Graphic ripping tools
In the previous forum, user Barubary posted some really useful tools he made to rip sprite sheets from Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, and Mega Man ZX Advent that I'm reposting here:

MM9 & 10 Viewer

ZXA Viewer

He also made a Rockman X Command Mission unpacker, because it is way big to open with most ripping tools. Be warned that at least 1 GB is required as there are over 3800 files inside F01.AFS. (works with PS2 version. Unknown with NGC.)

Important: You must have the latest version of Java installed for this to work.
Run the program by using the following command line in cmd.exe:

java -jar RMCMUnpacker.jar <fileorfolder1> <fileorfolder2> ...

Replace <fileorfolder?> by the filename or foldername in its entirety. It can be either the F01.AFS file, a single .arc file extracted form that AFS file, or a folder. In the latter case, only the .arc files in that folder are unpacked. In the case of MMXCM:

java -jar RMCMUnpacker.jar F01.AFS

It will extract all files in the current folder. Of course, don't forget to first add the unpacker AND copy & paste F01.AFS to the same directory.

C:\(whatever the default directory is here)\> java -jar RMCMUnpacker.jar F01.AFS

If all goes well, it will unpack the contents of F01.AFS to a subfolder called 'F01 AFS' in the same directory as the AFS and unpacker files. .arc files will be unpacked to subfolders of the folder they are located in, with the name of the .arc (w/o extension ofc) as folder name.

If it just says 'Done' it means nothing happened; every dump will be logged to the console. It tried to find the file "(F01.AFS)" (assuming you're trying to unpack the F01.AFS now), which it couldn't and thus skipped.
Any files that have the same name as a file that was already present will have a '_' appended to the name (before the extension of course) to prevent its overwriting. It will keep appending '_'s until the filename is not yet in use.

After that, use TiledGGD or other program to extract their contents. MM - 1up

And here are the graphical data from MM9 and 10 from their rip threads:
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10

MM9 & 10 palette data for TiledGGD: (thanks to Clownman)
Offset example: 836B8 (graphics) 87078 (palette)
Format: 2 Bytes/colour
Color Order: RGB
Endianness: Little Endian
Mode: Linear
Alpha Location: End, but ignored

Here is a good Mega Man Legends model and texture viewer.

How to rip PocketStation games.

And here are more utilities for ya ripping needs.
Thank you Metalman. I'll pin this in the topic or easy access
[Image: 67617b7e1d6Ur.png]
Very handy. I'll be uploading them to this site so we don't get broken links:

If anyone's' anti-virus software goes nuts, these are clean, since they're unknown programs they can trigger software sometimes, tile rippers especially can do that.
They're definitely clean though.

Screen Capture Software
AnimGet - Rapid fire screen capture... so, yeah. Does the job.
Here - 23kb

Sprite Tracer - Quickly cuts the backgrounds out of said screen captures. Very handy.
Here - 146kb

Tile Viewers:
YY-CHR - General Perpose Tile Viewer. Can also view savestates funnily enough.
Here - 550kb

Nana - Old and DOS based, but I've gotten it to look at the PSX Mega Man X games were other tile viewers have failed, so I'm lumping it here.

Savestate Viewers
GSavestate - Genesis Savestate Viewer:
Here - 265kb

VSnes - ZSnes Savestate Viewer:
Here - 942kb

Mega Man Specific Software
Megaman 9 & 10 Viewer
Here - 559kb

Files for Mega Man 9 & 10:

Command Mission Unpacker
Here - 10kb

ZXA Viewer
Here - 5meg
Someone knows how to extract images from .cct and .bin files within .apk files? Here are a few that I believe to contain some Capcom cameos, including Mega Man:

cct and bin files
It might help to know which game you're trying to rip from...

Anyway, opening up the files in Tile Molester reveals nothing (graphics appear to be compressed). So opening up the files in a hex editor reveals what I suspected from the start with the file-naming convention:

characterParts3.cct= the graphics (which are PNGs according to the offset files)
characterOffsets3.bin = the offsets or pointers for the graphics, a decompressor would take these values and decompress starting at that address.

So unless there's a handy tool available or I'm interpreting things wrong, it looks like someone would have to reverse-engineer the compression routine.
(15-12-2015, 04:20 PM)DarkSamus993 Wrote: It might help to know which game you're trying to rip from...

Zombie Cafe (Japanese version). Had a Mega Man event in 2014 and some rare gasha twice in 2015. Besides Mega Man there is also Darkstalkers, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Devil May Cry 4 and Gaist Crusher God content, and small references to Street Fighter and Resident Evil. The game isn't that great, but I'd like to rip its content.
After the Dead Rising series, Mega Man X joins other zombie infestation

Say, as Zombie Cafe is free to play like Rockman Xover and Rockman Go Go!, would it be OK to upload the full game? Seeing it fully may help in knowing how it works and finding a way to rip the graphics. The only Mega Man related graphics not compressed is this image from event menus.

And talking about Rockman Go Go!, although it recycles a lot from MMPU, is there any way to extract its graphics? Just curious as the only thing I think that may be worth ripping are 8 of its cards... (The ones with new art. Half can be seen here.)


By the way, considering rare bugs like this that show multiple character parts or recipes, and the uncompressed menus having multiple parts, is it possible that the character parts and offset together are one big image, the png names being pointers to each part of the image?
Please tell me whether this will work with the emulator. I recently found out about such a software as an emulator of various gaming platforms and decided to recall the childhood, I downloaded the emulator and found there a lot of games to it, I would like to know if your useful tools will work.

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