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It's 2010, and the once infamous Eastopolis is now a peaceful city, as the crime and street fighting scene seemingly died out years ago... or has it?
Follow the life and origin of local celebrity Shane Stolz, and watch as he gets wrapped up in the middle of a much bigger plot, uncovering the city's darkest secrets...

*03-A different challenge...
*04-To Hell with this!
*05-A Big Event.
*07-Gear Up.
*08-Enough chatter.

*DBZ - RULE 1 AMBITION - ISSUE 08- TOO STRONG. (Page 8 Parody)
Here's page 2.
This comics looks like it's going to be entertaining. In a very weird way?

You might not want to blur the sprite by that much, I was confused for a second about what it was supposed to be.
Spreading the blue disease...
I agree with Cyanosis on the entertainment. The ecstacy in the second to last panel had me laugh. Can't hurt to watch this one.

I also agree that you need to be a bit more careful with the blurs.
[Image: jWFQYSO.png]
Thanks,and yeah I'll be careful with the blurs.
First post has been updated with all the pages so far.
Things will get more actiony in page 7, but as of page 6 I'm still setting up the characters and setting, as tension rises between Stolz and Aria:
*07-Gear Up.
*08-Enough chatter.

*DBZ - RULE 1 AMBITION - ISSUE 08- TOO STRONG. (Generic sprite comic parody)

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