Really, you usually take this better."

"And what the hell does that mean? I've never seen you before today."

"So clearly not Ferrum based abilities. Wording is key I suppose... So what's the damage on our end then?" Nathan was resigned to their fate at this point, though he'd think twice about letting someone else call the rules if the opportunity to challenge Zred ever presents itself again.

"Oh, I've already set it in place. It's hilarious, trust me." Zred seemed to stifle a laugh of sorts before falling over in a hysterical fit. After calming down, he floated back to a standing position, "so? I'll be off then, unless there's anything else."

"Well, we already lost... twice today now. Might be best to quit while we still have heads on our shoulders, but I do have one question for you, not one I had hoped to ask by winning our challenge, but it's about what you said earlier, about things being dull, and how you're bored with knowing everything. Have you ever considered cutting off your own powers for a time, wiping your mind, and just living as if you never had them? Maybe things would be more enjoyable again then?"

"I did that once. 'It'll be fun,' I said. 'We'll have a good time,' I said. Nah."

"Take it it didn't end well?"

"Well there goes that idea then." Nathan shruged. "Don't know if it matters much but I'll keep trying to think of ways to spice things up one way or another."

"Take care then." Zred vanished.

"I don't really want to know what Z has planned for us, do I?"

Nathan shrugged once more. "Hard to say honestly."

Luna sighed at Nathan's comment. "Well, I'm going to get back to my book. Hopefully the other team had better luck than we did."

"Yeah, hopefully..." Nathan turned towards the exit. "Enjoy your book Luna."

Luna left the training room and reentered the main room to see that her book was missing from where she left it before going on her mission.

"Z, you're an asshole." Luna breathed to herself.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Fiddling with the danger room!
Carlos opened a communication's relay to Cass and Peter [Cass, Peter. Whenever you have time, please find me at the Danger room. I wish to spar]

While waiting for Cass and peter to arrive, Carlos messes around with the danger room controls, looking for anything of interest that's popped up recently. The controls were reactionary, and had no log information. He couldn't know when was it used anyway.

"Maybe..." Carlos tried to call for an instance of Stratos, but nothing happened. "That's odd, we don't have Stratos?"

[Notte, how come we don't have stratos in the danger room's simulation thing?] Carlos communicates to notte.

[Because his core escaped. Nothing to run simulations off of.]

[Oh I see. Thanks for the info. Has there been anyone else available to run simulations of?]

[Nothing new. I can send Reine down if you're looking to practice.]
[She handed my ass in a silver platter this morning... but sure I guess]
After a few moments, the familiar cloaked Ferrum entered the Danger Room.
"Hello there reine, there won't be any practice but I wanted to ask you a few questions, if you'd like to."

"Well, to start off. Do you remember anything before any of this? I mean before this whole incident"
Reine simply remains standing.
Reine simply remains standing, again.
"Well I guess you can go now, thanks for your time"
She leaves.
"That worked out well."

Messing around with the danger room controls again, carlos tries to bring forth alten. But he doesn't appear. "Didn't hurt to try now did it?"
Recalling the other ferrum that was with Stratos and Zod, Carlos tries to bring Azzerare. "Azerrare was it? I wonder if this will work." Nothing happens.

"Just as Notte said."

Carlos lets himself fall, face first on the ground.

Training with peter!
Peter strolled into the danger room "What's this all about then? You want a rematch, or just a spar?"
"Well, why not both?" Said carlos, picking himself off the ground.
"This is a good time as any to test what our new drives can do."
"True enough, I suppose. But don't expect me to have nearly the same bag of tricks as last time." "I could say the same to you."
"Now, do you want this personal or indirect, hmmm?" Peter said, being as vague as possible"
"Fuck my shit up please."

"YOU GOT IT!" With that Peter quickly unfurled and tossed his cloak and headwrap, they distintegrated into light particles as Peter was bathed in an intense brilliance. When the indoors supernova subsided, a much taller ferrum stood before the younger one, clad in a brilliant set of armor. A broadsword materialized into his hand.

"Now that's awesome! Gimme a second first, gotta set a good place for the battle" Peter pulled out his shield as he waited. Having said that, Carlos approached the console and set up the battlefield. A grassy field showered with intense sunlight upon it. Carlos returned to where Peter was, pre-emptively tracking his position before starting the battle. Though there was something wrong... <This is odd. I can't find him with my ferrum sense, but he's in front of me.>

"So who goes for the first hit then?"
Peter rapped on his shield with his sword, daring the younger man to make a move. He did not respond. Carlos transforms his feet into rocket boots and dives underground.

While Peter did not have ferrum sense, he listened and felt the ground carefully, as tunnelling was far from hard to determine the direction at where it was coming from. his sword morphed into a spear and he took several stabs at the ground in the area he deemed to be where Carlos was generally at. He never got to score a hit, Carlos was deep underground and the spear couldn't reach him.

Peter Leapt to the top of a nearby tree, the spear morphing into a crossbow. No longer hearing peter avobeground, Carlos decides to pop out for a bit. Peter spots Carlos and takes a few rounds of shots at Carlos' emerging form. Carlos noticed shots flying at him but all he could do was to brace for impact. His particle shield shattered, but oddly enough, he regained a bit of energy. Suppose the bolts were particle-based.

In retaliation Carlos forms rapidly spinning sawblades which home in on Peter. Peter jumps back off of the tree and raises his shield to the coming blades, deflecting them with ease. Just as peter was about to land, Carlos shot off a slingshot directed at peter with... With a small bike horn in hand. Peter pondered about his opponent's mental state, comparing him to the joker.

The bike horn went honk, and with it, the deafening roar of a giant turtle head which emerged out if it. The roar overloaded Peter's hearing, leaving him stunned. Carlos landed near where peter and gave him a good rocket drill-powered uppercut, carrying him off to space if he could afford. Instead, they both hit the danger room's ceiling all the while shattering Peter's particle shield. "Now i didn't notice we've hit a ceiling, the more you know eh?"

Peter got back up, clearly mad that such a slapstick move got him. "FINE, you want to play that way? This isn't even my final form!" Peter's body exploded again in a shower of light, the light becoming larger and denser before dissapating. Before Carlos stood a large Wyvern, who decided the smaller form looked like a tasty snack, but a bit raw. He breathed feryre (ferrum fire) on Carlos.

Carlos didn't have a choice, he prepared to absorb the whole brunt of the Feryre, while simultaneously healing damage done. It wouldn't hurt any less though. The wyvern followed up with rushing the smaller ferrum, opening his jaws wide and slammed his teeth together on where the smaller one stood.

Carlos changed his form to a much lighter frame, jumping towards and allowing himself to be eaten by the larger Wyvern ferrum. The wyvern breathed a wreath of fire around the much smaller form, opening his mouth to eject the intruder.

[spoiler] [5:58:04 PM] turp: btw
[5:58:04 PM] turp:
[5:58:17 PM] turp: That's what Peter looks like, minus the arms
[5:58:33 PM] turp: imagine the arms and wings merged

Carlos absorbs the fire before it's allowed to come out. And digs deeper into it's being. Or that's what would have happened, but the inside of it's throat didn't lead to anywhere. The wyvern suddenly does a spittake, ejecting Carlos out of itself. "Fuck." The Wyvern flies up, circling the wet form of the other. Carlos cleans himself up and restores his own shield. "God, this is disgusting."

The wyvern dives, "feet" claws first, hoping to catch the other and take him high. Carlos dives underground yet again, barely missing the claws that were about to grip him. The wyvern takes to the skies again, bathing the area with feryre. Carlos kept diving far from the area, reaching for a decently sized hole he dug previously. He then began to construct something big... and red.

The Wyvern stayed in the air, and breathed feryre down the holes Carlos made. Naturally losing his shield, Carlos emerges from the fire is seen riding atop a Large red cannon. The wyvern fires several volleys down the barrel of the cannon, destroying it before it has any time or chance to defend. Carlos facepalmed at the events that unfolded "Well that was a waste."

The wyvern dives after the explosion, catching the smaller ferrum as he fell from the explosion. It flies high, taking the hapless victim with him. High in the air, he snaps his jaws at the other, hoping to tear him open.
Carlos shifts his form once again, he covers himself in chainsaw teeth and spikes, and lets it rip. The wyvern drops the ferrum, blasting him out of the sky with several more volleys of feryre.

After picking himself off the ground, Carlos heals himself and restores his Shields. Peter wished to take a drop on Carlos, but said plan failed after comically bouncing off a spring that was formed around the small ferrum.
The wyvern comically gets launched back into the air, nothing the worse for wear. He continues to circle and rain feryre. Carlos absorbs the energy, losing his shield again in the process.

The wyvern flew down and tried to grab the ferrum again. Carlos allows himself to be grabbed this time, raising an eyebrow from the larger ferrum. Carlos attempted to drain peter of his energy, but realizing this, Peter used a pile driver on him. Leaving Carlos stunned. The wyvern follows up with a stomp and a bite, tearing a bit off Carlos's torso. Carlos would have blasted peter with a chest cannon, but he shut down after healing the damage done by peter.

The wyvern roars in triumph, shutting down shortly after.

A day later, Carlos and Peter wake up. "What. The FUCK, just happened." Peter, still in wyvern form, simply lets out a roar although he could talk normally. "I don't speak dragon. But I get ya." A blinding flash, and Peter returned to Assassin form. "Well that fight was somewhat anticlimactic." Peter said as he waltzed out of the danger room. "Yeah, good morning to you too."

A chat with Notte.
A few hours later, after training with reine and other various things. Carlos talks to notte over ferrum commincations [Notte, I have a question.] [Go ahead.] [What's going to happen to alten's lab? He's no longer here so I've been wondering about that.] [Not your concern.] was that dismissal or just an odd way of saying, don't worry everything will be fine? it's difficult to know with someone like Notte. [Would we still be able to enter the lab?] [No.] [...] Carlos ends communications
Rushing to the danger room, Carlos attempts to load up a simulation of the current state of Alten's laboratory. He couldn't find anything new or anything. Everything was accounted for and nothing out of order.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Time had been slow in the coming months following the termination of Alten. The group had found little in the way to occupy themselves beyond training with Reine - a process that became increasingly difficult and painful as she drilled the Pseudos harder each day. Those who found solace in venturing beyond the base and out into the crippled world would find less and less for them with each visit as the humans became more organized and, though desperately, moved further inwards into their attempts at a domed-off, underground society where they could rebuild beneath the rubble.

Kit had remained off-base for some time, eventually returning in a sour mood. Azzerare, in his damaged state, had managed to evade her. She was increasingly hostile with each interaction.

Notte kept to himself, hidden away in his strange and darkened lair until one day he emerged with a newly restored, functional ally. 006 had taken the name Grez and quickly got along with Alten's creations, a trait unique to him. He was laid back, easy going and mostly amicable in his actions. Overall, the energy-user was a rather docile addition to the team.

Another few months passed by before Notte brought up assignments for the group. He gathered them to the main hall where he outlined the new task.

"You probably won't like this, but the humans have some tech I need. Once we get it, there won't be much stopping us from take-off." He paused to look over his dysfunctional team, "they probably won't like us doing it, so we'll be using force where necessary. Take that as you will, but we need the parts if we're going after Echelon."

The Ferrum spoke silently to the other first generations in the room. Grez and Reine partnered together and left promptly while Kit went outside and jumped to the roof. "In the meantime, Reine will take Grez across the ocean. Got a tip that Azzerare might be around and we need him under control before we can launch. Kit will stay behind to guard the base."

"Any objections?"
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
The extended break from any real action was trying for Luna. The incidents involving Zred still weighed heavily on her mind, which she suspected Reine knew, and the increasing punishment from the training didn’t help that feeling. As a result, she had begun to spend an increasing amount of time away from the base. When one of the other Gen2 units asked her about it, she simply said that she was feeling cramped within the confines of the base, and needed to stretch her legs. In reality, she was using the time to think outside of the range of Kit’s ears.

This was a good thing. Luna had tried speaking to Kit after her failed mission to recover Azzerare, but was met with a string of venomous insults, which hadn’t helped anyone’s mood. At least when she spoke to the newly-active Grez, she found him enjoyable.

On one of her trips away from the base, she noticed that the remaining survivors had begun to make preparations to rebuild society.

Good… Maybe they won’t need us once Echelon’s gone… Luna thought to herself as she stood out of their sight, watching them.

As she watched them, she couldn’t help but think about how weak and fragile they seemed… She remembered how Cass told her that they had sold their souls and humanity for the power to end Echelon. Maybe she was right…

Luna then began to reflect on their training. The others seemed to have gotten stronger, even without gaining new drivers, with the ones who had getting even stronger. All except for Luna, who seemed to have peaked in her strength. She didn’t feel stronger at all. If anything, she had begun to feel weaker, and she couldn’t help but feel that the day would soon come when she would become a liability to the others. Something needed to change for her, and soon

Finally, the day came when Notte had a new assignment for them. After he explained the mission, he asked for questions.

”I’ve got one. While I can understand why we’re going after Azzerare, what about Zod and the Ferrum in the black samurai armor? Zod’s still out there, and if he sees us take off, you can bet your helmet he’ll alert Echelon, making any attempt at surprise useless. As for the black-armored Ferrum, if he wants to, he’ll stop the ship from leaving, and we both know it. So, I hope you have a plan for dealing with the both of them in addition to Azzerare.” Luna said, making sure not to say the Ferrum’s name. She knew that the last thing anyone wanted was to accidentally summon him again, this time in Notte’s presence.

If Notte could sigh, he would. Instead, the simple, slight sag of his shoulders would have to emulate his reaction to Luna's question. "Zred," he called, waiting briefly before the Ferrum was suddenly standing among them. "You're not going to interfere, are you?"

"Nope, this part's where things start to pick up."

"Zod?" Notte asked, his voice barely containing his boredom at the situation, as if the answers were obvious to him.

"Don't sweat it."

The Ferrum ceased being in their presence, just as suddenly as he had appeared, "satisfied?"

Luna shouldn't have been surprised. The way Notte had dismissed her and Nathan's concerns over Zred... The look on her face was nothing but a mixture of shock and rage, however, and she couldn't keep her rising anger out of her voice.

"For now..."

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(11:58:48) Lamda_Bamda: Ryo, I know I shouldn't, but I love you for that.

(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
It all looked out to be a boring 7 months for Carlos. He got tired of running through books and everything, he had read everything he managed to bring and then some. Experiments to run and things to tinker with. His recent project of a new device was just about done, a simple but efficient thermoelectric generator. It would set up a field which absorbs any heat produced in it's spehere of influence, good for any protracted fights. He could also take advantage of that golden prickly pear he got back at Mexico.

A plant named jim
Carlos had left early after training to his former place of study, some growing rumours told of an univeristy being swallowed up by an ever-spreading vegetation and he decided to investigate. His new Ferrum drive made short trips possible, or at least made it possible to return by next morning.

After arriving there, Carlos could see that the roots of the problem stemmed from the Botanic Engineering building. After Hacking and slashing his way to it, he found the culprit: A heavily mutated nopal plant named jim. Carlos remembered now, jim used to be part of a research. An experiment in increasing plant growth by an order of magnitude for production of food and biomass. The eggheads never actually came close to getting anything done and they were in the process of scrapping it, but then the world went to ruin and the rest is history. It appeared that jim managed to survive and mutated due to the same stuff that also created those wolves and the giant turtle. Jim had also gained limited sentience, which meant it would at least have some sort of self-preservation. That meant this would be an annoying situation to deal with.

One burned alma mater and 30 minutes later he had done it. He managed to slay the plant. After looking again inside the Botanical Engineering building he found something very odd: a gold-colored prickly pear formed as jim withered and died shortly after. Carlos took it with him to base, but not before visiting his family's grave and paying his respects. He managed to arrive just in time before the next training session with Reine, where he quickly found out she was going to be harsher with them from now on.

A new ally and a deathly chill.
Carlos also managed to find his old guitar, recovered from the clutches of a corpse which appeared to have been torn to shreds. Maybe this would be able to improve Kit's mood which was in a steady decline ever since she returned from her search for Azzerrare empty-handed. But before he could go talk to her, Notte had called them all for something.

One could guess that the reason Notte barred entry to alten's laboratory was to work on restoring Grez to health. He could have been less of a dick about it, but who cares at this point anyway. Carlos approached the newly restored ferrum to greet and meet him.

"Nice to meet you and welcome to the team, Grez" Carlos approached the newly restored ferrum to greet and meet him.
"Hey man, it's nice to meet you too. You're Carlos, right?" Grez's hands, impeded by his large, angular forearm-mounts prevented him from shaking hands so he merely waved to Carlos as the Pseudo approached.
"Yes that's my name. Did you meet the others too?"
"Not yet, no. Just woke up from a really long nap."
"I see! Well, actually the first time i saw you someone had to carry you here. You looked like you were in a very bad shape and out of power."
"Yea, back in the day that would've meant I had a good night out!"
"Pfff, you're unusually cheery compared to everyone else"
"Well, the world ending, being turned into a horrible killing machine, dying twice and still being here puts a new spin on your perspective, you know?"
"Well that sounds about ri- wait up, dying twice?"
"In a sense. Still here though."
"Ah, i get ya. So what abilities do you have? Mine are related to energy, though i tend to blow out my reserves often. Happened 3 times already!"
"Im the energy Ferrum, so I guess you're my apprentice."
"Lead the way teacher!"
Grez laughed, "we'll get into it sometime. Maybe show you a few tricks."
"I'll be looking foward to it then. I'll leave you for a bit so you can meet the others, i gotta go talk with someone at the roof"

After exchanging goodbyes, carlos heads to the roof. Kit was at the roof, as usual. But something felt VERY wrong. One could feel the chill in the air around Kit, her visor displaying pure pitch black instead of the usual searing red in these recent days. Kit was far more tolerant of Carlos and Nathan than any of the other pseudos or people named luna, but that wasn't saying much. If Carlos wanted to say something this time around, he would need to be extra careful to not have his face shredded, or worse.

"Kit, it's me again. Hope you dont mind if i sit next to you" Carlos said, but Kit did not react, ignoring the pseudo completely. Carlos projected a chair and sat next to kit. "I guess you haven't had any luck today either?" Carlos asked, but Kit kept ignoring him. After a few moments of pure silence, Carlos decided it would be best to not try his luck and come back at a later time. He left as quietly as he arrived, but not before giving kit a case with the familiar artifact known to both of them inside. He had hoped he would play a tune for her at least, but with things as they are that was best left for anoter time.

Notte had called them yet again, explaining the situation to them and asking for any objections. Luna had expressed her doubts about Zod's dissapearance and the ferrum who had given them a hard time: Zred. Notte, being the gentleman he is, summons Zred and dismisses luna's questions with the most unexpected thing, answers. One could feel her rage building up, Carlos backed off a bit and took a mental note of Zred's appearance, being the first time he actually saw him in person. Carlos only had heard of him until now, when he asked about how the mission to find Zod went.

"Grez and Reine will search for azzerrare while we go get the tech you need then, What's on the list for us to find?"
"I'll update as it becomes relevant, but essentially parts for the ship."
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
The months passed by quickly to Peter, who as per the norm, continued to experiment and record findings of the world, its ever evolving inhabitants, and the development of the powers that the psuedos continually added to their repertoire.

This time span was punctuated largely when Grez came back online. Peter didn't know what to say to him, being that his recovery mission was somewhat a sore spot to himself in that he was very sloppy and made mistakes he could have easily not done at all.

All the same, he approached the young man and greeted him. "A-ah! Welcome to the land of the living. I pray your time under was not unpleasant?" Peter really found it hard to speak to him without feeling pangs of guilt.

"Hey there. Peter, right? Pleasure." The Ferrum waved with one hand, his forearms leaving him unable to shake hands.

"Yes, I uh, I'm the one who was sent to find you. However unfortunate I may have made the situation, I hope there is nothing negative between us?" Peter finally managed to blurt out what he was thinking.

"Well, if it was awkward I don't remember it. No hard feelings."

"... I see... I appreciate the sentiment, and it's probably best that we don't revisit the events that happened." Peter said, having felt he dodged a bullet while being as honest as possible.

"If you say so. Stay frosty."

With that Peter headed out for more analysis of the local wildlife, which felt relieving to get away from the reveal. Peter still had guilt, but they had been lessened due to the sudden amnesia his comrade had suffered due to him being out for so long. Peter hoped he never had to revisit the situation again.

Some time later...

... "Any Objections?"

"I'll be on standby." Peter said, as he went off to make sure any long-term experiments were halted until he could devote more time to them at a later date.

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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Nathan wasn't surprised in the least bit to see that Notte was fully aware of who Zred was. It was obvious enough when Zred had mentioned that the danger room tech originated from himself at least.

I'd prefer to not use force if possible, but considering how easy it is to break someone's neck even when you're trying to be gentle, I supposed I have no objections." Nathan sounded anything but thrilled at the idea of having to possibly use force against humans again.

"So what sort of tech, specifically, will we be retrieving?"
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
How long had it been? Seven months since the last battle. Perhaps nine since the end of the world, give or take but one. The better part of a year either way. And somehow... seven months. Seven months passed without another encounter, another unit sent by the doctor. Seven months of relative peace.

It had been grating, at first. Cassandra had punished herself, mentally, lingering near the base for some time, her wanderings short and restrained. There was little of interest in the immediate area around; it was more routine than anything, at that point. To an extent, she had punished herself physically, pushing herself far harder than before with each session against Reine.

Quickly - all too quickly - it was no longer her own punishment. It was simply necessity. She had not known, at first, how hard the first generation assassin was pushing the others, but it had not taken long to find out. Harder. But none so hard as her. Inevitably so.

As time marched forward, she wondered if their trainer felt her hands were tied as well.

And as time marched forward, her wanderings increased in range. She soon chafed under the restrictions she had imposed upon herself, under her self-inflicted punishment. It was not long after that she simply discarded it; she had not forgotten, but she would not be chained by it. Perhaps the others had noticed the change in her disposition, when she was there.

The wandered further afield, but for all the scenery might have changed, the story remained much the same. Slowly, gradually, the human presence in the city dwindled. Slowly, gradually, the moved elsewhere. The fortress she had found in the docks was slowly emptied, as they moved on, perhaps leaving for a larger population elsewhere. Not all left, but many. Perhaps most.

She watched them, from afar. Sometimes closer, vanishing in the air to approach. Sometimes, she merely watched. Sometimes, she was made to act. Humanity's presence in the city diminished, but nature - such as it was - asserted itself, seeking to spread into the gaps.

She had gained but one weapon from Stratos. But such a wonder it was, allowing her to rain light from the skies. The fist of an angry god, striking down the beasts unfortunate enough to attack within her sight. As if it were a miracle, for those few within the city. Destruction from above. Protection.

At times later on, as her she better understood her abilities and limits, she even dared walk among them. But she could not do so long. Always, there was some measure of unease. Wariness. She could not blame them for it. Always, it limited her. Lingering too long, with the command she had, would always risk discovery. But even had she not been so constrained, Reine would tolerate no absence. Cass was expeted to be present each day, without fail.

Faintly, she had considered disregarding that. A single day, to go still further afield. Cautiously, she had deemed it too great a risk to provoke the assassin so. Perhaps it was for the best. Those beasts that wandered in and near the city seemed almost limited. Wary. As if there was an understanding, that this was not a place for them. not as such.

Yet when she looked out over the water in the harbor, she could almost feel something looking back from beneath the surface.

She did not know what forms of life had found homes in those places she did not - could not - reach. Perhaps it was for the best that things remained so.

By the time Grez was awakened, the sullen restraint following the engagement with Stratos was gone entirely. It did not really return.

Months passed. The world was, for a time, quiet. They, by necessity, almost seemed to be growing more comfortable with each other. Perhaps even closer. Those who permitted it, at least.

Kit grew only harsher. Notte was largely hidden away. And Reine... Cass did not understand Reine. There was no way to do so. She presented only the one front. The trainer. With her, they would grow stronger, more skilled, they would adapt... or they would die, again and again, until they either overcame their own weakness or found the limits of the training room.

Time passed. Seven months. But it could not last forever. Notte eventually, inevitably, called for them again. In the end, it was familiar. In the end, she was in a typical spot, a typical position, claiming one of the couches for herself. He gave a mission. There were responses. A new figure appeared, disappeared - the voice she recognized, and the points all came together on it, from the voice removed from time and space to the name he had told her to forget - but that was a matter for later. For now...

"Lot of us have means of stealth, right? A light touch'll do wonders for everyone, unless they really force it." She was casual, as always. As if the possibility of lashing out at the remnants of humanity did not bother her. In truth...

Truly, unless the remnants had some manner of harming them, or of destroying the technology they sought, she did not see that lethal force would be necessary, save in the most precise applications. And even so...

Perhaps it bothered her less than it should have, to consider that.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"The mission's fairly simple: infiltrate the underground base they've been establishing and retrieve some Ferrum-level tech they managed to scavenge from Echelon Tower. I'll need the parts to fix the Sparand's main drive."

Notte paused for a moment, reaching his hand up to his head in a motion that showed he was sending over information. "Luckily Ferrum-tech gives off radiation that we can sort of track. I suggest you do in fact use your stealth, as the more seamless this operation the better."

Notte motioned to Trey, who stepped forward from the corner of the room and wave in his human form. "Trey's leading this operation, unless there's objections. It's fairly low-risk so this'll also be a test to see if your training with Reine is paying off."

Trey offered a mock salute and wink as Notte continued to speak, "You have exactly one week to get inside, get the tech, and get out. Avoiding tripping alarms if you can. Trey will fill you in of the rest."
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
"No objections to Trey leading, but how exactly are we going to track the Ferrum tech? I mean, it's not like Echelon has tracking devices planted in all his tech, is it?" Luna asked as she managed to get her anger back under control after Notte had revealed he was working with Zred the whole time.

(11:58:31) Ryo_Hazaki crushes Lamda's head with a mallet Gallager-style.
(11:58:48) Lamda_Bamda: Ryo, I know I shouldn't, but I love you for that.

(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
In which a plan is made and preparations begin.

[spoiler=The Event]After splitting from the main group, Trey messaged Luna and Cass to meet him just outside the base's perimeter. He waited for them in his human form. Luna walked over upon receiving the message. "What's up?"

Cass appeared shortly after, walking from the base as normal. If the change in dynamics that would come with Trey's leadership bothered her, there was not yet any indication. "So. What now?"

"Thanks for meeting with me." Trey turned specifically to Cass, "I know you're Muir de facto leader which is why I wanted to meet away from the group and offer you the lead on this before anything else. I do have a plan of sorts for getting the job done, if you'll permit me to take charge."

Luna turned to look at Cass. "To be fair, he hasn't lead us wrong yet. He even tried to talk me down when I tried to kill Zod."

"He put you in charge. I can roll with it." She gave him a casual shrug. "Doesn't mean you're immune to criticism, if it's needed."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, boss. So the way I see it, I can walk straight in. I might get some questions as to how I've been surviving alone, but I'll get to that in a bit. For now I'm thinking I walk in there with Luna, both posing as humans. With me so far?"

"A bit. But I'm going to need something to dull my face and hair, and a cloak to cover the armor. Don't think we can explain my current appearance away that easily."

"That's where I'm thinking Cass comes in."

"Oh, you want my expertise? Easy." Cass's response was deadpan. "Luna's a mutant freak with some weird reverse suntan thing going on."

"That's a bit... Harsh, Cass... I might have something." Luna said before going back into the base, and coming out with an armful of clothes. "Actually forgot I had these. If I wear some of the larger clothes, I can cover most of my armor."

"I don't know if that's going to cut it, really," Trey said. "What if they need us to strip?"

"If they ask us to strip, we're kinda screwed either way. I can't exactly remove my armor as easily as you."

"Pity yours actually looks the part. Might be able to get creative otherwise." Cass leaned back against the perimeter fence, pausing for a moment. "What are you thinking, Trey? How am I helping in this plan?"

"Well, don't take it the wrong way but I got some information on you from Notte and... Can you try casting a disguise on Luna? Make her more human?"

"Heh. Figures." Perhaps despite the implications, there was a hint of amusement. "Hey, Luna. Accuracy check. How's this look?" And a moment later, it wasn't Cass standing there. It was... Luna's face, her figure, though the clothes were... generic. Not quite matching anything in her wardrobe... or in what remained of Cass's, for that matter. "How's it look?" Was that Luna's voice, too? "Can't say I remember what you were wearing. Bigger things on my mind before we all got chromed up, you know?" For all the mimicry happening, the half-smirk, half-smile was clearly Cass's own.


Cass gave a shrug. "Bit after getting the core? Been working on this a while. Still got some kinks in it." Another little smirk. "Not the fun kind either."


"Hey, calm down." Her appearance shifted again, back to the metal to which they had grown accustomed. "It's been a step or two above a party trick for half a year. What's there to say?" Again. A smaller woman than Luna, one she might have remembered. She'd spent a week with her. "You miss my face? So did I. And it's still just a bunch of metal underneath."

"That's great," said Trey. "What about tossing the same illusion onto Luna, though?"

LeagueofDevack: Luna pinched the bridge of her nose before calming down. "Alright, but you lose every right to act like you did after Trey showed up after this. What kind of limitations does this have?"

"...that isn't even the same thing." An annoyed sigh as she shifted again. The fake Luna again. "It's a trick, not a transformation. You walk over here, touch me, you'll feel about what I want you to feel. I do this, though," and she was... taller? Yes, a moment before, she'd been Luna, but at Cass's own height. "Try and touch my shoulder or something now and you'll just go through." Shifting again, back to her own height. Luna's face, Luna's body, Cass's size. "And you know, that just hurts. I'd started figuring this out, and for a moment, my lifelong dream was right there. Not being so god damn short."

"Sorry. It's just a bit of a shock to see this."

"Yeah, well, you've had your shock." She stood up and closed the gap with a single step. "Now, me? Hell, let's try sisters." She morphed again, subtly, features shifting as if into a hybrid of Luna and her own. Cass reached forward, one finger moving toward the taller woman's face, with the form she'd just discarded in mind...

...and the taller pseudo-Ferrum was suddenly 'dressed' in cloth rather than metal, flesh lacking its previous chrome luster, perhaps they actually could have passed as sisters. The ornery one and the confused one. Perhaps it was the height difference.

"Uh... Wha..." Other than those sounds, Luna was speechless.

"That's great! So Luna and I sneak in, with Cass following under while hidden and maintaining the illusion on Luna." Trey spoke again, beginning to outline his plan. "I figure once we get in and do some scouting, Cass and slip out and grab the tech - Luna will have to hide herself mostly while Cass is gone, but it shouldn't be a huge problem."

"What about the other big elephant in the room? What if they can detect Ferrum tech?"

"But the Stalker isn't Ferrum-tech. I doubt they even know it's a thing. And there's nothing to find on me."

"Not talking about the Stalker. What about my core? I don't think Cass's illusions can hide THAT."

"'dunno, I've gotten pretty good at hiding things." As if to emphasize the point, where Cass wearing something almost like Luna's face had been a moment before, there was... nothing. "I'd be more curious how they'd have managed to do it at all. Big point of it is you can't detect it, right? Bullshit built into the Ferrum themselves aside." And back again.

"They've had more or less the same access to Echelon's remaining resources here we have."

"Same access, 'cept we've had people who already have a clue what's going on." Even after Alten, they'd still had Notte. And Notte always seemed to know more than he was letting on, given how he'd been the one to reactivate the others. "Minimal risk, probably, yeah. Still, it does raise questions. Why have Luna along at all if she's only going to work with me shadowing her, the way you're thinking of it?"

"Because I'm expecting to get searched," Trey pulled his Drive out from his waistband to show the strange, palm-sized object. "I can't carry this with me, so I was hoping you'd be willing to tail and guard me while keeping an illusion on Luna. Absolute worst-case scenario and Luna gets picked out, I'll still be a regular old human who just recently met her on my travels to a safe haven."

"So basically, I'm the decoy..."

"We're actually both the decoy. Two Trojan Horses to deliver one Cassandra. If you get caught, I'll still be able to operate to some extent, and if I get caught, well, someone can protect my ass while the other gets the tech."

"You do realize how much I'll have to hold back to protect you while keeping my cover, right? Without turning that complex into a bloodbath, that is."

"... That's why Cas is protecting me," Trey laughed nervously.

"The way he's presenting it, you're probably the one losing cover first," Cass said, focusing on Luna. "At that point, it doesn't turn into a bloodbath unless they make you turn it into one. Still..." One hand to her forehead. She was the machine again, unaltered. "Man, Trey, this the riskiest gamble you could be making for this."

"Oh, I haven't even detailed the part you wont like yet."

"I know you're trying to do this without us killing people, but this is me challenging Zod levels of risk"

"Not really, I'm the only one at risk, when you really think about it." He shrugged, "life of a soldier."

A moment of silence. Had she been wearing a face, perhaps Cass would have been sighing. "'re planning on shedding your drive for this and you haven't even gotten to the bad part? Your ideas might need some work."

"It's why I'm not the leader in the real situations, right?"

"If your ideas for combat are anything like this..." Even Luna was picking up on how big a risk this was, and as far as Cass knew, the other woman didn't even know about the kill timer separating Trey from his drive would start for him. Or their own inability to handle the thing. If just one of those wasn't a factor this plan would have been so much less risky, but... "What's the other part?"

"Well, I figure we just walk right in and we get a lot of questions, right? What if we were running from Ferrum?" He smirked, pleased with his own suggestion.

"Tell me you aren't thinking what I think you're thinking..."

"We get a lot less questioning if we're being shot at."

There was a moment, briefly, where Cass almost put her hand to her face again. But beneath the surface, the idea wasn't completely ridiculous. He was right, a combat scenario would substantially cut down on the initial questioning they would do. "...well, you've got the foundation of a plan, at least."

"As long as no one shoots me it should work fine. The others cause a big commotion while we sneak in, then Luna and I draw some attention once the adrenaline on them wears off and you peek around. Bullet proof."

"Not really. What if they start shooting?"

"Then we make sure one of us is between Trey and the bullets." Cass wasn't sure if this entire plan was appropriately ballsy or merely audacious, but she could see a spark of real potential. But sparks still needed tending. "What do we actually know of this place? What's the area around it like?"

"We've got nothing. You could probably sneak in and scope it out, but I feel like just walking around a little would get the job done. We just look for sick people."

"Why sick people?"

"Ferrum radiation makes people sick. They're poisoning themselves down there, being locked up with the thing."

"How quickly does it affect them?"

"Like any slow radiation poisoning. I assume I've got a day max in there before I starting keeling over with cell damage myself."

Did the radiation do that? It might explain a lot, Cass thought. The implications were pretty big. There were more immediate concerns, though. "...before we do anything else about this, we need to figure out where the place actually is and how we're handling you and the drive. If it comes to it, we'll need a space near the site itself to stash it."

"Out of the three of us, I'm the fastest, so if everything goes completely to hell, I can get Trey out of danger."

"I mean, Cass can make a tank appear around me. I'm not super worried."

"Pretty sure they have weapons that can breach a tank's armor, not to mention gases and the like. If it gets to that point, I'd rather get you out of there instead of staying and fighting. I'll take a harder mission over losing another comrade."

"Now like all great leaders before me, it's time to lead. Cass! Luna!" Trey shouted with force and authority behind his voice, turning to stare at the fading sun in the distance with hands on his hips, "... figure the rest out!" He turned and murmured to himself, "delegation is the key to leadership."

"Still as goofy as ever... So, Cass, how do we go about getting the others to go along with this insane plan?"

"Tell them they get to shoot at us. I'm sure everyone could use some live-fire stress relief somewhere it could actually matter. Bonus points for actually getting a hit." Her response was completely deadpan. "Like I said. I want to figure out what the area around the place is like before we commit anything. Trey's got a kill timer on him if we do it his way, so we need to know what we can actually do with his drive. I want some idea what we might actually have to deal with if things go wrong, because if nothing else, I don't much fancy the idea of having to shoot my way out from underground through solid rock. Nevermind you and Trey without his armor." She could do it, probably, with the force the Ferrum tech was packing, but that didn't make it a good idea.

"Wait, go back. Kill timer?! How long?"

"He tossed it out himself. Pegged it at about a day." A shrug. "Talking about the radiation when he did, so maybe he's just a special kind of fucked without his armor." She knew it was actually that Trey was that special kind of fucked, but when he'd explained the drawbacks of the G3 Core, he hadn't given an actual mechanism why it would happen. Of course, maybe it wasn't actually the radiation so much as something else. It didn't really matter in the end, though, since he'd be dead either way if he took too long.

Luna pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. "Only thing I can think of is you and Nathan investigating while cloaked before we do the mission, unless we can tap into the spy satellites that are still in orbit... Well, while we've got the beginnings of a plan, I think we need ideas from the others as well.""

"Fine, then, if you're that ready to explain it." Cass went back to leaning on the perimeter fence, and began transmitting to the others inside. [Hey, you lot. Get out here so we can explain how you're going to shoot us.]

"We're going to shoot now huh?" Carlos said as he met up with the group outside.

[Shoot you?] eter said quizically. He headed outside to meet them.

"Not anything unarmored.Except for Trey, of course."

Nathan stepped outside. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about a plan. You can thank our fearless operational commander here for it, and your opportunity to finally shoot at the assholes you've been living with for near a year in a situation where it actually matters. Relish the chance!" Cass stood up again once they'd assembled, walking near Luna and speaking almost dramatically. "I'll be shooting back next time." She paused by the taller pseudo-Ferrum. "We've got to infiltrate a base and steal their stuff, right? Trey's got an idea for it. You three provide a live-fire distraction trying to 'kill' him and Luna. They get in, I follow along undetected, we scout, we steal the stuff, we leave, everyone's happy except the people still dying of radiation poisoning. Shit luck on their part."

"Cass won't be the only one shooting back next time, either. So no permanent damage, okay?"

"A mock battle huh? I would have rather first went there and gather intel before thinking of a plan. We still have 7 days left"

"I assume you two will play the role of human survivors seeking refuge? We'll need to make it look good, considering humans don't exactly have to means to fight us effectively." Peter said, remembering how helpless he felt before they got their first 'upgrades'.

"'Believeable', not 'unsurvivable'."

"Seems like a reasonable enough plan. Though, while you three are inside undercover, what are the rest of us going to be doing?"

"I would say 'keep up the distraction, and attack the complex', but Trey's worried about our PR for some reason..."

"I would be too, no reason to make em hate us more than they do."

"And attacking you and Trey won't do that already? Assuming they believe you're both normal humans."

"Congratulations, you've found a problem." Cass's delivery was deadpan. "Notte did say keep it smooth. Ideally, we probably don't want surprise Ferrum if it can be avoided. Any of you up for playing the part of a mutant or something?"

"Me and pete can fill that role if you'd like."

"I may have an idea for that." Peter said as he summoned his steed, resembling a steel-plated warhorse. "Voila, mutant horse."

"Afraid I don't have any means to do that, but it looks like Pete and Carlos have that covered at least."

"Peter, I thought you could make a good centaur impression." Carlos saying in a slightly disappointed tone

"How do you think? Cloaking only works in full, not partial. And I don't have control over how my steed looks, minus maybe removing his armor." Peter said to the leap of logic his teammate produced.

"You can turn into a fucking dragon, how can you not merge with your horse and make a centaur?"

[Cass, how many illusions can you produce?]

[Not a fucking clue. Doesn't work on the drones.] She gave no outward evidence of the transmission. She turned to Nathan, largely ignoring the exchange occurring between Peter and Carlos. "Worst comes to worst, Nate, you could kill something and wear it." Another deadpan comment.

"Same reason Cass can only produce weapons that she's touched, it's just a skill set. We can't all be Transforming Tom." Peter rolled his eyes.

"That's true enough. Shouldn't be too hard." Nathan pause a moment. "So, making sure we have the plan put together then, we disguise ourselves as mutants, attack Luna and Trey, and they hopefully get taken in. From there, you three investigate, and find what we need, while Carlos, Pete and I continue to fake an assualt on their base?"

"I still strongly recommend gathering some intel before deciding on doing the thing."

"No, no actual assault. Just, I don't know, lose interest? Wander off. The rest, yeah. You three provide a cover story, we sneak in, and you three wait. Probably keep an eye out and make sure nothing happens with Trey's drive, since he's leaving it behind for the ruse." There was a hint of distaste that crept into Cass's voice there, but it was subdued. "And yeah, intel's happening. It's definitely happening before we try this."

"I was suggesting Cass and Nathan investigate while cloaked, but we have no clue if they're able to track us."

"I second this, for all we know these people might have a way of figuring out who's human or not at this point." Peter said pointedly.

"Thank you, that's all I needed to hear." Carlos says, content with the plan to do the intel first.

"That's the point of the ruse, Peter. Trey can take his drive off, I can vanish completely, Luna can pass with some prep. Worst comes to worst, she's another killer robot Trey just ran across and didn't recognize."

"If need be I could try to sneak in later. Once you three know for sure whether or not you're being tracked."

"I can cloak too, if you need an extra man on the extraction shenanigans"

"No, too many people will make it harder." Peter said.

"Hard part won't be getting out," Cass said, somewhat dryly. "If something goes wrong, the hard part is getting out without a bloodbath. Just leaving is easy. More hands don't help much with that."

"Agreed. Let's go with the KISS Philosophy on this, Carlos. Keep It Simple, Stupid. There is one other issue we're overlooking though. If we pull this off without a hitch, how do we cover our extraction? Another "mutant" assault?"

Cass gave a shrug. "Depends on how tight they're being about things. If we're lucky, we can just walk out."

"Shame it's never that easy. There should be some backup plan in order."

"Keep It Simple, Stupid" Peter thought back to the last time that phrase was uttered, it was when echelon wanted him to speed up production on his dive device and skip the safeties step. He shuddered to think what could have happened up until now had he listened to that.

"Yeah, we'll need a backup plan. Which means we'll need intel. But we've got a general plan here to start working with. Any objections to the core of it?"

"I say we stake out the complex for a day or two to get a feel for the rhythm of activity outside the complex. That can make the Mutant attack more realistic, and if there's a rhythm to it, we can use another incident to cover the extraction."

"I think Luna has the right idea there, but otherwise, the plan seems sound enough for now."

"In addition, I'm pretty sure one or more of our more tech-inclined Ferrum can hack into any orbiting satellite that has visuals on the complex and pull any images for further info on outside activity."

"So it's settled then."

"No, sounds solid as an idea. If they have sensors for ferrum, they'll definitely not be able to detect Trey at least." Peter said.

Trey finally chimmed in, "I've got a better plan!"

"Trey, you're already taking a really big risk right now. Anything more, and I might find out if a Ferrum can have a stroke."

"As the super-genius - and don't forget dashing - leader of this operation, a brilliant thought just came to me." Trey turned to point straight at Peter, "You're going to kill our friend Luna here. It's genius, really."

"And what would this accomplish?"

"Pf...Go on." Nathan says, trying hard to suppress a laugh.

"I... what? I'm definitely going to need some context here for this." Peter said, suddenly thinking the leadership role doled out to Trey had gone to his head.

"So we want it to be convincing so they aren't asking too many questions once we're in, but we also don't want a PR rep as human-killers, right? Here's the plan..." Trey crouches over and begins drawing in the dirt with a stick. "Luna and I rush towards the human settlement, with Cass cloaked and disguising Luna as a regular human. As we get closer, within range of the humans, what happens? A motherfucking mechanical dragon makes ol' Luna bite the dust." Trey began grinning as he spoke, "so the humans see one of us 'die' so now the situation is believable. Then the rest of you show up and start fighting said dragon, almost as if you're 'protecting' the remainig human as he fless. Boom, we've established the good guys and the bad guys. Nothing like a stereotype to propagate information."

"And now you're deep into hostile territory, with only Cass for backup. Who, need I remind you, has to recover the tech. So if you get into a major issue and need backup, you won't have it, and you'll have to worry about your kill switch offing you."

"They're going to be busy figuring out why the Ferrum are in-fighting and protecting humans. they won't suspect me."

"You know, that doesn't sound half bad. And if that boosts our PR, they might be persuaded to trust us in the future if need be."

"That... sounds like a plan."

"Ok fair, but how exactly do we show them we 'killed' Luna?" Peter said, finally getting on board with the new idea.

"Okay... Can we seriously change 'kill' to 'severely wound?" Luna said, getting uncomfortable with how casually they were plotting her "death".

"As long as Luna has her shield, anything you hit her with is going to sent her flying without really hurting. It's fair to assume that'll kill any human," Trey said. "Just make sure you don't paw her into a building. Because if she actually hits any structure and the structure goes down, things will be weird."

"Still, the fact of how casually you guys are talking about this is creeping me out."

"This isn't going to be anything more than spar level fighting to us, Luna. To them it'll look pretty believable." Peter said pointedly again.

"I'm also worried at the level of risk Trey is taking with this. We've already lost Stephano and we haven't seen Altaiir in months. We can't afford to lose more of us. The plan wasn't too bad when he had backup who could get him out of there quickly, but now he's removing that safety line."

"I trust Cass. She's got my back."

["And if you get in trouble while she's off getting the tech? Or if they figure out you're not exactly human?"

"He's more human than us, but not fully human, if I recall."

"I'm 100% human. you guys could all kill me with a flick, right now."

"That's what I thought."

"Trey, if you're human, then that's almost as bad if they find out you're with us. They'll more than likely see you as a traitor and simply execute you."

"I was your little prisoner. And they keep their distance, no one knows anything" Trey pointed across the yard to the base's roof, "Kit keeps the humans away. I mean, if you're really worried about them suspecting me... We can make it really convincing. It would suck, though. Personally speaking."

The others spoke. Cass didn't. Instead, listening to Trey's plan, she began considering. Might work. Luna was right about the risk, though. If she could get around that, though... a moment later, the scenario was different. There were not five Ferrum and a human standing there. It was four humans and the one human. Luna appeared human again, lacking her metallic sheen, dressed in mundane clothing. Beside her, Cass looked almost like a little sister, features halfway between her own and the taller woman's. And the fourth human... Apart from them, Nathan, visually his old self again. His old, human self. "Huh," she said absently, almost as if she was barely paying attention anymore. "I can do it."

"Uh... Cass? ...I think she just came up with a better plan."

The illusion was shattered a moment later, and Trey was again the only human there. "Fuck, that'd be a headache to keep up." A hint of annoyance in her voice.

Nathan had been startled by the change, for a moment, though it wasn't the first time something like that had happened... Usually it wasn't just an illusion, but still. "Well, that's new. How'd you figure out how to do that?"

"Eh. Probably the Stalker drive. First started figuring it out shortly after picking it up, hasn't mattered until now." Cass gave a noncommital shrug. "'course, trying that didn't leave room for thinking about much else, so it's not the best solution."

"Still, if you can do that for one or two more than just me, it can help mitigate the risk a bit. At the very least, it'll accomplish both the "kill" for convincing, and giving Trey some backup. On the other hand, we don't need your face exploding again from you overexerting yourself. Would defeat the purpose of the plan."

"It seems useful for the purpose of backup, doesn't sound like something we should rely on though."

"Yeah, it's got some holes in it. Let me just try..." Cass trailed off, vanishing from sight. A moment later, Luna and Nathan were 'human' again, the illusion restored. It lasted for several moments before fading, and Cass reappeared. "Shit, no luck. Just cloaking doesn't do a damn thing for how much focus it takes."

"Damn. It's too risky to pull it off like this, then. Still not comfortable doing this with just Trey in there with minimal backup..."

"I'll be fine. Less risky than fighting Echelon, anyways."

"I'd argue we should at least have someone near their base, within communications range, if an emergency crops up. Otherwise, this is probably our best bet."

"That'd be you then. Other than Cass, you can hide a hell of a lot easier than the rest of us." Luna looks down at her brightly-colored armor. "I can't exactly claim that."

"I wonder... Cass, come over here for a sec." After thinking about it, Carlos called to Cass.

"What are you thinking, Carlos?"

"I'll boost you up with energy, see if it changes anything. Not guaranteed something will change but it's worth a try."

"I doubt it. It's focus, not power." She turned away. "I'm a bit tired of just talking about it for now anyway. We've got a week to prep, and some recon to do. Me, I'm heading off for the latter. We want to toy around with the details of the disguises, we've got time afterward."

"Cass, mind if I tag along for the recon?"

"Knock yourselves out. Spread out, see if we can pin down where this place is better than a general area, and we can start looking for an exploitable routine." Cass began walking, a satellite cannon forming floating above her hand as she moved. It began to ascend, vanishing as it did so. "We've got comms. Stay in touch." She continued walking, vanishing herself.

"Yes, ma'am," Luna said, walking in a slightly different direction from Cass.

"Trey, something else or should we head out now?" Carlos spoke to Trey, perhaps there was something else that needed to be said before starting out.

"Well, as leader I've chosen to delegate. So that's for you guys to decide." Trey re-equipped his Drive and walked off towards the base, whistling merrily.[/spoiler]
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Trey had taken the time post-group-meeting to call Nathan and Peter to him. Once they'd arrived, he explained the situation with greater detail.

"So Cass and Luna are going to have their hands full as-is getting ready for the assault. I figured, based on the genius input by my fellow subordinates, that some preliminary scouting of the base might be a decent idea. Thoughts?"

"Well, it sounds like a good idea to me. Best to learn as much as we can about what it is we're getting ourselves into. Did you have anything in particular in mind for this, stay low and observe, try to keep our distance?"

"Yea, I've got it all worked out." Trey stroked under his chin, his invisible grin evident, "you guys figure it out!"

"... What, you mean guess? Or just go out there and assume what you want us to do?" Peter said dryly.

Trey patted Peter on the back, laughing as he did so, "you'll never grow if I tell you the answer." He laughed once more before heading off in a random direction.

"I mean, realistically we've been doing this sort of thing long enough it should be obvious, but it only seemed fair to humor him since he seems to be getting a kick out of the whole being in charge thing." Nathan began to walk off towards the general direction of the humman settlement, at an average human pace. motioning for Pete to follow. [Come on, let's walk and talk.] His cloaking kicked in shortly after that.

Peter followed shortly after, also cloaking [I am both not surprised and dissapointed by that talk. Oh well, I take it we're going to get as close as possible without going in to see if they have something like sensors?]

[More or less, see how they conduct buisness, how they go about coming and going, intteractions with the outside. If you have any ideas to see what it's like on the inside, share but don't act yet, we don't want any trip ups after all, right?] Nathan casually sticks a leg out to jokingly trip pete as he finishes talking.

Peter tripped over the leg, but landed upright quietly as if nothing happened. [ Mmm, yes, the last thing we want to do is let them know we are coming in advance, eh?]

Nathan audibly sighed. [Exactly.] After a slight pause, he added. [Way to ruin my joke by the way Grayson]

[You are definitely not Wayne, I'm older than you. But to be fair, you may have more gadgets.] Peter shrugged.

[True, I also not some strange bat slash fear fetishist.] Nathan would also shrug, but no one would be able to see it.

The two continued their walk in relative peace and quiet as they approached the designated human base. Though the descriptions they have been provided with stated its existence was underground, the visual view of what actually went on was rather odd.

The humans had managed to setup their ground base around a relative open-spaced area, with most of the buildings and debris cleared to the maximum extent that it could. This granted a nice field of view around the main entrance that was, while not perfect, manageable to guard from all sides.

The entrance itself was quite strange, as the main base camp was literally the first floor of a large corperate building that had not survive well, it's upper levels cleaved and collapsed neatly. The glass windows and inner walls had been cleared out, leaving only the supporting structures and empty hallways leading to a still-functioning elevator that seemed to serve as the base's front door.

The existed numerous patrol groups and guards surrounding the building's exterior, as well as others posted above in the barely-standing upper levels. The elevator itself remained ridiculously well-guarded, with an entire platoon of humans watching it directly.

[Looks like they've set themselves up with some pretty decent security. Not surprising though, they'd have to be doing everything right to avoid death out here, right?]

[Sounds about right. So what do you want to start with, just simple surveillance?] Peter said.

[More or less. let's just stick together, lay low, and see how they do things.] Nathan replied.

Peter picked a vantage point, where he could keep an eye on the humans with his sniper scope, keeping a fair distance for now. Nathan chose to stay fairly close to Pete, sitting back and observing how the humans go about their day.

The humans were incredibly routined and disciplined, likely as a testament to their ability to survive in the current world. They stood vigilant and steadfast, the troops covering the elevator never moved except to sidestep when a new crew of soldiers came up and to switch shifts, rotating out along with the guard outside. The humans in the upper levels barely moved, remained quiet, and seemed to pull longer shifts, as they never rotated when the other groups did every 8 hours.

The perimeter and base was never left unguarded and the only ones to ever come from the elevator seemed dressed for combat. According to the information, the humans living there were the last in the area, and the security reflected this rumor.

[Shouldn't the ones guarding the Upper Levels have rotated out by now? Surely they can't be able to go for as long as they have without rest.] Nathan asked.

[Yeah, almost seems unhealthy. Am I the only one thinking it may be tougher to infiltrate because it's so militaristic? They might have been keeping tabs on who else is left in the city and views stragglers as 'on their own' because of the risks that involve taking anyone else. Don't get me wrong, seems like sound practice with the way things are mutating on the surface.] Peter said worriedly.

[Hard to say for sure. No other humans have wanderd by here or anything yet, so we wont' know until that happens. Still I'd like to get a closer look at what's going on up there. Something about that'rs really not setting right with me. Maybe it's a trick to make them look better protected?]

[Hmmm, you may be right...] Peter said reflecting on it. He cloaked and they slowly made their way closer to the 'facility'.

[Pete, how does your cloaking work? I'd try to fly my helmet in to get a better look, but that won't stay cloaked without being attached to me.]

[Yeah, I'm kinda in the same boat. I have to be there cloaked, I can't just send out my drones and have them cloak. If only we had Cass's powers of cloaking...] Peter said slightly miffed.

[Well, in that case, let's try to find some higher ground so we can just look in.] Nathan scanned the horizon looking for an appropriate location.

Peter spotted a number of higher vantage points. However, due to the angle brought on from being that high, the view of the base actually worsened.

Their patience however payed off. The two Pseudos noticed a small group of military-looking humans returning to the base camp. As they approached, centered around what seemed to be an unarmored human, the base's security sparked to life.

As the group approached, the solders guarding the perimeter left their posts in an orderly fashion to greet them. They formed a tighter border around the unprotected human and guided him into the building, where the elevator shaft was at the ready.

The entire operation took less than thirty seconds, and the perimeter guard returned to their normal routes thereafter. The humans in the upper levels visibly began packing up their gear, heading down into the lower base camp where they too disappeared inside the elevator shaft.

[Interesting.] Nathan mused. [It looks like they were on watch for an away party, who brought back a survivor perhaps? What do you say we wait until the next group leaves, and then tail them to be sure?]

[Agreed, I want to make sure this wasn't just a special exception.] Peter said.

Before the next shift rotation came to, the elevators opened once more and a platoon of four soldiers emerged from the building. They carried strange-looking arm-mounted weapons, large enough to reach until their shoulders, as they walked towards an armored vehicle. They swiflty placed their gear inside and hopped in, taking the vehicle out into the streets of the city.

the vehicle was large and bulky and did not fit the environment it currently occupied. On more than a few occasions its six-wheeled chassis powered over and throw debris as it patrolled the streets, taking a seemingly random path of twists and turns that brought it progressively further from the base camp.

[Let's go!] Peter said, as he proceeded to follow the vehicle carefully on whatever was left of high groud around the route it took.

[Can do.] Nathan said. He waited a moment, allowing Peter to move ahead somewhat before following after.

Despite following the vehicle for a good amount of time, it did nothing beyond circle the city streets. After a lengthy route it headed back to the base camp and the soldiers carried their strange arm-weapons back inside. The base reamined quiet for the rest of the evening.

Having returned after their scouting mission, Peter and Nathan ran into Carlos outside the base lobby. "Oh hey guys, how was the scouting?"

"Fine, though we actually need to borrow you for a moment," Nathan replied.

"Overall, eventless, excepting a piece of tech we wanna go over with you." Peter said, as they walked him into the danger room.

"Piece of tech? Ferrum-grade I presume?"

"We're not actually sure what sort of tech it is," Nathan replied.

"Allright, just show me what it is and I'll try my best."

"Computer, make a composite model of the device we saw today from mine and Nathan's memories." Peter said

Carlos was shown the design from the Danger Room. The weapon was designed for a regular human and as such, was incomptaible with the Pseudos who has replicated it. It was primarily a large rectangular box that a human would slip their hand and lower arm into, with a strange, spring-loaded armature instead of a fist. The weapon had supporting pieces and the necessary jointage to continue up a human's arm and strap around their shoulder and further lock around their torso and waist. It was overall gangly, improvised and rough looking and seemed rather harmless at first glance.

"Allright, just let me go over this quickly." Carlos thought for a moment, taking a minute while examining the device before manifesting it and a replica floating human arm.

Trey walked in to see how his teamw as doing, eager for their report. Upon seeing the device and the floating human arm he gave Carlos a curious look.

"Hey Trey, hows it going?" Carlos gave a greeting to Trey as he walked in.

"So like... Yea." Trey took a few moments to debrief the scouting party. Upon coming up to speed with the events, he offered to test out the device. "What do you think, Peter? Nathan? Want to see what this does?"

"Well yeah, considering we don't know what it does and we'll probably see them in the mock fight."

"Testing it would be a good idea, I'd imagine. Though, considering we dont' know what it does, we should take some safety measures first, such as using it far away from base."

"Alrighty then. Trey removed his Ferrum drive, sticking it in the waistband of his sweats. He then grabbed the armature and strapped it on in how he gussed it was designed to sit. "Hey, I feel a trigger in here. Someone wanna test this with me?"

Before they could answer, Trey turned and punched Peter while squeezing the trigger. The flat, spring-loaded mechanism shot forth from the arm and stopped just as it impacted with Peter's torso.

While unhurt, Peter was sent rocketing into the opposite wall. The resulting force flipped Trey off his feet and into a full 360-degree circle before he landed with a dislocated shoulder. "Ow."

"I see now, so that's what the spring is for," Carlos added.

"While taken aback, Peter got up and said. "Whee?"

"Well, shit. Everyone alright?" Nathan went to check on Trey first, being the squishy flesh creature that he is.

"That sucked. Guess we know what it's used for, though." Trey took a moment to pop is shoulder back in, cringing as he did so.

"Yeah. Glad you didn't get hurt too baddly by it." trey gave Nathan a thumbs up as he re-equipped his Drive.

"So a built-in bully shoving aid?" Peter said. Because on my end, that didn't hurt or damage me.

"I doubt there's much that can hurt us. Had you been in the open though, it probably would've sent you away long enough to run."

"The mechanism looks rather simple and easy to make, nothing really complicated," Carlos commented.

"Fascinating, I see our point. but the device requires the opponent to not be in knowledge of the device in the first place. Or slow enough on the uptake for that matter."

"Even knowing how it works, it isn't impossible that someone skilled enough could still make good use of it, against us. I wouldn't go underestimating anyone."

"Hmmm, fair enough, I suppose." Peter said crossing his arms.

"Well, I'm calling it. Good work on the scouting, we'll grab some rest and leave first thing in the morning. 4am sharp, got it?" Trey whistled as he left the Danger Room.

"Sounds, like a plan." Nathan said.
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Ultimately, Carlos decided that it was for the better to not go do some recon. His appearance and build would give the group's location away. Instead, he went to the city in search for any electronics and scrap he could use to build stuff. The human presence inside the city and it's surroundings had all but faded away. in it's stead though, one could appreciate how the wildlife started to grab hold of it's surroundings. Slowly but surely.

After fending off a gaggle of overly territorial geese, Carlos arrived at echelon tower. There was still a lot of stuff that could be salvaged, like the antenna at the roof of the tower. A few days after Stratos had escaped, they picked up the strange device attached to it and brought it back to base. After confirming that the antenna was still in fact, a regular antenna, Carlos dismantled it and took it with him.

The trip to the base was rather uneventful, other than the occasional direwolf attack but nothing out of the ordinary. The haul could have been a bit better but there wasn't any reason to complain. After all, the good stuff had been taken away.

Reine was waiting for him to act, as always. He opened with a barrage of laser fire, but she effortlessly dodged all of it. A blade to the chest cannon sent Carlos reeling back, it was a good thing that he could regenerate any harm. A series of wild slashes from a beam sword couldn't do the trick either, Reine continued to dodge without difficulty. Perhaps a reflected beam could do it, but Reine appeared behind Carlos, out of the possible refraction angles and took him down by targeting his knees. [Better.] She told him.

The beam that was still bouncing off the mirrors came in contact with an orb that Carlos quickly produced that shone with a blinding light shortly after... Yet Reine was unaffected. <Crap.> If this was a real battle, Carlos would have been dead already. After that embarrassing display, he rebuilt his legs and stood up again to continue with training; But Reine had just up and left. [See you tomorrow Reine] He said as he waved her good bye.

A moment after leaving the Danger room, Carlos came across Nathan and Peter, who had just returned from their recon mission. They had asked him to reproduce a strange contraption, which trey volunteered to test... On Peter. Other than sending him flying in a straight line to a wall, Pete was okay. The opposite force also had trey making a 360 before a rough landing and ending up with an injury or two. For something so simple like a spring to send a ferrum or even a pseudo, flying, was utterly ridiculous. But it made sense, since ferrum metal looked to be very light. Would this work on Zod, considering his ability set? If he was here, Carlos would no doubt like to try and test it out.

Carlos went to his room and checked the again thing he would affectionately call the "miracle fruit". It's shinyness and golden coloration looked to be it's more defining traits. Carlos could tell it could last a very long time before starting to spoil. He thought to harvest the seeds and plant them around the base, but the soil didn't seem to be in very good shape. Besides, there were some splotches of red goop oddly reminiscent of blood inside the soil around the base. Carlos had taken a sample to analyze later, perhaps sometime after finishing the mission at the human stronghold.

The last thing for he would do for the day would be spending some time with kit, chatting up with Grez and mentally preparing for tomorrow's mission
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Trey messaged each of his teammates to meet him downstairs, a few hours from their last meet up. He had included a detailed mission briefing, summarizing the contents of their earlier discussion. He also included some information from what the scouting party had gathered, mainly the gauntlet-device they had discovered.

Once everyone was grouped, he began. "We've got the idea set by now, so all that really matters is making sure no one shoots me. I'd greatly appreciate it," Trey removed his Ferrum Drive and stuffed it in his back pocket. "I'll dump my Drive close by, so in an emergency someone can honeymoon-carry me," he winked at Luna "back its safety. As long as everyone remembers their roles we should do just aces. If we avoid killing anyone, I'd say our PR department might just be throwing us a celebration." Did they have a PR department? Trey didn't think so, but hey, you never know.

"From here on out, we'll be splitting command. Inside the base, Luna, Cass and myself will follow my orders. Outside will be left to you," he pointed at Peter. "Any complaints?" Trey paused, more for effect than to really allow objection, "Awesome. We're leaving in ten minutes, I want to get this thing going by noon, where they'll have good vision on us. Wouldn't want to cause any confusion and make them think we're killing death-machines, right? Let's get to it."
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
Luna stood there and listened to Trey's briefing, rolling her eyes at his wink. At least they had scrapped the plan where she was to get "killed" in favor of the original, safer, plan. While they were waiting for the mission to start, Luna looked around, her eyes falling on Cass. It hadn't escaped her notice that the form Cass assumed the most during the demonstration of her new power made her look like Luna's little sister, but between the recon of the mission site and training, she hadn't had a chance to talk to Cass about it. She resolved to do so after the mission. Luna turned her eyes back to Trey.

"Okay. Noon it is."

(11:58:31) Ryo_Hazaki crushes Lamda's head with a mallet Gallager-style.
(11:58:48) Lamda_Bamda: Ryo, I know I shouldn't, but I love you for that.

(13:31:29) Valo: why the name change into something even dumber
(13:34:04) LeagueofDevack: This coming from the guy who went from "NeoMan" to a self-insert.
(13:34:13) The_Walrus: SHOTS FIRED
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RE: Echelon's Betrayal - RP Thread
A few hours before...
"Whatcha want Carlos?" Peter said, as he walked into the danger room.
"Not much, just need you to transform into wyvern form for a bit" Carlos said, greeting peter as he walked into the danger room.
"Ah, gotcha"Peter said, understanding the request. He transformed and stood there.
"Awwwright, just stand still for a moment" Carlos said as he made a photo camera and took pictures of Peter's head in wyvern form from quite a few angles
"Now open your maw and stick out your tongue" Having finished the photos with the head, Carlos asks peter to open up his mouth.
Peter complied, the room heating up a bit because his mouth was open.
"Aaaand done!" Carlos finishes up with the photos. And signals peter to transform back to his usual state.
He does so and heads back to his room, the day having been somewhat mediocre compared to other projects and missions.
"Kinda wish he stuck around to ask what I was going to do." Carlos mutters to himself while working on a replica of Peter's head in wyvern form. Good thing he saved up a lot of scrap for this little project.

A few hours later, trey messaged everyone to gather at the lobby. After going over the info gathered by Peter and Nathan, the teams were divided like so: Trey in charge of Luna and Cass for the "Bait and snatch" part of the plan and Peter in charge of Carlos and Nathan, for the "hey look a distraction" Part of the plan. After being dismissed, Carlos went to his room to make the finishing touches on the replica head. While there was just a bit of time before noon, he would try to get the thing right.

To carlos's knowledge, there was no PR department among the Ferrum, though he might nominate Trey for President, and himself for VP... Maybe.
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